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  1. Hello everyone! To start off with a stat that we are all very excited about, we hit 1000 players actively on the server at the same time in April. The rate we are growing at is something we are very proud of, and want to thank all of you for contributing toward! We hope to continue growing and providing more awesome content and features for you all to enjoy! In April GTA:W received some awesome new features, one that has been long requested being Hunting! To accompany this roleplay shift toward the dangerous mountains and county area of the map, a new LEO faction has al
  2. Hello everyone! We would like to kick off this staff update with a special thanks to all of you for your activity in game this month! We are super excited to have hit 833 players online at one time this month! This is a record high for GTAW in the 3 and a half years we've been active as a server! We are so pleased with the recent growth of our server, and our increasing community size. We were also very exited to test out the new staff application system on the UCP this month and found that it went much smoother than previous months. We are very pleased with the outcome
  3. I will be opening this thread back up after talking with the thread creator, for all comments going forward I want to lay the following ground rules and considerations to ensure this still productive and respectful. This suggestion and comments should be designed around solutions to the limiting opportunities for illegal roleplayers and the lack of allowance for "My character isn't that bright" excuses. We understand that illegal roleplayers are limited and have to operate as intelligent IC as being a "Dumb character that doesn't realize the repercussions" is often seen as a rule
  4. Hello everyone! Welcome back to another staff update! This has been a shorter month but just as busy as we've been working hard to improve the community for everyone! This month we want to give a big shout out to our development and modding team as they've been working really hard to bring new content updates out for us to have more awesome scripts and features on our server! With our goal of community enhancement this month, we've also been working really hard with our Forum Moderation team to give some extra attention to our forums. We have already put systems in pla
  5. Hello everyone! Welcome back to another Staff Update. We are very excited with the way 2021 kicked off, and would like to thank you all for your dedication to our server. This month we were able to break our current peak record by reaching 700 players online at once! We really would not be where we are without you all, and owe it to you for making this server successful. This is a very exciting month for sub-team leadership, as you can see in the promotions we have brought on several new level 3 admins who have filled in multiple lead positions. We are looking forward t
  6. Congrats everyone, well deserved and welcome to the new members!
  7. How you gonna make this but not explain yours?
  8. Congratulations to everyone! And welcome new support!
  9. FearnR

    Cujo's Mods

    L&A as per request from topic creator.
  10. Thanks ? You're too nice to me
  11. I support this suggestion and also support a short timer. In the instance that someone is evading police and crash, police are able to tell the suspect crashed by being able to see the vehicle stationary and not just assume the suspect eluded them. If the suspect gets out of sight of PD and crashes the police might just assume they got away without realizing it was merely a game crash. Especially if the suspect / cop doesn’t know each others names OOCly, a crash with instant despawn could cost the whole pursuit. It could also be abused as players could alt F4 in their vehicle to crash their ga
  12. Looks awesome everyone! Keep up the great work!
  13. FearnR

    STATS thread

    Being archived due to request from the creator, as this forum is stirring up conflict.
  14. This is definitely an area of RP that gets a little tricky for a lot of players. As it's very difficult to make your character look underaged and that physical perception can be hard for players to get past. It's also so uncommon that people roleplay minors that many RPers may not be used to it and don't know how to act in those scenarios. We'll certainly try to be more considerate with minors, as they're still in a shapable phase and shouldn't be treated as harshly as adults. There is definitely a lot of room for improvement when roleplaying with youth, and even developing mentor
  15. This is very internal PD and doesn't require a public suggestion as it only really affects Detectives. I'll bring this up to PD's Staff Officers to look into it. For future reference, if it's PD specific we have our own suggestions area on our forums. Until then, some pro tips is tapping E is what triggers the sirens, if you hold E, it'll honk the horn. Additionally, the sirens are bugged which is why they were taken out, I believe they're still being worked on, but we'll give it a poke to see if there is an update on it.
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