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  1. Looking to purchase one as the title explains, email me (Forum PM) if you have something in mind. I've got no budget for the place. I've got no budget, so hit me up with offers
  2. @Cara @Dashing @Fenrir @GrozShoutout to the boys, always working hard and very easy to talk with if any problem pops up. Also gotta shout out the Support man @Gall
  3. Lets get it @zUgg zUgg Credit for the dope video edit
  4. Each fighter starts with 10 health 1 = miss 2 = miss 3 = 1 dmg 4 = 2 dmg 5 = 2 dmg 6 = 3 dmg Hitting 6 three times in a row is an instant knock out
  5. More screens will be coming soon just been busy moving irl to edit the screens
  6. As you can see LSPD putting in work.
  7. I disagree with this suggestion for one reason, sometimes your character can get bugged in a different dim and no admins are online to tp you out or help you and the only way you can fix it is by logging for five mins and spawning back at that either your house or a different place.
  8. This is going to be interesting.
  9. Its legit once a year and if anything its going to change up roleplay a bit and create a bunch of new roleplay opportunities which honestly wouldn't be a bad thing.
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