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  1. Congrats everyone except @FearnR
  2. Hello everyone! Welcome back to another Staff Update. Though, this month we have a lot we'd like to talk about regarding our plans for 2021. Firstly, the Management Team will be going through a restructure and welcoming two new members to the team. For the upcoming year, the team structure will look like this: Management Head of Factions: Notbond Head of Roleplay Quality: Jester (NC-Bjork) Head of Staff: FearnR Head of Properties: Bombie This restructure will allow for more fluid functioning subteams that will be directly ran
  3. Although this has been locked, I've read through every response and I will take the feedback into account in my discussions with the rest of Management.
  4. Hello everyone! Welcome back to another Staff Update. This month, we've seen a total of 7195 in-game reports. This is much lower than previous months which has likely resulted in faster response in-game response times for players. We hope that this has been the case for most of you and I hope that this trend continues so that community members are able to receive Administrative assistance as fast as possible. Some of you may or may not be aware of the fact that I recently have taken an absence from the community. During my absence, @FearnR has been a great help in coord
  5. Hello everyone! Welcome back to another Staff Update. This month has been going strong despite so many community and staff members returning to school and work. I would like to start off by thanking our staff team for their dedication and commitment this month working through 19269 reports between the 33 of them. I would also like to thank our support members for their hard work, because of them we have been able to welcome 513 new accepted members to our server and community this month! Although the staff update is primarily used to announce new staff members, and lar
  6. Hello everyone! Welcome back to another Staff Update. This month has been a very busy time for the entire team, especially with certain Administrators returning to school. We'd like to apologize for any recent delayed response times you may have experienced. We will be continuing to build and improve as a team in order to increase our efficiency. Do note though, our staff members work very hard nonetheless and deserve some appreciation, make sure to keep that in mind when dealing with any member of the staff team. Very notably, this month we had the server's first polit
  7. Hello everyone! Welcome back to another Staff Update. We hope that everyone is staying in good spirits despite the end of Summer approaching very quickly. If you haven't seen yet, we're looking forward to a stable release of 1.1 that is expected to come soon after RageMP pushes a few more fixes. This update will come with a number of great sync changes and will provide us with much more freedom for features. Make sure to keep an eye out for any information regarding that! As for the staff team, we would like to thank Thirteen for all of his hard work that he
  8. The solution to a locked thread isn't to open another one. It's just beating a dead horse at this point. It's the same discussion over and over when it's been said already that there's no plans to change it. Locked.
  9. Hello everyone! July has been a very strong month for the server overall. Our server's activity is very similar to last month, and still remains near our record average. This month we peaked at 627 players online at one time. The server averaged 293.54 players throughout the month at all times. As for applications, we’re showing an increase from last month with a total of 3509 (>2070) received with a 27.75% acceptance rate. That means that we had 973 (>610) new players join the community! Welcome to all of you new players! We hope that you enjoy your stay. We've h
  10. Hello everyone, This is an announcement in regards to the addition of sexual roleplay rules within the GTA:World community, as well as changes to the age limits of characters. We would also like to remind everyone that we do not and never have accepted pedophilia within the community. We punish any instances of this very harshly and will continue to do so. These rules are not an attempt to address a pattern of pedophilia in the community and they are simply to ensure that players on our server are being protected from predatory behaviour as well as to ensure that our heavy standard
  11. 9) Offensive Roleplay The purpose of this rule is to find a balance between allowing players to be comfortable when playing while still allowing some freedom during roleplay. The roleplay that is restricted under this rule falls under the broad term of "Offensive Roleplay", but it does not mean that any roleplay that offends a player is not allowed. Offensive Roleplay includes the following; torture; dismemberment; other roleplay that may disgust another player, for example a graphic description of an injury. To do any of the rol
  12. Are you looking to potentially get charges expunged from your criminal record? Contact Brandon Walker, Attorney At Law, to discuss further! Email (Preferred): [email protected] (( FullyCanadian - Forum PMs )) Phone: 9614712 Fees: $4,000 for an in person consultation. Any further charges will be discussed.
  13. Hello everyone! June has been a very strong month for the server overall. Although there has been a very slight decrease in players due to re-openings across the world, we are still very proud of the activity we've seen. This month we peaked at 624 players online at one time. The server averaged 304.75 players throughout the month at all times. As for applications, we received 2,070 with a 29.46% acceptance rate. That means that we had 610 new players join the community. With this slight decrease in new waves of players, we will have the opportunity to re-focus on quality of curren
  14. With Copacetic's point, I'm going to be locking this thread. @Max3 I do suggest you talk to Copacetic directly with your concerns and see what you can do to work with him. He's a very open-minded person and I'm sure that'll be more productive given the path this discussion has taken. Here is a topic for anyone interested in general PD concerns since that seems to be the bulk of the discussion. Locked!
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