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  1. To the Community, Yesterday, I was removed from my position as Chief of Police by Legal Faction Management after having been appointed Chief of Police on the 21st of August, 2020. This has come off as a surprise, especially after I was given the opportunity to create my own team only two months ago. During the past two months, our goal was to create a realistic department based on the Los Angeles Police Department and remove aspects which are unfair to illegal role-players within the community. I am more than aware that the faction had a bad reputation under different leadership and policies, which is what we were trying to change, instead creating a role-play environment that's enjoyable for everyone. This change started off with small details but quickly led to bigger, more impactful projects including revamp of IC callsigns, policies and procedures that led to unfair LEO advantages and kept us from roleplaying a realistic police department (primary assignments, stopping unrealistic repetition of Miranda rights, etc.). However, it is clear there was still a lot of work to do, and this was only the beginning of the changes required. Those realistic changes were not "fun" and therefore were not popular within the faction, resulting in a good percentage of the faction turning against myself and the Command Staff team I had working on those changes. After a while, reports for all sorts of reasons started coming in against our changes and promotions which were necessary to change the faction in order to fit the standards expected by illegal and other legal role-players. I would like to mention that we wanted to remove the interceptors, boxing suspects in with our vehicles, fight the over-usage of Police Assault Rifles against suspects and limit unneeded paperwork to instead focus on role-playing. We also wanted to revise Field Training Program process for Police Officer Is to have a greater focus on role-play quality. During the course of us working on those changes, certain Legal Faction Management members who were apart of the group that did not like our realistic changes went out of their way to have other community members, "get shit on us," quoting a certain LFM member who spoke to other community members. I would just like to add how disappointed I am with this decision, due to the fact that we've been working so long on improving the general role-play on the faction, but Legal Faction Management and a vocal group inside the faction made it impossible for us to actually implement those changes, since we would 'remove fun elements of the game'. Many times, faction members kept bringing up the argument that illegal role-players were not that good at role-playing, therefore we shouldn't improve. This was used repeatedly as an excuse to hold onto overpowered and unrealistic advantages that we were trying to remove. I disagree with their argument. Instead I believe that illegal role-players are good at what they are doing and they deserve a police faction that is willing to let go of high speed vehicles, unrealistic handling of situations, unrealistic policies and instead focus on what actually matters: provide the community with quality police roleplay instead of treating illegal role-players as suspects out-of-character. I believe that as a police faction, we are not here to win every situation, but instead should provide a fun and enjoyable experience to illegal - and legal - roleplayers. It is very disappointing, to say the least, that a significant portion of our faction members do not see role-playing a realistic character and police officer "fun" and would rather spend their time crafting reports on myself and my team. The repeated insistence of overstepping faction leadership and immediately reporting to legal faction management only served to undermine the attempts to improve the faction and hold members accountable. The thread that was posted by Legal Faction Management does not accurately explain why I was removed. This thread did not provide the promised transparency, but instead talked over a significant removal of a faction leader without any explanation at all. To this point, faction members and the community as a whole have yet to be informed by LFM of why I was removed. I wish no unrest to come out of this thread, however, I would like to clarify what happened and want there to be proper transparency to the community as a whole. Lastly, I would like to mention that due to the mishandling of the situation by faction management, I do not have any intentions of returning to my previous position. I merely want realism to thrive over the 'play-to-win mentality' that is still too prevalent, and for stability to return to the faction.
  2. Hey guys, As of lately I haven't really been posting any messages on this thread as I was busy with changing things internally and I haven't really been keeping an eye on the general forums. With that being said, it was my last day serving as the Faction Leader of the LSPD. We attempted and somewhat managed to accomplish a few goals we outlined in the past and attempted to meet the community's demands to portray a more realistic police department, compared to what we were in the past. It was a tough road internally and it is quite hard to change the mindset in a faction with over 150 members. We still got a lot of support and I would be lying if I said our roleplay improved a lot. Every faction has its bad apples but the image is important and we weren't there yet. I do know a lot of faction members tried to change this image and tried to be a more approachable and realistic department from a community POV, despite what some faction members internally wanted. I made an agreement with Server Management to accomplish this goal with their support and they have given me the chance and space to do so. I do want to thank @Nervous and @Notbond for the chance they gave me to lead this amazing faction and I want to give a special thanks to @Jester. for all his support, guidance. I could always rely on him and he was and still is a great help towards the faction. Continue what we started and don't let our work go to waste.
  3. Uh, I don't think he meant it like that. He means that it's there just in case we ever need it. It doesn't mean we have to use it daily. To give you insight on the PD's budget, most of it goes to paychecks. Our paychecks are limited to 20h a week. Keep in mind we have over 200 characters in the faction.
  4. Unfortunately the report was submitted at the time I transitioned in the role of Chief of Police. A lot of information was still outdated, including the information topic with the link of the forum account you had to submit your complaint to. We do take these reports seriously but they require some time. It happens that the reported person is absent or in an unreachable timezone and we do want to give the reported party a chance to give their side of the story as well. It also happens we consult with Server Administration and / or Legal Fation Management, as we are Faction Leaders after all, not in-game admins. Our punishments are only limited to internal administrative action. The process however should not take longer than a month and therefore we will ensure you will receive feedback later today by the handling person.
