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  1. To add to that, the faction should’ve been called State Parks, which is every other Ranger service is called, it isn’t the National Park Rangers, it’s National Park Service. Best way to change your vision is a better name change, switch to San Andreas State Parks.
  2. I wish you the best of luck, because if SAPR goes down that path, it’ll be infinitely better than what it is now. The server doesn‘t need another beat cop faction.
  3. Ah medical roleplay, probably the only area of roleplay where it’s completely OK to walk off sixteen gunshots, ignore the nurses frantically going /b huh? and completely go on with your day. Medical roleplay on this server has a lot of issues, as someone who’s been doing it basically since I’ve started this server, and has been roleplaying stuff like medieval barber surgeons and SS13 maniacs, I’ve decided to get the communities feedback on the kinda ‘eh’ state of medical roleplay. Please be courteous. To explain what I mean by ‘eh’, it’s definitely improved, we have a functional-ish ER that is growing instead of shrinking for once, the LSFD has more members, and it seems everyone with access to a rotary craft is starting their own Lifeflight medevac service. But it’s still flawed. For some reason the standard of medical roleplay is this old algorithm of questions and answers dated from LSRP. Which as someone with experience outside of GTA, kinda baffles me. And it’s kind of the reason everyone hates medical roleplay here, in my experience. Instead of going to a Physician character and getting a diagnosis based on some symptoms you decided to roleplay, it’s the patient who’s required to get that information, and to get a diagnosis, and not the medical roleplay provider, which is literally backwards. Instead of Paramedics telling you your vitals, it’s you, who has to frantically google whatever the fuck blood oxygen is at the last minute, ever wonder why everyone who gets shot is more stable than the orbit of the moon? This is why. Ideally the Paramedic should have the resources to guess vitals based on how a patient acts. Was he awake when he got shot? High pulse and high blood pressure until he loses enough blood for his pressure to drop, and then you and your paramedic can work out when you pass out. Communication is key here too. That’s where you come in, how would you like to improve GTAW‘s medical roleplay scene? How do you think factions and Paramedic/nurse/doctor roleplayers should improve? Would you be OK with getting a diabetes diagnosis if the your doctor asked for permission and walked you through it OOCly? Instead of giving him the diagnosis yourself.
  4. So with this faction now having roots, I’d like to address some complaints. Why does the faction focus more on its law enforcement actions far more than it being a Ranger service? I’ll explain, the Ranger service in the US is probably one of the most unique in the world, and it can generally be described as the only emergency service in wilderness. As such, you have way more than just Law Enforcement rangers. Civilian rangers, and yes they’re called Rangers too, are made up of Park Maintenance specialists, search and rescue teams, ecologists, animal guides, and park adminstrators. They make up a ratio of 10:1 to law enforcement rangers on any State or National Park. Law enforcement rangers in comparison are /lightly/ armed. They were mostly given firearms in the 80s to combat weed traffickers and in the very rare occurrence, shoot at bears or moose. In California specifically every law enforcement ranger carries a standard sidearm as they have full law enforcement powers /on/ state parks. Think of it this way, a Border Patrol agent can only enforce his federal law enforcement powers a hundred miles near the border, and no where else. For reference, CSP had a shooting in 2019: https://cslea.com/2019/06/state-parks-peace-officers-respond-to-shots-fired-at-pfeiffer-big-sur-state-park/ Now with that all listed, my question is, why is the Ranger faction armed to the teeth with rifles, focusing more on patrols than staffing ranger stations in Mt Chiliad and encouraging hiking, and hiring more peace officers than civilian rangers? As someone who enjoys county roleplay, and has wanted a Ranger faction since 2019, I’m grossly disappointed.
  5. it honestly localized crime to one spot so yeah bring it back also I miss it : (
  6. Yeah except these shitty RPers have the added issue of the fact that they're playing children, who have a different legal code, not to mention emergency services can go to jail if these minors are unattended. So often times they're fucked if they have to interact with these characters at all. Shitty RPers are one thing, all children characters on this server are problematic. It isn't a roleplay quality issue, it's an issue of logistics.
