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  1. ^ while we're at it... can i get ur UCP username and password?
  2. the driving test should be something only brand new players have to do, tie it in with the tutorial or some shit. but then every subsequent character you should be able to choose to automatically start with a driver's license or not. and no, this doesn't ruin 'cab rp' because airports provide rentals and leases for you to get out of there yourself anyway.
  3. new bright emergency lights are AMAZIIIING. is it just me or do the yellows not work, though? e.g the tow truck/flatbed lights, alongside the orange lights on the back of the LEOUtility vans (UDU/bomb squad vans)
  4. tbf i've seen about 50+ videos of people getting full on raw dogged on twitter, and that shit stays up for a WHILE
  5. THE MANHUNT ENDS lots of fun! ty for the RP. final tags @Shagglehod @ChromaticDeath @Chiky
  6. THE MANHUNT CONTINUES to be continued (again) @Shagglehod @Zani @ChromaticDeath
  7. MANHUNT continued very soon @Shagglehod
  8. this my family are very confused when i start chanting officer needs help at 1am
  9. i’m not sure how to explain it honestly
  10. this thread is the reason u don’t leave a crowd of special needs kids locked in a room
  11. i DO wholly agree with you, and think it'd be a great addition alongside the upcoming MDC changes, but those're the good solutions for NOW, as what you're proposing is a pretty sizable project for a small web dev team. as for SD's incident reports, feel free to send me over the raw bbcode (if you haven't already extensively tried yourself, that is) and i'll see what i can do in regards to turning it into a generator format.
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