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  1. Very good idea but my god are the pictures you attached massive. Regardless, +1 from me.
  2. You flipped me off after I said that your car was illegal 😞
  3. Jesus Christ, I'll just lock this since you guys like to be edgy.
  4. No. Just no. 1) I think you're missing the point. It's an IC LAW, therfore it should changed ICly, not OOCly. An OOC issue is when admins make the decision, which is not the case here. 2) If people behave unrealistically - report them, simple. There's no point ranting about it on the forums because nothing will change if you don't report them.
  5. This is literally an IC issue, not an OOC one, so it doesn't belong in the game suggestions.
  6. I've only heard of one instance of someone getting CKed because they refused extortion, and that was because they threatened and went through with the thought that hiring an MC with like 10 members to deal with the criminals was a good idea. In return the business owner got kidnapped and CKed, and rightfully so.
  7. Let me clarify. You will not be CKed just by refusing extortion, there's much more to it, so please get that stupid stereotype out of your head. Second of all, it's up to law enforcement to investigate extortion, but right now it's useless because cases take weeks to investigate and only grant a 2 day sentence or so. Hopefully, soon we'll get tougher laws that will grant longer sentences to make the time taken to investigate all of this worth it.
  8. Had this happen to my character almost two years ago
  9. nateX

    [4SALE] Camper

    All vehicles have been sold.
  10. nateX

    [4SALE] Camper

    Sentinel sold.
  11. (( Here to remind you that private bids are not allowed ))
  12. nateX

    [4SALE] Camper

    BF-400 sold.
  13. nateX

    [4SALE] Camper

    Points of contact: E-mail: [email protected] ((forum PM))
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