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  1. I know another good mapping project, idk if it was released to the public yet, there's a mod that finishes the massive construction works in downtown LS, replaces it with a huge mall/office complex and some smaller restaurants at the base
  2. RPQM: lets just take a couple zero's off there lads... big oof
  3. Well yeah, that's my point. Why donate through GTA W and have only half the donation go through, when you can go direct? Because there's goodies up for offer. Anything less than being able to directly pick which one I'd like and i'm sure im not the only one when I say i'd put my money into a local charity instead for a good cause? Also note to admins, please don't punish me for saying this; im just being realistic about the situation to try gain clarity on the matter. edit, also Blackbird, you can get the mamba from a lease anyway? I have at least.
  4. Well no, even a vehicle a "majority" wants isn't right when you're asking people to part with 100 euros for it. That's a lot of money, it should be entirely a choice of what THAT particular donor wants, not what ten different people selected for them? Like human nature is inherently selfish, yes in an ideal world no one would redeem the car since they should be donating for a good cause, but the car acts as incentive, I really think Panda needs to clarify this before people go into it w/ the wrong idea. And yes, there's a different between picking a car, and having some off limits.
  5. wait, i was under the impression the user who donated could decide what car they got? At least that'd make sense, or it'd actively discourage those who don't want a bowl of rice w/ wheels, and want a classic.
  6. bro i'd pay 100 euros for that benefactor stirling, on god altho i was gonna just request the humble Infernus classic
  7. Doesnt help when the "question" is loaded as shit. It's not a discussion, OP has it as a statement.
  8. Did you know its soon to mark TWO whole years since PHMC's precursor "Vinewood Medical Clinic" first opened its doors, and soon to be one year since PHMC itself opened its doors? Well we've got some things planned to celebrate that!
  9. idk if they changed it but the system used to allow you to do reports and stuff off aduty, so you could handle minor things without interrupting your own RP. However couldn't tell you if they've changed it now or not. Also the invisibility script is SUPER easy to spot, since it cant get rid of shadows or noise, that's how you can tell if someone's watching.
  10. someone please do an accountant, or just something. WHYS THERE NO ACCOUNTANTS MAYNE. now there's an IRS i need people to get me off of taxes as best as possible, smh
  11. I mean whenever I've RPQM reported people, it's always been dealt with. I don't see where everyone's coming from on the hate train. Yes, its kinda a secretive team, but literally they're just dealing with those kinda characters who's whole life existence is just to ERP people, or truckers who have ten different sports cars etc. Also on the topic of people thinking green means you get away with things, bruh its the the opposite. Players enjoy the luxury of being able to weasel out of things with charisma and excuses, you try that shit in the admin team and you aint gonna be an admin for long. Admin's are held to a /far/ higher standard than players are, people just never file staff reports if they see one doing something they think is wrong. To break down what Adv put, 600 players IG, now on any given night a couple groups of players will try DM one another over silly reasons, so that takes admins attentions, there's about 100 players who over the course of the night will report for a revive because they've died from a bug, then there's the 30 odd arrests which will be delayed because people are never truly able to accept they got caught, that's another bunch of admins who are pre occupied. Legit, then you factor in these people are human and themselves at least try/want to RP yet rarely will be able to find the time because reports stack up hella quickly, ofc things slip through the net. Not even Clark Kent could everything that goes on in the server, its just far too big. Thats my two cents on it all anyway.
  12. I miss Nigeria 🇳🇬 (it was a closed discord where we would roast and play games) Nothing wrong with private discords, there is however smthn wrong when people take those actions ic and use them in said discords to create drama.
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