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  1. the server would be better if cars were banned unironically. i will not elaborate further
  2. once subways become a thing is lssd metro deputies going to become a thing? and when they do where do i sign up to just ride the subway and be a subway cop?
  3. Honestly this episode just kind of proves that all your hard work in any legal faction can be thrown away on a whim due to backroom dealings. It’s demotivating on a grand scale.
  4. gee well with that argument why haven't we included filing your W2 form to the list of things that should be scripted
  5. well that’s one good way to go into septic shock i think the standard is that any major injury should receive definite care, i.e player or npc treatment to a major hospital. and if you don’t, you adequately roleplay the consequences of webMDing a chest wound. which is like, usually you’ll just die, whether it takes 2 hours or 2 weeks due to an infection can be debated from there.
  6. honestly if i had a truly popular opinion it’s that the legal faction management scope is so narrow and short sighted that any sort of new ground legal roleplay is shackled by a million restrictions to eventually die off into frustration led inactivity. but considering the thread, i’m gonna double down some more. The LScityFD should be remade into LSCountyFD, everyone in it should either be Firefighter/EMTs, Firefighter/Paramedics, or apart of the County Branch of lifeguards. Primary response should be done by Firefighter Paramedic squad trucks and Fire Engines, and private ambulances should be contracted to run EMS calls, out-bidding competition to create a cutt-throat EMS system a la Los Angela’s County’s main EMS system. Let the primary Paramedics be Firefighters in Squad cars and Fire Engines, private companies ambulances used as transporting units, all cop medics should be restricted to Rescue 5 and LSPDs EMT-only SWAT cadre. Private Ambulance companies could be an OOC division of County Fire, but given some autonomy ICly, only contracted by the county. SAMR v. McCornnell v. Falcon or w/e names the Lore Private Ambulance companies want to use. the typical lsrp LSFD style faction is outdated, kinda boring and prone to being a head with so many hats it struggles to fit into any of them. Diversification is the key to Fire/EMS, a jack of all trades is only destined to not be as cool. : )
  7. On the topic of SFM, they to me, can best be described as a massive missed opportunity. We should’ve gotten SanFire, with Arson LEOs, a wildland firefighter sector, and probably shouldve been the guys operating in the State parks. look at these photos and tell me we didn’t miss what could’ve been an awesome state faction, instead of what is essentially a bureaucratic roadblock with guns. i don’t dislike SFM, i just wish they had the freedom to be something better.
  8. CKs should be done more, not less. Terrible suggestion, people should be CKed more for the stupid shit they pull off. No risk kills any sort of stakes in collective storytelling.
  9. i love the private prison industrial complex i love the private prison industrial complex i love the private prison industrial complex
  10. fuck cars love subways simple as
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