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  1. Burn out and heading a faction are hard things to contend by. Whilst not the ideal strategy, I try do little things as often as I can, and take breaks between big projects. Some days I get a major motivation to go in game, and I get a lot done during that time. But ultimately burnout is a way to signal we're not in balance with life/whatever this is. If it takes up too much of your time and balance, it will burn you out. If you're one of the rare few who can find balance then you are lucky. But outside of that, regular breaks, play new games, try new shit irl, or holidays are good for resetting motivation.
  2. I swear you're saying this to try provoke a reaction at this point.
  3. Oh I got loads, even Griz is my neighbour.
  4. i mean imma be real, i dont want some random 18 y/o high school drop out being my neighbour in VH.
  5. the new forum layout isn't a vibe, the link section feels out of place now.
  6. From king of LS to king of the golf course in his later years. Glad you had a good run @Flow
  7. say what u will about houses and prices and requests etc. but since getting my requested house i went from 3m in the bank to 300k... so it works for getting rid of wealth.
  8. There's corruption inherently everywhere in each faction. It's just the "cliché" kinds of corruption aren't done anymore, or if they are then its just really rare. I know more niche examples than that going on currently, ultimately though its wherever your RP ends up. If you build a character properly, they'll always have a weakness people would realistically use to get you to do something corrupt. Take for instance you RP a senator, now said senator will have some form of personality trait (take for instance being naïve), they could then easily be roped in by promising more than actuality and once they're in they can't exactly bail or their career is done. So that senator can then be made to make changes for one particular group to the detriment of another, or hire certain people based on friendship or covers. That's basic corruption, it has a reason to exist and it isn't exactly causing a detriment to the overarching faction.
  9. oh there's plenty of corruption, u just dont see it. I've seen senators doing cocaine ig, contracts going to friends etc. It's more refined these days but if you know where to look, it exists. It's just done really realistically.
  10. Most factions require years of effort to get to the top, most people I see in the major factions have done this before or have done this multiple times. Oversight is working with the leader, LFM in the past (Even during Dream's days) acted as defacto faction leaders and cut the legitimate leaders out. Having seen every iteration of this servers LFM team throughout my stay on GTA W, and having interacted with each "administration" as both an admin and faction leader in the past, this type of behaviour is WAY too common. I know this thread is to discuss corruption but it opens well into discussing FM's impact on corruption and impact on factions overall.
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