  5. Hey there, which forum name have you sent it to? It could be the case that your message has been lost in the process. Normally, if you would send it to the Staff Officer group on our forums, 6 people would receive it. Can you forward me the message (Vincent Lagorio on the LSPD forums)? Then we can look into the issue. Thank you!
  6. Hello @Seanny, to briefly elaborate on your reply: We have a policy allowing corruption with boundaries. Those who want to cross the boundaries, are allowed to file a request with the faction leadership, explicitly mentioning why their character would do that (events that led to it, character background,...). There was an ongoing discussion where it was explained in depth (by Tranxify if I am not mistaken), it's somewhere in this thread. Hopefully this gave you a clearer image about the corruption roleplay within our faction.
  7. Nice guide, sums up the essential points for both parties.
  8. Only if an Australian person leads it.
  9. Something I forgot to mention is the culture roleplay. It is one of the important points that has been brought up by one of our representatives in the Operations Bureau. With the launch of our second area, it is important to us that each area has its own culture, established by history or the (future) officers of that area. A good example by one of our Senior Lead Officers (@santaclaws who also brought up the whole idea around districts) was the fact Rockford Hills is the more wealthier area, where officers could roleplay "bias" towards the richer people. In the end, the aim for all these changes and implementations are to provide more roleplay opportunities for both our faction and the community.
  10. Usually it is Big_Smokes that posts on this thread however this month, I want to cover the upcoming projects for the month of May 2020. For those who don't know me yet, I am roozles, one of the Faction Leaders of the LSPD. I am currently overseeing the Operations Bureau, our "backbone" of the department, both IC and OOC. It has been mentioned before that there were plans for a second area however we did not disclose what that second area entails. I will give you a brief context by explaining on how exactly our Operations Bureau works, who the representatives (internal terminology, Commanding Officers, Directors,...) are in the Bureau and what they are responsible for. The Operations Bureau is responsible for all patrol operations within the City of Los Santos. Our patrol operations are divided in Geographical Areas (currently one, Mission Row Area) that operate from a Community Police Station (currently, Mission Row Station). Each Station houses a Patrol Division (currently, Mission Row Patrol Division) in which our Patrol Staff are part of. The Patrol Staff is divided in several patrols (currently, four patrols) each ran by a Patrol Sergeant and a Senior Lead Officer. In charge of the Patrol Division is a Commanding Officer and Assistant Commanding Officer. To summarize the paragraph: Operations Bureau > Geographical Area > Patrol Division > Patrol As I mentioned between brackets, there is currently one Geographical Area, namely the Mission Row Area. It is currently responsible for the citywide operations as we only have one area. Due to the significant increase in players and faction members, we have decided that it is time to consider opening a second area. We had a discussion about this with not only the Faction Leaders, Faction Management and the representatives in the Operations Bureau, but also the people that will take part in this, namely the Patrol Sergeants and Senior Lead Officers. We came to a conclusion that we will settle our new Patrol Division in Rockford and name it the "Rockford Hills Patrol Division". It will cover the western and northern part of the City of Los Santos, which comes at a great timing with all the new scripted houses and their new owners. When this Area will be launched is not known yet. An interior will have to be mapped, new forum boards will have to be set up and the right candidates to run the Patrol Division will have to be appointed. Now this might not be very interesting to you (the GTA World community) and not what you specifically asked for, however that will now be covered in the upcoming paragraphs. One of the biggest requests by the community is more passive roleplay, community engagement and community policing. It has always been a challenge for us and is not something easy to fulfil. To make a significant change in this, one of our Senior Lead Officers proposed a project similar to something existent in the Los Angeles Police Department. The idea is to have Geographical Areas divided in "zones" or "districts" (the exact terminology has not been determined yet) each under supervision of a Senior Lead Officer. Under this Senior Lead Officer, there will be several officers from the Patrol Division assigned to this "zone" or "district" and make it their primary. They will be tasked with getting to know the community, including local residents and business owners. They will act as the primary point of contact of the department. This might sound like something that is not possible, which is true. You cannot simple know each person that lives there, however an effort can be made. It is expected for these officers to be the one that responds to the nine one one call in that area, simply because they want to know what exactly is going on in that area. A sudden crime spree (i.e. burglaries or robberies), an event hosted by the local residents, domestic violence calls, you name it, they will be attended to by the assigned officers. Does this mean that they can only patrol in this zone or district of the area? No. They are still expected to patrol area or citywide, simply because not every zone or district is as active as the other. This means that the amount of officers per zone or district may vary, depending on the activity and also means that the map indicating these zones or districts may change over time to spread the activity as equal as possible over all zones or districts. This projects is still in the works and what I said earlier should not be taken for granted. A pilot of the project will be launched to trial it in one or two zones or districts and changes might happen throughout the launch, to optimize the project and meet the faction and also the community's demands. This was to give you a global idea of what we are currently working on behind the scenes for the month of May and in preparation for the summer holidays. Next month, we will be giving an update on the matter and inform you about new development. Also, here is the logo for the Rockford Hills Patrol Division, credits to @Lloydski for the design.
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