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  1. TT-33 - She's only a small arm sadly but she still packs a punch 😔🙏
  2. You guys really love my article huh. I'm flattered I am, just leave a tip 😁
  3. A quick and simple explination for you, LSNN are running LSFD ads on their articles and they're running articles that praises the department. And in the case of LSNN being "bought out" another simple yes is all is needed. What other state news network is running ads for fire/police/sheriff's departments?
  4. The state lacks media in a whole. The only other news network that could report on this is LSNN and they've shown they're in the pockets of the LSFD. If no-one's going to publish the things the department doesn't want you to see how are people meant to make a fair and honest judgement on the department? If declining money from the Los Santos Fire Department to run their ad on our articles is refusing to help spread a word then the department should really look back on how big of a department they are and use their own power rather than paying off news networks.
  5. If it takes me linking the department's post's how good is the department's PR department?
  6. Our articles aren't fake news, We're an unbias news network. So unbias infact we turned down an offer from the Los Santos Fire Department to run their new EMS Division ad on our articles, LSNN however were more than happy to run ads due to the bias towards departments.
  7. LSFD seen in an alley with SFM doing what?! On the 13th of April around the time of 21:30 OnScene Media captured the Los Santos Fire Department and the San Andreas Office of State Fire Marshals in the back alley off of Hawick Avenue. When OnScene Media personnel arrived on scene both the Los Santos Fire Department and the San Andreas Office of State Fire Marshals stopped dancing and began to walk to their vehicles. A photo was captured before both departments departed from the alley. When Public Information Officer Elise Reyna (Los Santos Fire Depart
  8. Username: TellyTubbyTheGreen1 Comment: If they don't like fire just join a private EMS service LOL XD
  9. Username: TellyTubbieTheYellow1 Comment: who asked for this
  10. Crime in South Central Continues to Soar Around 17:10 on the 16th of April 2020, the Los Santos Police Department stopped a Black Blista in South Central for a possible GTA. An adolescent was detailed on the side of the road after a felony stop was performed on the side of Strawberry Avenue. Reporters on the scene overheard the name of the suspect going by Justin, he's in his early teens and Hispanic. The city is showing how they fail our youth day to day as a result of these crimes being committed. With
  11. PD's reckless actions leave one female fighting for her life Just in; the Los Santos Police Department chase a female through Rockford Hills residental area. Around 15:10 the Los Santos Police Department chase an unregistered orange Blista through Rockford Hills residental area following an altercation with the driver. After the short chase was stopped by the Los Santos Police Department's dangerous meanuvers leaving the vehicle in a mangled state with the driver fighting for her life. Los Santos Fire Department's crews arrived on scene and
  12. SD and FD personnel left dead after an inferno wreck off of Great Ocean Highway Just in; the Los Santos Fire Department confirmes the passing of one SD and one FD personnel at the scene just off from Great Ocean Highway. Roughly at 20:10 the Los Santos Fire Department was called out to the Great Ocean Highway just down from the popular Pacific Bluffs Resort to a panic alarm activation from the Sheriff's Department. An FD spokes person(s) (PIO Reyna/Knight) has confirmed the death of one Sheriff's Department personnel and one Fire Department personn
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