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Found 5 results

  1. Click on the org chart to get a better resolution.
  2. New Beginnings, New Opportunities. "Over the next couple of months..I focused on work.. Eventually I parted ways with the State Fire Marshals...It was difficult, even Melanie couldn't fish me out the the rut I managed to dig myself into..But, then I remember the friends I had made along the way. I spent the rest of my time away from work at the beach, running into Lilith 'Lilypad' Seong. One of the local Lifeguards who had had taken care of me as a Marshal when the weather inevitably caused me issues. After spending a day with her, eating food, enjoying life. She taught me how to live life and not let it live it for me. She taught me there was more to life than work and soon enough brought back the old Alex I thought I had forgot how to be. She taught me there was more to life than sitting behind a desk with paperwork. She became like a sister to me, someone I thought I'd lost when Ava left. I eventually found myself joining the Los Santos County Lifeguard, as a trainee Lifeguard. I thought of the job as a dream come true. Once again serving the Public like I had since I was Nineteen. Living and working at the beach once I had found my own place and moved on from Jonathan's hospitality in Del Perro. However, despite Melanie's continued attempts to ground me. I still had issues of trying to step over my boundaries. During my weeks as a trainee, I met a girl called Anna. I was still pretty socially distanced from people as I had always been. However, Anna seemed different. She seemed to somewhat bring me out my shell as a individual with her relaxed and carefree attitude towards life. Soon enough, she became a close friend and eventually after some convincing - A colleague. I continued to give myself to others, volunteering with Hope Community Center and that's where things expanded from there. Captain Aoyama brought me aboard his venture with Dune-Os. A bar designed for the community and to raise money for charity. Though, for reasons. I'd find myself taking over the project, I was eager to continue what Itsuki began, bringing Lilith and Anna on board and that's what it was. Just three friends, enjoying ourselves. Eventually I became a fully fledged Lifeguard and picked up being a Public Information Officer for the Fire Department and things grew from there. Things would only seem to improve from there. I became close to then Assistant Chief, eventually being able to call her my girlfriend. It was like everything in life was finally falling into place and I found myself back where I was when I was nineteen, where it all began. Becoming a volunteer Firefighter in Paleto Bay at Station One. Where me and Nicole called home and then also leading Public Relations. Though, somewhere along the line - I felt like I began losing myself again. Becoming lost in the world of work. Neglecting my new family - My daughters and Nicole in favour of work.. It was at this time..I knew I needed a Fresh Start... But where?..." Old Thread Contents: This Thread will follow the development of Alex Jorgensen, an ex-Firefighter, ex-Fire Marshal and now Semi-retired Citizen in a city, he feels he doesn't fit into.
  3. I was just browsing through some videos and threads and after seeing a few comments, the question arose in my mind. The phenomenon can be observed on several servers; that if you are not a member of a legal or illegal faction then you are almost certainly not able to play your role and you are should not play on a roleplay server. Of course, this is generally voiced by illegal factions. For example why does being a civilian living a decent life active on facebrowser and works as a journalist, being a student at ULSA who goes to parties labelled as "cringe" or "rat"? Whether or not they want to play on the server as an officer or banger is not necessary that they all about money, can't properly play their role etc. Personally, I’ve played in various cartels, mobs, street gangs and I’ve always thought that civilians are an essential part of a good roleplay server. If they and the factions that employes independent civilians did not exist, we would essentially have a gang war server tho. If a new player really behaves like a rat you can certainly push him / her into the right direction instead of discouraging him.
  4. Ayleanna "Lee Lee" Bell is a character born and raised in the Figueroa Gardens neighborhood in the Chamberlain Hills district. She comes from a long line of Crips affiliated family. Her mother & father were one of the first Hoover Criminals during their transition from Crip to Criminals in the 90s. Her dad is from 83 Hoover Criminals and her mother is from 92 Hoover Criminals. Ayleanna's father died in a car accident when she was young, leaving her to live with a single mother for the rest of her childhood. Ayleanna isn't considered a gangbanger* by Hoover Criminals members, but instead is a born affiliate*, something she takes pride in. Bell does not let her natural affiliation hold her back from partaking in a regular civilian lifestyle that she lives out on the regular. Ayleanna's mother brought her up to not gangbang due to her experience as an active gang member herself. This thread will follow the life of Ayleanna Bell, starting out in her teenage years until her death (knock on wood). *gangbanger - an active gang member who commits acts against rival gangs for the benefit of his/her gang *affiliate - an individual with gang ties but does not commit to full membership of the gang.
  5. Ryan David Price was born April 12, 1983, in Dayton Ohio. He lived the normal suburban life as a child. His father worked hard to make ends meet, and Ryan was able to focus on his schoolwork and athletics - both of which he excelled in. His perfectionist and neurotic tendencies were apparent from a young age, driving Ryan to do well in his endeavors but not endearing him to his peers. Regardless of his skills as a basketball player, for which he'd receive a scholarship to Northwestern University, his good looks, and his academic achievements, Ryan was never 'popular'. He tended to enjoy not being the center of attention. Having excelled most in writing, Ryan majored in Journalism at Northwestern - balancing his workload with his athletic obligations. He graduated summa cum laude and took a job with the Chicago Tribune out of college. He'd work there for fourteen years, working his way up to a managing editorial role. Feeling like he'd "made it" and wishing for a new chapter and challenge, Ryan ended his career at the Tribune and headed West to San Andreas, taking a job as Editor in Chief with the smaller but more independent outlet Saints News. As a thirty-six-year-old veteran of the journalism industry, Ryan has continued his propensity for tireless work since his arrival in Los Santos.
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