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  1. To the Community, Yesterday, I was removed from my position as Chief of Police by Legal Faction Management after having been appointed Chief of Police on the 21st of August, 2020. This has come off as a surprise, especially after I was given the opportunity to create my own team only two months ago. During the past two months, our goal was to create a realistic department based on the Los Angeles Police Department and remove aspects which are unfair to illegal role-players within the community. I am more than aware that the faction had a bad reputation under different l
  2. Hey guys, As of lately I haven't really been posting any messages on this thread as I was busy with changing things internally and I haven't really been keeping an eye on the general forums. With that being said, it was my last day serving as the Faction Leader of the LSPD. We attempted and somewhat managed to accomplish a few goals we outlined in the past and attempted to meet the community's demands to portray a more realistic police department, compared to what we were in the past. It was a tough road internally and it is quite hard to change the mindset in a faction with over 150 mem
  3. Uh, I don't think he meant it like that. He means that it's there just in case we ever need it. It doesn't mean we have to use it daily. To give you insight on the PD's budget, most of it goes to paychecks. Our paychecks are limited to 20h a week. Keep in mind we have over 200 characters in the faction.
  4. Unfortunately the report was submitted at the time I transitioned in the role of Chief of Police. A lot of information was still outdated, including the information topic with the link of the forum account you had to submit your complaint to. We do take these reports seriously but they require some time. It happens that the reported person is absent or in an unreachable timezone and we do want to give the reported party a chance to give their side of the story as well. It also happens we consult with Server Administration and / or Legal Fation Management, as we are Faction Leaders
  5. Hey there, which forum name have you sent it to? It could be the case that your message has been lost in the process. Normally, if you would send it to the Staff Officer group on our forums, 6 people would receive it. Can you forward me the message (Vincent Lagorio on the LSPD forums)? Then we can look into the issue. Thank you!
  6. Hello @Seanny, to briefly elaborate on your reply: We have a policy allowing corruption with boundaries. Those who want to cross the boundaries, are allowed to file a request with the faction leadership, explicitly mentioning why their character would do that (events that led to it, character background,...). There was an ongoing discussion where it was explained in depth (by Tranxify if I am not mistaken), it's somewhere in this thread. Hopefully this gave you a clearer image about the corruption roleplay within our faction.
  7. Nice guide, sums up the essential points for both parties.
  8. roozles


  9. Only if an Australian person leads it.
  10. Something I forgot to mention is the culture roleplay. It is one of the important points that has been brought up by one of our representatives in the Operations Bureau. With the launch of our second area, it is important to us that each area has its own culture, established by history or the (future) officers of that area. A good example by one of our Senior Lead Officers (@santaclaws who also brought up the whole idea around districts) was the fact Rockford Hills is the more wealthier area, where officers could roleplay "bias" towards the richer people. In the end, the aim for al
  11. Usually it is Big_Smokes that posts on this thread however this month, I want to cover the upcoming projects for the month of May 2020. For those who don't know me yet, I am roozles, one of the Faction Leaders of the LSPD. I am currently overseeing the Operations Bureau, our "backbone" of the department, both IC and OOC. It has been mentioned before that there were plans for a second area however we did not disclose what that second area entails. I will give you a brief context by explaining on how exactly our Operations Bureau works, who the representatives (internal terminology, Commandi
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