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  1. first second the best - selena third the best - TyJ
  2. Staff Management will take this suggestion and discuss it with Management. We appreciate for the concern towards the matter.
  3. We knew each other briefly, but it was always nice chatting. Thank you for being a part of this community and you will be remembered. Your life will be celebrated by everyone here and those who were close to you. 


    Rest In Peace.

  4. Thanks for the support so far. SD and everyone else have been giving us great relations lately and we're constantly getting some good RP out there. The rangers we have employed so far have be outstanding and enjoying the patrols. It's far more active than I anticipated and bringing some good roleplay out to the county. Hope to see ya'll out there and more screenshots.
  5. We can't enforce rules like this, unfortunately. As much as it would bring us closer to realism, players who are unable to play at late night times and so on would be restricted unfairly because they live somewhere else in the world.
  6. 0604 Laguna Place (( This thread is meant to showcase screenshots of roleplay scenarios around the apartment complex. None of the information here should be used in-game unless it's left a mark or you were informed IC. You can join our discord here! If you're a tenant, you can request your role. You don't need to ask permission to post here, but make sure it revolves around the complex. Try to meet your neighbors and RP with eachother.This thread is entirely Out-Of-Character and is not meant as an In-Character information source. ))
  7. 10) Robbing and Scamming It is only permitted to rob another player for a maximum of $5,000. It is only permitted to scam another player for a maximum of $75,000. It is not allowed to scam properties. These include and are limited to vehicles and real estate. There are no limitations on drug and weapon scams, or on loans (a namechange / CK during an active loan will lead to your money being removed and given back to the loan contract owner). This applies to both scamming a player for a drugs or weapons and for scamming a player for money off a drug or weapon scam. Before performing a business robbery (entering a nightclub to rob everyone) you must notify the administration team with a /report and wait for their acknowledgment, as we do not want these to happen on a regular basis and it must be very well roleplayed. When selling a house which is linked to a garage, you must also sell the garage to the house's buyer. Chaining robberies on your character unless perfectly roleplayed will be considered unrealistic and a poor portrayal of a character, so be careful If you choose to go that way. E.G. Going door to door to each house and/or vehicle to check if it is unlocked is considered chain robbing. Consistently robbing people in a very short period of time. Players should wait a while before attempting this again. You may use /breakin to rob any property. Usage of /rent to access the inventory is forbidden and bannable. Players may not rob or scam money from other players while in jail, Players may only rob or scam items while in the jail. All cash is roleplayed as commissary funds and not physically with the player. E.G. You rob a player and force them to pay you more money than the maximum of $5,000. You scam a player for their vehicle. 4) Deathmatching Killing another player without or with poor reason to do so. This also includes you provoking others, followed by performing aggressive actions such as shooting or killing and (or) the provoked party ending up dead. A player may only run over (ram) another player over if a character's life is at risk. This should not be done excessively E.G. Shooting at a player because he is black and your character hates people from Afro American backgrounds. Calling a player names for them to come after you so you can shoot them.
  8. Congrats everyone @Bombie 😭 Yoink - Bjork Effion: This was my post 😠
  9. Locking until further notice. We will read through the concerns shortly.
  10. 6) Character Rules All players are restricted to one UCP account per player. Under no circumstances will any player receive permission to have a second account unless it's for server administration purposes (Ex: Property Master).
  11. 2) Powergaming It is not allowed to perform actions which would not be possible in real life either, this is not limited to roleplay through /me. It is not allowed to force actions upon another player. You are not allowed to roleplay a non-player character. E.G. Roleplay through a /me to lift up a truck. Jumping from height and not roleplaying the consequences from your fall. Roleplay through a /me to shoot a player with the result of the player ending up dead in the process. Looting a stash without properly roleplaying its description (nor knowing about it) It is mandatory to RP fear in situations/actions which you would usually refrain from doing realistically. Repercussions of your characters actions must always be considered, situations which result in death due to a lack of fear RP may result in a CK. Drawing a gun to rob someone in the middle of the street/populated area. Running off/drawing a gun while being aimed at. Lack of fear roleplay or fear for your life in general may result in a permanent character kill. Looting another character can only be done in realistic situations and time frames. Your characters life and safety must always be put before looting. Prioritizing looting over the need to escape or tend to wounds will be considered powergaming. The following are examples of powergaming while looting: Looting characters after a shootout in a public space. Looting characters before tending to injuries sustained. Returning to a scene to loot someone after fleeing. Looting bodies while Law Enforcement is present. Looting without roleplay. CCTV cameras have to be mapped in before they are considered present. Attempting to claim a camera exists when there is no item there is powergaming. OOC recordings can be used as the footage pulled from CCTV cameras, in the absence of OOC recording, players are able to challenge CCTV footage if they believe the recording party may have forgotten or falsified details. If desync is suspected, the contesting party may provide a video of their own to look for any inconsistencies or consult a staff member to decide. This may be looked over if the desync is clear within the original recording provided. Government building as well as server-owned stores (e.g gas stations, 24/7s, clothing stores) all have cameras by default, which law enforcement agencies have the capacity of acquiring. When using OOC footage, players are expected to keep in mind which direction the cameras are pointing. "Dome cameras" are best specified in /stashinfo, otherwise an admin will have to decide on their own. All state agencies and Government vehicles have dashcams. OOC recording rules apply to dashcam. Property safes are supposed to remain visible at all time, you cannot hide them behind furniture. 20) Lore and Continuity In order to create an immersive environment for players to enjoy, the admin team have defined the IC lore and continuity of the world we play in. In the same way other types of RP have their own lore, we have created our own. This rule exists to allow admins to ensure players are sticking to the lore. Players are required to follow any lore and continuity outlined. This is to make sure everyone is on the same page. Intentionally ignoring any continuity can ruin the immersion in a given RP scene. An example is someone saying their character is from Los Angeles, which is replaced by Los Santos in our lore. All information can be found here. Jester is Bjork again!
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