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  1. Glad to see my topic is still doing well. Didn't realize my faction changed to private security since I left though
  2. To combat this issue we have created the Force Investigation Section. A system is currently being trialed that does exactly this. And KarMagick? I don't remember you doing a lot of towing back when you were still in PD neither. Our guys do their best but nobody wants to do mindnumbingly tedious and boring tasks all day, especially when most times it's an administrator's job. (Read Syrike's comment) Nice to see you're still around, though. Remember to keep your shirt on pal.
  3. I've seen this pop up a few times. I've discussed this exact thing with FM and what you quoted here is a common misconception. There is no such rule on the server for any factions. Factions that do this restrain themselves, not the other way around. I've actually read this whole discussion and I'm sorry to say this but according to what I was recently informed of by management, you're all pointing fingers at each other without realizing you're all wrong. There is no ''you can't come back to x position after CK rule'' in place that blanket covers all factions on the server. There ar
  4. This goes for both of you, but this is not the place to discuss/post player reports. Take it elsewhere; I believe I was very clear in the original post what the intent of this topic was. If you have constructive feedback, you're welcome to post it however.
  5. Doubt it. I did stream it but I never post stuff on reddit myself.
  6. Be big brain and form ireland - If you want to do a bigger challenge, I'm currently doing naples > two sicilies > italy > roman empire. I'm the Italy stage now and it's good fun.
  7. That's the thing though. Take it with a grain of salt, but things get lost in translation. I think we all prefer to get our information straight from the source - your insight is appreciated nonetheless, though I have left most of my LSRP experiences far behind me in favor of what we've been able to accomplish here.
  8. As cascade stated, this topic is not meant for single incidents or anything of the sort. Please read the original post, and if you encounter someone in my faction who behaves in the way you described, please report it so that my staff team or I can take action.
  9. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, it doesn't. Just like real life. That's my perspective on it anyway.
  10. It's not so much that I don't want to see factions shut down period, but I want us to have to work for it and not have the other party feel like we got an ''easy'' win. This is why I previously refrained from allowing undercover officers to insert themselves into factions, because the tool is simply too strong. I would only ever authorize that if things go too far (i.e. faction starts to commit mass murders and they NEED to be taken down. That hasn't happened here yet, though) Wires, moles and trackers however level the playing field. It's not necessarily easy for the police depart
  11. This is not the place, please read the original post. Private message me please and I'll do what I can to help.
  12. We don't have a ban on foreigners joining the department - we follow the exact same standards ICly as the LAPD does. Although we heavily discourage it, there will be a person every blue moon that joins our faction with a background like that. On the flipside, we've started cracking down heavily on people using foreign slang because of ignorance. There were several new guides posted in the past 2 months about proper speech patterns, roleplay styles, the works. We grouped up with a large part of the faction's American population to go over mannerisms, slang, you name it to improve th
  13. OH okay fair enough, my bad! It's not uncommon for people not to know exactly what it means / the difference between probable cause and reasonable suspicion, all that fun legal stuff.
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