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  1. Username: BLM Comment: How can the audience tell that you're white? Because Clifford didn't shoot you. **The IP would be scrambled, as it would have been based in a Hawick Coffee shop, then routed through Nord VPN to Nigeria**
  2. some1 uses their right to control what information of theirs they give out, gta world forums;
  3. Mecovy

    Lag issues

    Personally not sure, but a quick google search should show you some that might help. This is my best guess though as to what's causing you to lag, if its chat lag etc that's just a rage issue currently.
  4. Mecovy

    Lag issues

    What's likely happen is the limited resources that your PC has available are being used by other applications. The core clock speed might also contribute to this. GTA, Rage etc is a very intensive game when it comes to loading in character models/graphics/vehicles etc. This is likely what will be contributing to the majority of your lag. Besides upgrading your PC, do what's listed above and try to optimize your settings etc. Graphic reducing mods might be a useful thing to try, but there's a major drawback in that it makes your game look horrible.
  5. What I try to do, is pick a topic you want to start for your character. A topic or condition to explore via RP. Then build your story up from there from IG interactions and character development. Other people have different methods but that's what I use. It's also good practice to make sure you include negative's in your character. So they may not have developed adequate social skills so will often come off as rude or not understand certain thing's that others are saying.
  6. Name: Danielle Shaw Phone:85389913 Bid: $260,000
  7. Name: Danielle Shaw Phone:85389913 Bid: $250,000
  8. Name: Danielle Shaw Phone:85389913 Bid: $240,000
  9. Name: Danielle Shaw Phone:85389913 Bid: $225,000
  10. why's there some kid called "KILL$R DRIVE XIII" adding me on social media
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