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  1. Legate

    GTAW RP Guidelines

    Very informative read, thank you for this.
  2. Americans from the United States who have American values. Whole lot of British police officers and Tokyo Drift girls on here.
  3. Well as with all things, there needs to be incentives to motivate people, goals to reach.
  4. I won't talk much on the other things but someone mentioned that getting official is anti-climatic and doesn't come with any benefits. I agree. Now I hate to mention communities of the past but reaching official and obtaining the perks that it came with often kept a lot of people in line simply because there was a goal to be achieved. From what I've seen having an "official" faction doesn't actually do much.
  5. Try going to your Nvidia settings and setting up a profile for GTA5. I noticed with some games if you don't have a profile setup they run strangely. When 1.1 came out I did that and it sorted me out.
  6. I do not log on to stand in an empty jail so I'm going to have to agree. I understand the point behind of the mandatory time but it doesn't mean a thing when the jail is empty. 9 hours of mandatory nothingness for providing people with roleplay opportunities. This is punishment on a video game for giving people roleplay. Arguments can be made like "don't do the crime and you won't do the time!" and "well rp a smarter criminal" lol I guess we'll just roleplay smarter unstoppable super criminals so that we don't have to go to mandatory forced 9 hour jail for giving people something enjoyable to do.
  7. They both have their ups and downs, in my opinion anything will be fun if you have the right circle of people around you. Some people know how to avoid the bullshit and some don't.
  8. The map mod is hard, I would just remove the random hot dog stands and things that will never actually be stationed. If anything were to be added I'd recommend making certain areas look more lived in. @Oaks. has been working on something as well. https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/6785-shw-oaks-gtaw-environment-pack/
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