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  1. Lasted all game and they never got through it. They kept hitting it with artillery only for us to use our 8k ammo stash to resupply and destroy all their cars within 30 seconds
  2. a person that created their account 9 hours ago, wrote this thread and hasnt logged in since hmmm i wonder if this is bait
  3. Bruh catch me powergaming having a 8 foot jump like I'm a fucking kangaroo and slam dunking your ass 😴😴😴
  4. Tried developing my 5'8 Armenian character with basketball. Joined ULSA's basketball team and all only to discover that it's dead and that my homie and I are the only ones actually roleplaying around it. It's a cool way, wish there was more RP around it.
  5. They announced the development of GTA 5 in 2011 but only released it in 2013. So maybe we'll see GTA 6 in 2024?
  6. If I want to rp a Eurasian/Armenian, all I have to do is drive an expensive car, say suka, blyat, pizdec and be bald.
  7. We won't see anyone portray a proper transgender character because 99.9% of the characters created are made to roleplay out an OOC kink and there's no evidence that you can provide at this point in time that would change my mind on the matter. The guys on the server roleplay transgenders and lesbians because they want to write out quirky sex lines with IC females and play out their weird real life sexual fantasies. For the sake of not receiving a forum warning, I will abstain from going into detail as to why they do it, but I think the reasons are very clear. When asked about it they'll always say ''haha im just roleplay a promiscuous character'' but you already know that the character has no depth or personality to them and is entirely based on their personal perception of a female which is often based on pornography or Instagram posts.
  8. But how am I gonna flex to my internet friends about my IC relationship when I roleplay taking dick?!
  9. A faction leader inviting a girl that he met a day ago into his faction on the condition that she'll date him, and when she ''cheated'' on him with some other dude he shot and cked her and PKed him.
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