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  1. nateX

    2152 Senora Way

    (( Please include the OOC info of the property which can be done by including a screenshot of the /pinfo, thank you ))
  2. People on this thread complaining that gang RPers start trouble whether that would be on the street or at a business have clearly not done their research. Gangs are ruthless, that's why they're called unorganized crime; they don't care as much about going to jail or dying for their gang as much as you'd expect they would. Organized crime groups on the other hand are the underbelly of the criminal world, as a group, they stay quiet most of the time and don't cause too much fuss. I can bring up my personal experiences for example. Two nights ago a group of 3 people rolled into my factions hood a
  3. Praise @Oggy for having to go through the pains of going through 3d modeled [redacted] to find good mods and for listening to my constant whining about gang clothing. I appreciate you.
  4. The plane prices at Sandy Shores Aircraft are quite outdated, here are the new ones 🙂
  5. nateX

    Cameron Moore

  6. Show shoes nvm dont show them I got yelled at by Oggy
  7. Oggy and the modding team has worked real hard on this, I'm super excited to see all of the cool new clothing on the server! (This was a paid promotion by Oggy™)
  8. Being discussed in the staff team. I'll keep you updated.
  9. SRIP, left Enrique alone with his dumb ass dad smh
  10. (( There's already a similar thread in case you weren't aware. I don't see an issue with both existing at once since there are multiple variations of gang maps irl ))
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