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  1. straight characters are minorities in ls
  2. zdarova isax eto stupidly pora khans mc sozdavat' tut
  3. yes time to add server-side clothing mods and stop checkerboard drips
  4. stew

    Mask textures

    Short description: Add an option to choose mask textures. Detailed description: Right now there's no option to choose a texture when you buy a mask, all models has only the first texture option, and a lot of them looks bad, but in the base game some of them has, like, 10-20 texture options, with different colors or even whole patterns, afaik there's no issues with RAGE to add them. Commands to add: - Items to add: - How would your suggestion improve the server? Would be very useful for criminal roleplayers (colorbanging for example, or just for a good look in general), maybe in some cases for civilians too. Additional information: -
  5. If Twitter moderation is wack, it doesn't mean this community should be like Twitter.
  6. Yeah, you can say that about any type of offensive roleplay then, including the shit that isn't allowed on the server at all. It's all text on a screen right?
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