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  1. This unit sold and is no longer available. Will update the listing now! ((Those of you that keep quoting the rules need to have a quick re-read! This is a multi-interior property, so my pricing is accurate, I just did not include the Floor and Room on the ad to prevent metagaming break-ins. If you're trying to insinuate I'm property flipping, I bought this unit to act as my office before I didn't need it anymore ICly, so chill out! lmao))
  2. Sounds great, I’ll email you!
  3. ‹ 2240 Ocean Front Walk › Information › This charming third-floor apartment is located on the edge of the ocean, just steps away from the beach, offering 90 degree views of the ocean from kitchen to bathroom. This ocean-front unit is 1 bedroom, 1 bath and has been freshly refurbished with custom built-ins and new wood flooring throughout. Custom wall-art in the bedroom and a Wiwang alarm installed in the property for peace of mind. Tours available on request. Amenities › Washer Dryer in-unit All new appliances Radiator heating Parking in lot behind unit Wiwang alarm Starting Bid › $200,000 Buyout › $440,957 Photos › https://imgur.com/a/nRwzDcK Exterior › Interior › Pinfo ›
  4. Username: Witchy Comment: Love the episode, and love the shout-out for Harlow House! ❤️
  5. I'm Interested in the Vapid Sadler! 🙂 Contact: Hazel Ph: 805-1337 Purchased elsewhere.
  6. I specifically want to address this generalization because while there is a channel for players to post their mapping requests, most, if not all of the mappers that I've spoken to, handle the initial conversation about whether or not they're interested in the project, and then move on to handling everything else IC. This is things like RPing viewing the property for the key exchange, doing Work-in-progress walkthroughs, re-hashing what they need done in IC, sending email updates with countertop choices etc. I even have a photographer that my customers can meet who take photos before, during and after construction. When the cost is over what the player character can reasonably pay (because of their character story not their actual wealth) we roleplay out them taking a 'bank loan' to pay for the construction where they pay the full amount upfront and then they can RP it as making loan payments until it's 'paid off'. While I know that not every mapper follows this same standards, this is a bulk of the roleplay that I enjoy and this profession is one of high value in real life, such as it is reflected as such in-game.. I like the recommendation on making all furniture cost $0, though, that would be awesome and allow more flexibility for lower cost builds that match the lower-cost price tag IC.
  7. When I joined, I was overwhelmed by all this server had to offer and I wrongly assumed the affiliate section was for streaming and never clicked on it. I finally opted to click it and realize I could have used that link for the 10+ people I've brought in over the last three weeks. Is there a way to have these users connected to my affiliate link? Everyone tried to click the link to see if we could connect it after their accounts were already created, with one new one just freshly applied, so I have the 1 registration right now, but would love that to reflect the actual number that I've referred to the server. I can supply everyone's UCP names if that information is required. Thanks in advance for the help!
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