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  1. i hated los santos as a setting from the beginning. i just dont like the west coast and i never found a super good concept to stick my guns into. Its not just that its new, but ive been fucking around in LS for four years, and i honestly hate the setting. i dont like the clubs, hollywood, lapd, california or anything to do with the setting. its just kinda… boring. compare that with LC, new york, which has been a setting for a massive amount of media. the concepts are far more relatable, enjoyable, and I dont have to dance around the fact i hate a large portion of the roleplay. LC feels genuine. LS did not. sure its new, sure the magic will go away. but man is the setting just miles better than LS. thats my preference, it obviously is not going to be anyone elses preference if they prefer LS. and thats fine. but dont go hating on a thing you dont enjoy just because more people are having fun on it. maybe we just all got sick of the literal plague of terrible lesbian characters that acted nothing like actual lesbians and infected every legal faction imaginable.
  2. yeah liberty city is actually a fun setting ngl los santos has zero cultural significance and LA is boring and overplayed as hell in every roleplay community i quit regular gtaw, so did a lot of others. the factions were the same, the setting was overdone, the roleplay was bland. the characters were awful. in LC? even the crappy encounters are fun, fresh, and new. most people are actually from LC instead of some foreign country, and even then, it makes more sense for them to be immigrants. NYC is a lot more well known. you can have your preferences, but people thinking LC was a mistake are huffing quality grade copium. Its just a fun experience, which feels alien for gtaw, because usually we all play this server out of spite and leave with a bad taste in our mouths. but LC? its just a fun, cozy setting, with tons of shit going on even in small numbers. 200 players still feels full, unlike LS where 200 players will rarely interact with eachother thanks to the gigantic map.
  3. again im not downplaying the support or need for it. im just replying to another dude bashing on legal faction members cuz grrr bad rpers rp in legal factions >:(((( while hes advocating for a new legal faction. i hope SADCR comes and it works, just like i hope we get a private EMS company one day.
  4. you just proved my point (kinda) ultimately two different servers, two different attitudes. doesn't mean things from LSRP pulled direct to gtaw will work, and often times when they are done, they don't.
  5. yeah so did San Andreas Sheriff Department just because it worked on LSRP doesn't mean it'll work here, LSRP looked kinda braindead and a lot of our legal faction issues come from copying them
  6. yeah oh boy lets completely disregard the people actively running legal departments and know the issues in and out with running them, including not having enough things for its members to do at all times that they get bored, do something else and the faction inevitably downturns until it expands into places it shouldn't go. don't get me wrong, SADCR is a cool concept, just like how a Coast Guard faction is a cool concept, or a Private EMS company ran by a corporation is a cool(est) concept. Will these things happen? Schmaybe. Will they survive? Doubtful. You gotta realize with all things SADCR has some major hurdles. You're going to have a very good core of extremely invested people running it, at first. Like everything, unless you attract new people to it, you're going to spiral into inactivity. SADCR luckily, unlike every other legal faction concept, has a strong illegal faction backing. Unfortunately, the issue is... its gonna be a prison, with the same interior, and eventually you're going to have very similar day out, and day in roleplay. You're not going to be out and about, shit Cali doesn't even give marked vehicles for its Prisons. Besides buses. The issue with TTCF is the fact people are forced to be in there on the Sheriff side, to "create jail activity" which makes people resent jail hours and they don't do them. SADCR being TTCF on steroids is going to find a similar problem maintaining activity, once that new shiny coat of paint is done, you're gonna have to figure out how to keep the prison interesting after the inmate population starts going away, and your active core eventually is either replaced or moves on to other things. Also my biggest issue with TTCF was the near-weekly riots and constant violence whenever a decent amount of COs got on. So it COs stopped getting on constantly. And thats the problem with niche legal factions, unless you can find your schtick and do it well. It'll fail, the reason there's naysayers from the legal side is, well, because we've been there, done that. And it usually follows the same pattern. I hope SADCR can break out of that mold, someones got to.
  7. because the people intended to lead it are now in charge of the sheriffs department take that as you will
  8. THIS IS NOW A UNION SHOP. also thread is updated with new patches, and I should post the clip that inspired this threads name.
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