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  1. Seeing a distinct lack of diversity on this thread... Where is the young brotha @Exodus's management promotion??? Also it's been a while since we've seen @george?, He didn't get deported did he??? Congratulations team!! Let's make this server a better place brothers.
  2. ok great - so we have two admins that are directly contradicting each other. so what's the actual ruling and why is it that people are being told completely different things about the exact same topic.
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  4. your feet are so beautiful my queen
  5. i absolutely agree that investigative holds are unhealthy for the server, as well as miserable for the detainee. i personally didn't use them for my own investigations purely for the fact i felt bad putting people in there, opting to instead either arrest and charge with what evidence had already been obtained and attempt to gather further evidence prior to them being arraigned, or release and pursue a warrant with evidence gained after the fact (if i needed forensics work doing etc) rather than put them in the MRS cells where no one regularly visits. i do think those options should be best practice and these holds should be avoided at all costs as long as there is any alternative. one of very few justifiable uses for these holds is when the person needs to be questioned prior to being charged and said questioning can only be done by a detective or someone else who isn't online at that time, but even then there should be the utmost courtesy given to all players, e.g by exchanging discords/any easy communication method and sharing it with the detective or whomever is planning on doing the questioning, so both parties can very quickly schedule a time to log in and do the roleplay to get the hold ended as fast as possible. these absolutely would not be as big of a problem if people were respectful of each others' time and considered other possibilities rather than immediately resorting to throwing someone in there when there could be other avenues to take. can you stop being a contrarian loser for 0 reason? pretty sure literally everyone in this thread has been respectful which makes a nice change to the usual illegal v legal arguments that get thrown around. you, clearly, are stuck in the old mindset.
  6. zaxer bro if you hate your job please just quit?? why are you trying to justify rp cops doing mind numbingly boring rp just because you have to do it irl in whatever eu country u police for
  7. hey bud, i dont quite think i'm going to bother reading the reply of someone who "portrays" harvey brooks. have a good night tho
  8. ye i got unbanned like 3 hours later cus it wasnt my vid but ppl said it was
  9. im not banned tf LOOL???
  10. your reply was so good that i'm going to ask kilerbite to let you back into prestige. incredible job.
  11. that was a personal attack so i am now blocking you. also please don't use vulgar language like that when there is no need to as it's hurtful and completely not needed. ya allah erhamny orany
  12. calling me by my character name only shows your inability to separate IC from OOC! (i was calling you by your forum name, which is your OOC nickname). nevertheless, your complete disregard of my argument in favor of "personal attacks" as you seem to want to label everything, shows that you have absolutely no valid counter-point and are in fact MALDING.
  13. fatcat''s stats mean quite literally nothing in a practical sense, as i mentioned previously. and whatever your department of finance stuff is, i can tell you that whatever you reached out with, it never made it past staff/command level of the faction, and so it has quite literally nothing to do with 90% of the faction as they aren't privy to any of those discussions. moot point.
  14. i already retired but someone's gotta be the old ptsd ridden vet that still speaks up for no reason. also elite? thx
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