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  1. Does this really work? Whenever i want to play I have to verify integrity from steam and then open ragemp and connect otherwise it will just keep crashing..!
  2. Buying tug boat condition doesn't matter if you got one drop down below the price with your name and phone number. If you wish to contact me, you can contact me on: FaceBrowser or directly call me on my phone. Name: William Phone: 7617353 ((also leave down your discord))
  3. Um try this https://youtu.be/eiNBlYca4Os
  4. just downloaded it from windows website and I used this https://makmodo.com/install-windows-11-without-tpm/
  5. Yes im using pc and yoooo i found the solution It is to reinstall windows i actually ended up upgrading to win 11 and now my game is working just fine no more lag on high med settings. Thank u everyone for ur input Special thanks to @White Redemption Topic can be lock and archived
  6. aite bro may god be with me im gonna do it might upgrade to win 11
  7. I dunno how that will fix it because even if I do so - I gotta reinstall all the required applications in C drive. Visual Studio will take place and some other drivers and it will be almost full again. Also I won't be formatting my E or F drive so I don't know if its worth it?
  8. Every time I play gtaw on ragemp my fps drop so bad my game lags v bad and sometimes just stuck you know - making fps drop from 70 to 20 in seconds I get v bad lag all around Los Santos and much more at Mirror park. Whilst all of my settings are very low I tried everything there was on YouTube - setting battery plan - doing optimization and so on but when I play GTA online damn it goes so smooth I'm like what the hell and I tried playing GTA online on high settings worked just fine. - Reinstall RAGE and GTA W assets. - Downloaded software to clear ram - Turned off a lot of windows features like game mode which was reported to cause issues, disabled some overlays and unnecessary starting programs, - Setting the priority in task manager to "High/Very High" - This helps, for a bit. - Set Battery to Ultimate power using cmd prompt - Using Vsync helps a little bit but when cap when I can get more fps.. but I have too.. -CPU performance is set to max using software -When I'm playing I make sure only GTAV and RageMp is running and nothing else. Please help me I can't play with stutter anymore its really annoying. Windows 10 pro Specs: Rx580 4gb ddr5 (AMD Up to date software - Anti lag and all other settings are off) 12gb ram ddr3 Core i5 2nd gen (Ik bottleneck im poor 😞 ) but GTA online works fine
  9. I actually do have source of income eh' I'm rich business man ?? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Banned for having a shitty username ?
  10. Banned for being a Plat Donor lol!
  11. Thank you so much everyone for your kind words. Really appreciate it and now I think I have an idea what I need to do next!.. ? This topic can be L&A.
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