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  1. Asking price for each: $70,000. The Yosemite Rancher comes with surface rust a plenty, but it is, nonetheless, mechanically sound & reliable - perfect for the farm & also the muddy trail. The Western Gargoyle boasts stronger shocks, front and rear, as well as upgraded sprockets for better acceleration. Mud tires. Mechanically sound. Post below or send me an email if interested in either.
  2. yall got this no luck needed 🔥💯🔥💯🔥
  3. +1 brilliant suggestion.
  4. Gryffin


    $75,000 for the Yosemite. PH: 2599
  5. Username: pushittothemax Comment: FAKE CLICKBAIT NEWS!!! CRINGE!!! LOL .
  6. Name's Taylor, call me at 2599 whenever you're available.
  7. Won't allow me to edit the bid... Anyway, your max buyout is 237719, but I'll take it. (( Can clear up my story as a county roleplayer also, if necessary. ))
  8. Sold to a private bidder.
  9. Noted. Will be yours if no other offers come up.
  10. For sale is my 2014 Invetero Coquette. Comes with various performance mods in the engine bay & an upgraded security system, installed by the previous owner. 1263 original miles. Vehicle is currently being daily driven, thus mileage may vary on purchase. Asking price stands at $190,000.
  11. Considering that our average activity(for FD/SD/PD) is calculated through our /mduty or /pduty time, I'm not quite sure how this would work for illegal factions, however if it's possible, definitely.
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