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  1. wow a CK on a char that keeps all assets weapons and drugs and will NC 2 hours later into the same group to do more crime i’m sure that will be really effective 😳😳😳
  2. can't wait for 20 store robberies every day resulting in 19 hostage situations, 17 of which end with the suspects running out and shooting at cops to PK there's a reason they're behind reports. to stop low RP quality and to ensure there isn't too many happening every day.
  3. backing down after being told how baseless your claims are tagging admins to save you after being exposed passive-aggressive anger in response to being proven unequivocally wrong accusing of a bandwagon and requested likes blindly defending your toxicity and faction-bashing behind a thread which doesn't want your kind of views on it referring to a post made 1 hour ago as "old sorrows" your opinions are unpopular for a reason, clearly!!
  4. so you're complaining about their roleplay when you don't actually know anything about that avenue at all and have done no research on what they actually do again, you're complaining about their roleplay when you don't know that there have been arson amounts almost in the double digits even in the last 6 months, you've done no research but complain anyway hilarious! you're complaining again without having done any research! SFM have been told off by LFM for enacting their LEO powers outside of when it's necessary for an arson investigation or related situation as to not cut into PD/SD's roleplay, same way SAPR were set up to not mess with jurisdictions outside of state parks unless requested on an OOC basis
  5. that sounds like an IC issue tho cus that's illegal as fuck. u cant fine someone for having no insurance when theyre parked on private property (their driveway) sue them for thousands ez
  6. confused about a recent ruling (source: https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/74574-benny-batista-1-2-10-crime-zones-poor-portrayal/#comment-798850) so this now means that people who haven't displayed any weapons have to be obeyed as per fear rp if they threaten you? we're now operating on WHAT IFs? does this mean i can't attack anyone who has shown aggression, because WHAT IF they have a knife? or WHAT IF they have an uzi tucked down their pants? why is this a consideration when the fear rp rule sets the precedent of so now we can't run off even if we're NOT being aimed at? or the other person has no weapon visible at any point?
  7. it seems to help it a little, for sure. i still had some texture loss but my game is on a hard drive thats a lil old so its to be expected.
  8. for anyone skeptical, you can check your own gameconfig.xml in your gta 5 folder (use openiv and navigate to <Grand Theft Auto V\update\update.rpf\common\data\gameconfig.xml>), you can throw it into any text comparison site (text-compare.com is fine) and see what changes it's making. it does indeed seem to be just allocating more resources to certain sections, not just one line per se. afaik this is a common thing that people use with single-player mods to prevent crashes related to lack of memory allocation. nothing malicious, anyway. i'll try it
  9. My suggestion is to change the policy on staff reports and remove this clause: breaks a rule, whether it is an in-game, forum or Discord rule; If a staff member breaks an in-game rule and needs to be reported for it, it should be shown publicly just as any regular player report is. It has nothing to do with them misusing admin powers, it has nothing admin-sensitive related to it. Reports should not be closed purely because someone involved in the situation is a staff member. I've made this kind of thread before and Nervous clarified his agreement to my view, and believed that this was already the process (it wasn't) Given that I have now seen another report closed because an accused party is a member of staff (https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/73858-tang-folau-1/#comment-789072), and I believe the outcome of the report would be beneficial to display publicly as it shows how these situations are usually handled and if it's worth reporting the incident if a similar situation happens to you, alongside the fact we shouldn't be hiding misconduct from the playerbase given regular player reports are public. TLDR: I think staff reports should NOT be filed just because a staff member broke a regular rule and is being reported for it. these should be handled in the open the same as any player report.
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