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  1. Nickname: Diaz1998'£! Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Comment: Amazing business, food was good considering it's frozen, arcade games take you back to the olden days, physical coins and all.
  2. Username: RichyFromSandy1958 Comment: Love your stuff Ben, keep up the Auditing
  3. THE ADVENTURES OF THE ADDICTS Los Santos is home to countless homeless individuals throughout the city and many of those are homeless due to drug addictions. Within this thread, you will be seeing the adventures of 'Trevor'. We'll be seeing him go through his ups and downs of withdrawal, highs and cold turkeys. ((Any others wanting to RP within the homeless community you can find the homeless encampment here;))
  4. La Spada structural fire leaves one firefighter dead and another in critical condition The citizens of Los Santos were woken by the smell of smoke late last night around 23:05 when the popular spa resort La Spada caught fire from an unknown cause. The Los Santos Fire Department arrived on the scene around the time of 23:15 with the following units being dispatched to the scene; Engine 7, Quint 7, Brush Patrol 7, Rescue Engine 3, Rescue Ambulance 72 and 74. A spokesperson from the Los Santos Fire Department stated that no victims were found inside from the Search And Rescue team and then goes onto say a structural collapse followed by a mayday call was sent out around 23:34. The RIT team was sent in and found a total of 4 firefighters were in need of assistance. The spokesperson stated that two were in non-critical condition and two were in critical condition with the two critical firefighters sent off to Pillbox Hill Medical Center. Knockdown of the fire was confirmed at 00:05 with the fire lasting a total of 1 hour since the first 911 calls. The Los Santos Fire Department spokesperson confirmed once again that Engineer Lyla Avery and Engineer Essie Beck were checked into the Pillbox Hill Medical Center with doctors later confirming that Engineer Lyla Avery was in stable condition, however, Engineer Essie Beck had passed away from her injuries that night. The department is deeply hurt by the loss of Engineer Essie Beck. The department sends their condolences to the family of Engineer Essie Beck and a full-service traditional ceremony and funeral will be hosted in respect to the Firefighter. ((/banktransfer [AMOUNT] Katelyn Hill OnScene Media Donation)) > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  5. TT-33 - She's only a small arm sadly but she still packs a punch 😔🙏
  6. You guys really love my article huh. I'm flattered I am, just leave a tip 😁
  7. A quick and simple explination for you, LSNN are running LSFD ads on their articles and they're running articles that praises the department. And in the case of LSNN being "bought out" another simple yes is all is needed. What other state news network is running ads for fire/police/sheriff's departments?
  8. The state lacks media in a whole. The only other news network that could report on this is LSNN and they've shown they're in the pockets of the LSFD. If no-one's going to publish the things the department doesn't want you to see how are people meant to make a fair and honest judgement on the department? If declining money from the Los Santos Fire Department to run their ad on our articles is refusing to help spread a word then the department should really look back on how big of a department they are and use their own power rather than paying off news networks.
  9. If it takes me linking the department's post's how good is the department's PR department?
  10. Our articles aren't fake news, We're an unbias news network. So unbias infact we turned down an offer from the Los Santos Fire Department to run their new EMS Division ad on our articles, LSNN however were more than happy to run ads due to the bias towards departments.
  11. LSFD seen in an alley with SFM doing what?! On the 13th of April around the time of 21:30 OnScene Media captured the Los Santos Fire Department and the San Andreas Office of State Fire Marshals in the back alley off of Hawick Avenue. When OnScene Media personnel arrived on scene both the Los Santos Fire Department and the San Andreas Office of State Fire Marshals stopped dancing and began to walk to their vehicles. A photo was captured before both departments departed from the alley. When Public Information Officer Elise Reyna (Los Santos Fire Department Spokes Person) walked past OnScene Media personnel she muttered a comment to our reporters saying "Nothing newsworthy". This picture of a Los Santos Fire Department employee parking their vehicle outside of the El Burro Heights Station Seven was taken just one day after the alley party was taken. According to the Los Santos Fire Department's website the department performs off of Courage, Integrity and Pride, if this is how the Los Santos Fire Department shows off their Courage, Integrity and Pride we wouldn't want to see how the department operates outsides of these values. In the department's latest article "The LSFD, Media & You" LSFD Public Affairs Consultant Alexandra Vestergaard said in their article "for the Department is pledged to Save, pledged to Serve and pledged to Respect no matter who, what or where." and Public Relations Director Alice Fjellhol said "Our job has always been to educate and inform, the Public Relations team strives to bring quality and educational content to educate citizens of Los Santos about the work our Firefighters, Paramedics and Lifeguards do all day, everyday." (source) With this being said, how can we trust the Los Santos Fire Department to educate us if they don't even know their own values? ((/banktransfer [AMOUNT] Katelyn Hill OnScene Media Donation)) > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
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