  7. With the kind of extreme violence that gang roleplay on this server filters around, 16+ is FINE. I don't really like the idea of having no CPS, no infrastructure for these literal children, NPC parents sure but... you can't force people to roleplay that without an admin. I barely trust people to play adults on this server, let alone literal children. Your gang can survive with sixteen year olds.
  8. I said what I said i also don’t like interacting with underage characters on this server >they act like adults >they’re adults but with legal issues that can’t be dealt by our court system >they’re mostly involved with crime, so they interact with the court system more, and as such they always prove to be massive headaches >if they HAVE to exist, minimum of sixteen, if your gang character needs to be 12, find a child mod >gta v doesnt have children models for a reason
  9. if you roleplay a child criminal prodigy with no parents and you get into any form of trouble there is no rulebook on what to do at minimum you should go to a midwest foster home i hate children
  10. title We have an issue across all emergency services of unattended children characters, 12-16 who are hurt, wounded, shot, killed, with no parents, and who come up with stories such as "both my parents are junkies" or unattentative. You'd all get thrown into foster care. Yeah yeah gang characters. Guess what, parent's would still be there, at the very least NPC them. Stop playing orphans, or if you do, there should be a way you get sent off to a foster home in rural minnesota.
  11. Don’t ban it. Just park a Legend-class Coast Guard Cutter a mile off shore and have pirates get their engines blown up by coasties with shotguns. the based approach to piracy
  12. It happens with arsons too, often a throwaway character is made or pulled out of the woodwork, they burn down a building/business, and then disappear from the map until needed again. Probably the biggest reason an arson case has never been prosecuted on the server.
  13. My man no offense but if you think you're wasting your time being an LEO, find another hobby. You're going to puppy-guard bodies as a cop, that's just grade A job requirements, if you can't handle that, or you think you're wasting your time, then the job is literally probably not for you. I've had scenes where I've waited on LSPD/LSSD for up to an hour to secure a scene or shit, respond to shootings at EMS/DMEC. That's just the nature of the roleplay and the roleplay job you're in, if you want pure action, there's plenty of great FiveM servers for that, there's LSPDFR, and light roleplay servers galore. People /rely/ on LEO's to secure scenes and assist them in their roleplay, you're as much of a public service OOCly as you are ICly, and if you don't want to do that, great, don't be a cop, don't waste everyone's time. Plenty of amazing LEO roleplayers take the time to stay on these scenes and create amazing character moments out of it. LSSD somehow does it fantastically, or at least use to. And a lot of my best interactions were at body scenes.
  14. I'll be completely honest, the /sendtohospital script is genuinely anti-roleplay and while I'm sure PD/SD/SAPR are having less of a headache, for anyone in the medical roleplay world, it's pretty much killed it. Right now in the PHMC ER, we have people just pop into existence, no transfer of care roleplay, no context, and we just have to shrug and go "so what happened?" And if you know people who roleplay patient's, they're first thought is to go AFK. I've had people who've genuinely wanted to roleplay conditions and provide medical roleplay, but instantly lose motivation the second they're just teleported to the hospital. This script is terrible for medical roleplay, at least with self-transporting, you had a cop to /explain/ what the hell happened. Now, with EMS totally automated, what the fuck is the point of having an EMS faction? Or a hospital faction? It's pointless. I was lukewarm on the script before, now I just really fucking hate it. Sorry but it's a terrible idea. It works for coroners because they deal with /dead/ bodies, who have information attached and some level of scripts. The second a player is revived, their wounds go away, and we're left with nada.
  15. ironically? the fact the map is based on Los Angeles infrastructure is geared toward cars, hard to walk anywhere, no natural communities besides a few hot spots because the only way to get anywhere is by driving, so you don’t encourage walking around, which means people don’t interact with others as frequently or it could be crime but tbh getting mugged while crossing the street means the city is technically very active also being mugged is fun so tl;dr shitty American urban planning
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