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Found 14 results

  1. Social Link Inquiries Portfolio of Concept Work: Comment: Name: Referral Work(optional): Comment:
  2. A personal statement from Lexi Bridal Designs was ran out of a home office and began as this chaotic mess that somehow, through a lot of extra grey hairs on my head has blossomed into a business that has came to be a part in so many of our client's lives. Yet, despite our growth, I still take a lot of joy out of working personally with people on whichever service of ours it is they choose to request. Every wedding I coordinate has been a special moment for Bridal Designs, to see the outcome of weeks of planning and the couple—at the end of it all in complete bliss has brought fulfillment to myself personally and the buisness. And because of this, myself and Bridal Designs will always strive to build these relationships and it will show through my passion and dedication to making sure your graphic design, wedding or gift is absolutely perfect. This may be a business but it's also a passion, whatever we take on in Bridal Designs we do so only if we're confident we can make it perfect. If you choose to have us help you make your wedding perfect, rebrand your promotions or help you with your gifts—and we believe we can fulfill your request to a stunning resolution then you can be confident, you have all of our passion behind your project. If you believe in it, so do we. Bridal Designs only works with people, not corporations. We are here for you. Sincerely, Lexi Garcia (formerly Brown) Bridal Designs Management | [email protected]
  3. Hadi Karam Website & Graphic Designer STATUS: [ Only doing graphic design stuff for now, taking a break from website development ] Are you in need of a website for your business? Or are you just in need of a logo, poster, flyer, etc.? Then you have come to the right place! ((Portfolio below)) I'm Hadi Karam, a 37-year-old Lebanese-American. I am passionate about web development & graphic design. I have been working in this field for the past 6 years after a major career change. I offer personalized website catalogs and various graphic designs for different types of businesses. I use WIX and Canva to complete my tasks. Website Development - As many changes as you would like before finalization - Complete ownership of the site after creation Pricing: Starting from $40,000 (depending on the needs of the client) Graphic Design - Creation of logos, flyers, posters, etc. - As many changes as you would like before finalization - Complete ownership of the designs after creation Pricing: Starting from $8,500 (for a logo) (Any other graphic design work (e.g. posters) starting from $11,500) Contact me through: -> E-mail: ((Forum PMs)) -> Phone: 83346581 -> Facebrowser: https://face.gta.world/hadid Comment:
  4. Watson Design - Hello Dear And Welcome! If your are looking for an eye catching and attractive design - Then you are at right place! Your brand design is very important and must stand out from the crowd to be successful. I am enthusiastic and excited to help you take your personal project or business brand to the next level! Price Depends on project : 5,000 - 30,000 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact us under the E-Mail - [email protected] (( Forum PM @Bagacius))
  5. [Our Goals] We are a company focused on giving a new life to your business or kickstarting your upcoming ones. Our main objective is to share our deep knowledge of the business world and apply it properly, so that our clients businesses can excel in their fields and use one hundred percent of their potential, enabling them to reach the desired profits with minimal effort by using our services and business strategies. [How we achieve our goals] We achieve our goals by using our directors experience in the business industry, as we combine multiple factors which are responsible for a business to be successful, such as management, PR, marketing, branding, graphic designs, business plans, staff evaluation, trend creation, converting leads into buyers, product inspection and consultations. [Our offers] Join us now: Click here! Contacts: ☎️71000 ☎️111777
  6. Hello! I wasn't sure where else to show case this, but I do character art, as well as custom graphics, menus/cards for in game, and Emotes for discord servers! All of what I'm showing here, I made for my character, Juniper! ^w^ %5Bimg%5Dhttps%3A//i.imgur.com/hQ4w1dX.png%5B/img%5D %5Bimg%5Dhttps%3A//i.imgur.com/goad91E.png%5B/img%5D %5Bimg%5Dhttps%3A//i.imgur.com/SkyEoQg.png%5B/img%5D
  7. @ORB * Frank Seagrass * Owen Sykes
  8. Nyheim

    My Artworks

    Some of you might or might not know me - I was pass content creator in FiveRP 2017 before the merged Either way is time to show some activity around the forum (which I am mostly active in-game and facebrowser) As part of my artworks that I am mainly creating for my characters and overall community members along the road (To be clear - all my shots been taken through SP (Menyoo) while having everything to look identical as possible in terms of IC) (And no graphic mods whatsoever - all been taken through vanilla with high max settings through the Rockstar Editor) (I am using heavy third software such as Adobe Photoshop mainly / Lightroom / Illustrator / Spark / and so on) This is one of my most if not my main successful Artist / Designer / Photographer character of mine That responsible for basically everything that I do - as he known by the name - Yoel Lewis ( For his entire facebrowser profile - https://face.gta.world/Yoellewis ) My second and most favorite character of mine known as - Jenny Nyheim ( As most of my time I am playing with her mainly as being a model and so on ) ( For her entire facebrowser profile - https://face.gta.world/Jenny ) ( As well as having her own website page that dedicated to her whole modeling profession www.Nyheim.me ) Community Artworks As part of my contribution to this beloved server where I work alongside with players nor editing or photograph them ( Check my main Artist page at - www.Yoellewis.me for more artworks of mine that I continuously doing ) In-game 100% IC Capturing ( Before and After ) Overall I will keep pushing my limits and do arts as far as I am part of this community Thanks for all the support and requests that I am getting from you guys! Much more to come! ( I'll keep updating the thread which I have more behind the scenes ) And please bare in mind that as much as I would love to keep contribute and to be able to help everyone out I might not be able to do so due to a health condition of mine that takes most of my time from being 100% and do so for everyone around.
  9. [WEBSITE] [ Click here to view our website and portfolio, or to request our services. ] [ Click here to view our website and portfolio, or to request our services. ] [ Click here to view our website and portfolio, or to request our services. ]
  10. EddieC63

    EDR Design

    EDR Design is a design studio which sets out to create the best marketing presence possible for its clients. On board we have several qualified designers with 6 + years of graphic design experience with degrees in: Marketing, Social Media, Creative Studies & Design. We specialize in logo design, branding, printed collateral & advertising, a full list of our services can be seen below. EDR Design Services For further business inquires & information please contact us via email: [email protected]
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