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  1. I've been being badgered to comment for days, so I have commented. ?
  2. Posting to follow the adventures of Agent Eagle. ??
  3. I've been bribed into following! Posting to follow. ? I'm looking forward to possibly roleplaying with you again someday! It's been way too long.
  4. Two new LSFD related videos out, haven't edited in years so my editing skills have gone back down to 0. Both videos were initially going to be the start of a new "LP" series, however silly me forgot to edit some stuff out via in-game commands. :< Hope you all enjoy, nonetheless. [GTA V] GTA-W Roleplay - LSFD - Clips - Tour & First Call [GTA V] GTA-W Roleplay - LSFD - Clips - Firefighting Drills
  5. We should be opening tonight. I'm currently waiting for the go ahead from the Fire Chief, if not another member of High Command. Feel free to read up more on it over here if you haven't done so already.
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