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  1. Babylon gotta ruin da fun mon
  2. I'd even go as far as to say "give people certain permissions over your vehicles". Let's say you're role playing in some sort of relationship [Spouses, siblings, parental, etc, as long as it makes sense] and you would like to give people co-ownership of your vehicle. Similar to /vduplicate, co-owners could unlock and start the engine of your vehicle, but lets expand upon that. Co-owners can also spawn the vehicle even when the original owner is offline. Co-owners can not sell the vehicle however, since it's not in their name. I believe this could be possible, since every car on the server has a unique vehicle ID.
  3. https://rage.mp/files/file/89-headshots/ Found out that there's a script already available
  4. I use it to display graffiti, good feature, please don't remove it
  5. Just dropping a comment here I used to manage The Velvet in Rockford once and let me tell you that even security firms on this server bring problems... My bouncer was mob executed at the door because she was beefing with some mobsters afaik. Shit was mad litty but I had to shut down early that day.
  6. Would be cool, but my focus is really on checkers and dominoes for now. I really want this suggestion to add more depth into the hood RP scene.
  7. HappyToker

    Can be locked.

    Not only can they not do it, it wouldn't make sense in the first place
  8. Short description: Add two new game scripts for checkers and dominoes. Detailed description: Similar to the blackjack script, checkers and dominoes are game scripts that are essentially overlays on your screen. Commands to add: /makecheckers [minimum bet, optional] [maximum bet, optional] /joincheckers /leavecheckers /startcheckers /removecheckers [gets rid of the game board] /makedominoes [minimum bet, optional] [maximum bet, optional] /joindominoes /leavedominoes /startdominoes /removedominoes [gets rid of the game board] Items to add: Checker set and dominoes set, buyable at a 24/7. How would your suggestion improve the server? I believe it'll not only be a good time killer for some, but also a way to add some more immersive roleplay and interactivity within the gang community. Another thing I've noticed is that a lot of hood role players say that they are feeling left out while more game features that are being added are aimed at legal RP concerning businesses or PD vehicles. Additional information:
  9. Why don't I see @Jonesyon the list more, thass some major ass, bro put in a whole lotta work for LSSD afaik
  10. If there is a college or high school faction in the making, I do hope they make applications a thing like they did with LSSD's prison characters ( big ups to @Jonesy), but I do hope it'll also allow a place for illegal (perhaps hood characters) to RP at.
  11. Guys please read the suggestion before saying "tog radio is already a thing!!!1!"... I think it is a great suggestion for legal RPers that own/manage a business. I had a management job at the old Glass Heroes, where our mechanics (no offence) used the radios constantly, even off-duty. I would even suggest a more elaborate radio system, with hosting one as a person and giving out permissions to people that are connected to the radio. Forgot to add, yes, full support +1!
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