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  1. this would be really hard to enforce, but what about instead having some kind of delay where when you aim from inside a vehicle, you're unable to shoot for a few seconds, and you have to hold the aim until you can shoot - that way it simulates the person getting their aim on target rather than just instantly putting a gun up and firing a precise line of bullets, also gives others time to react to a gun getting pulled up at them while the person steadies their aim. either that or force some kind of aim penalty to those within a vehicle, like a forced swaying or some shit. i understand the problem but it's hard to tackle with how GTA has no real need for intense accuracy skill.
  2. Username: PureAmerican Comment: What is "SAPR Rangers"? Sounds like TAX FRAUD to me!!! Super American PTax RFraud!!!
  3. Username: PureAmerican Comment: What the HELL!! This is fucking disgusting!! I can't believe the Government would do this to us, who the HELL do they think they are!??? They think they can do that just for FISHING??! I'll be PROTESTING this!!!! Thank you LSRN for keeping me updated!!
  4. Alternatively, have the log in to the banking portal be OOC, like the UCP login, and then give you a character selector on the front page.
  5. This suggestion is pretty simple, it'd be nice if the owner of a business could allow others to access the business account through their banking website. For example, if my friend John owns Mirror Park Tavern, and he gets paid $50,000 to the business routing number, I, as the Accountant, am unable to check if the payment was received through the the bank portal as I don't own the script. The owner should be able to give me access to the account so that I can see the logs & make payments etc just like they can.
  6. yes to both as long as performance doesn’t take a hit and it’s properly tested
  7. Not supporting. It's perfectly conceivable to shoot with one or even two hands and still accelerate, or even steer with your knees at the same time. Drivers should just be held to the same rules as passengers when it comes to drive-bying. E: and just to clarify, yes this is an issue if the driver does some crazy shit while also shooting, that's stupid and unrealistic. but they should be fine to do simple straight line driving while also shooting, or minimal amounts of steering.
  8. luckily i BELIEVE this is already a thing. i've ran into a few situations on my cop char where someone is dishing out rape accusations and each time i just report and tell an admin that i'm not willing to participate in that kind of roleplay. every time the admin has told them to void the entire mention of rape and continue as if it was something else.
  9. and the issue with that is, we were being forced to self transport people who SHOULDN'T be self transported, or couldn't. i.e someone gets in a car accident, entrapped, possible spinal injury. first of all, we don't even have the tools to free them from the car, and even if we did, you are not about to throw a guy with a potential spinal injury into the back of a scout and hope for the best. that's how u get sued
  10. I get where you're coming from, but let's stop with this mediocre shit. This is a HEAVY roleplay server. It should be serious and immersive. If you die during a robbery either as the robber or the victim, you should also die in real life. It makes sense, people will value their own life and, thus, their character's life more.
  11. Username: AmericaPride Comment: O.M.G. What the fuck!!! Burn her at the stake!!! What do you have to say about this @Los Santos Fire ??? ??
  12. pretty sure hospitals would fall under government buildings as in SA they're all government owned
  13. Rule 12 is currently really vague in it's description By this description, it means NO crime at all is allowed in these areas: I personally think this should be amended and clarified to allow for general petty or lower level crimes to take place (no felonies or violent misdemeanours). Examples of this being trespassing, or vandalism. These crimes are generally roleplayed well, as they're not typically solely performed by people looking to farm scripts, provide bad roleplay or just play-to-win. It's usually the opposite, those that roleplay people who do these lower level crimes, usually deliver excellent roleplay that provides more for others. Let's say I wanted to go spray-paint a wall at Mission Row police station (something that is more than reasonable IRL in America given the current mindset), I'd technically be in breach of rule 12 and an admin could ajail me. Sure, I understand FELONIES shouldn't be allowed, but these general non-violent misdemeanours should be allowed and I think it'd help aid roleplay.
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