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  1. I'm always out on ma own, holding it down, hawmie. I ain't no shook of no motherfucka, mayn. Anyone tryna take my claim, n step on my real estate, hawmie? Ima blast that motherfucker. quotes to live by
  2. This is also very very cool, depending on how big the damage for the local gangs will be. Perhaps something @Nervous and @Oggycan look into?
  3. This is sick, yes. Nobody RPs in the mall anyway and there's a big lack of housing in South Central. As for Mirror Park, there's absolutely no use for the cul de sac with the unfinished houses, so it wouldn't hurt anyone either.
  4. This thread will follow the story and development of Stewart Hayes, a 17 year old white boy from Vespucci, suffering from dysgraphia and an ugly face.
  5. cs 1.6 with 2.6k hours on a pirated version
  6. thanks for keeping morningwood and yourself safe by shopping at morningwood 24/7 great interactions
  7. nice to see someone rping a proper stripper for once
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