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Found 6 results

  1. Maxim Yahontov DoB: 03/11/1984 Place of Birth: Med Tsentr “Kavkaz”, Chechnya Nationality: Chechen Early Life: Maxim was born in 1984 in the town of Gudermes in Chechnya. He was an only child, raised by his Mother Khava and his Soldier Father Anzor. The Chechen republic was a tough place to grow up in, filled with struggle and hardships, but his mother and father did the best they could for Maxim. His father being a soldier, taught Maxim Discipline and Respect and how to defend himself whenever he was around. Maxim always had food in front of him and clothes on his back despite the hard times, albeit rugged. He did well in school in his early years, having an affinity for numeracy and money. He mostly kept to himself and focused on his work. He was always a driven boy, trying to impress his father and walk in his footsteps. Crime was prevalent in his hometown even before the war. But like so many others the war changed his life. During the first Chechen war for independence, his father was killed in action, leaving only Maxim and his mother, before his father left, he said to him “My son you are the man of the family while I am gone, look after your mother for me”. Since then, Maxim strived to do better, to do whatever it takes to look after his mother, she was all he had left. Chechen Soldiers: Chechen War 1994-1996 Teenage Years: After the war had ended in 1996 Maxim was 12 years old, the horrors of the war had left him scarred, his town ruined, his father died, and his mother bitter. Since his father’s passing his mother hadn’t been the same, she became closed and scornful. She couldn’t look at Maxim the same way, Maxim never understood why but none the less she was his mother, and he had vowed to himself to protect her. Once the country returned to some sort of normality Maxim returned to school, trying his best so he can provide for himself and his mother. Financially Maxim and his mother were not doing well, as the weeks went on money became more and more of an issue. In school, he heard of some kids making extra money doing odd jobs for someone called “The scrapper”. Deciding that he needed to take matters into his own hands to put food on the table he approached one of his peers asking about the jobs, after chatting for some time the other boy asked him to tag along and see what it was about. The jobs consisted of going around the derelict and destroyed parts of the town and scavenging any metal that was left behind from the war, including building materials, former military weaponry/machine parts. The catch was that they had to avoid the police and military patrols in the area if not they would be punished extensively for trespassing. His first time out with the group went well, after that he was hooked on doing more and more odd jobs for “The Scrapper”. His only motivation was the scraps of cash he received for the jobs, Maxim never saw it as bad, just a means to an end. His mother never questioned where the money came from, she didn’t care, no matter what Maxim did she never thanked him, she never really even acknowledged him, just fed him, watered him, and left him to his own devices. Hellbent on fulfilling his father’s wishes he never thought twice about the way she treated him, he just got on with it. As Maxim got older and the more jobs he did for “The Scrapper” the more he was recognised and rewarded for his work. When Maxim was 19 “The Scrapper” asked to have a meeting with Maxim and discuss what he called “Career Opportunities”. Learning that Maxim was good with numbers and money he offered him a job as an accountant of sorts, running the books for his scrapping business and other activities. Maxim considered the position not knowing what rabbit hole it would lead him down, but the pay was too good to turn up, he hesitantly accepted, and “The Scrapper” put him to work. Police Sketch from Eyewitnesses of "The Scrapper" Adult Life: Running and making the books for “The Scrapper” became his full-time job, he didn’t know the man’s real name until he was 24, but even still he never cared much for his real name, Maxim always called him Scrapper and that was that. Maxim worked under Scrapper for years, helping him grow his business and watching it sprout roots into other industries like Insurance, Loans, and even building development. Of course, each of these business ventures had an anterior motive, however, Maxim never cared about the moral choices, all he cared about was results and profits, much to Scrapper’s delight. But like all tall and proud structures, at some point in time, they will begin to crumble. Maxim never really knew Scrapper’s age, but he could see him getting old, the older Scrapper got the looser his grip was physically and metaphorically speaking. His businesses started to become sloppy, his choices less calculated, and his judgment more clouded. Police inquiries were becoming more frequent, beat cops became men in suits flashing badges, things were starting to go bad. The decline was slow and steady at first, but Maxim could see it in the figures, he saw the ship was slowly sinking and decided he would not go down with it. Thinking only for himself and his mother, who now was getting old herself, he began secretly hiding cash away, stealing small portions from each business, and rigging the books to make it look legit. As soon as the ship was about to go under, he would take a step back and watch it sink from the shore. Of course, this was no easy feat, working so closely with Scrapper meant that eyes would also be on him, when he left, he had to vanish, but then he thought about his mother, she couldn’t disappear. Thinking back on how his mother had treated him the last 30 years she treated him like he was invisible anyway, he decided he could look after her from afar, not as if she would notice anyway. It took a few years for the police to crack down on Scrapper’s empire, during this time Maxim carefully articulated his escape plan, slowly depositing his stolen money into an offshore account, acquiring a fake ID to cross the border into Georgia then fly overseas from there. His plan worked, he left a note to his mother along with some cash stating that he will send more whenever he can, he was out of the country before Scrapper was even arrested. He felt like he should have said goodbye to Scrapper, after all they had worked together for nearly 20 years, but despite this, Maxim never really cared much for the man, only the work and money he provided. Maxim fled to the states, more specifically Los Santos where he used the money to set himself up for a quiet but comfortable life, he thought of it as an early retirement of sorts, after all, he had worked hard his whole life. Image of the mentioned stolen Cash. Present Day: Maxim is 37 years of age now, he has been living in Los Santos for nearly a year now, the first few months were bliss, and he enjoyed his “retirement”, spending days at the beach, going to the gym, sending money back to his mother every couple of weeks along with a letter asking how she was doing. The money was always received but he never ever got a letter in return. After nearly 5 months of living in the states, each day was becoming the same, there was no excitement, no variety just living. Maxim decided he needs to start doing something again, but what he decides remains to be seen…
  2. Life in Russia and immigration to Los Santos. It all starts with a basket and a bathtub, it's three o'clock in the morning, Georgiy Vorobev's mother is giving birth to him in the bathtub of a dilapidated house on the river in the village of Surgut. The mother finds the strength to get up from the bathtub and get behind the wheel of her old red Lada, but she doesn't get very far, in fact she crashes a little later into a light pole, and is found by a delivery boy. The mother was already dead, the broken pole had pierced her skull, the child was alive by a miracle, and the delivery boy had only one thing to carry him to the hospital a basket with eggs, the delivery boy emptied it and put the child inside, Georgiy Vorobev was transferred to an orphanage, no one adopted the child and so he never got out of there, the few times he did get out, he did so by running away and taking refuge on trains and trying to escape as much as possible, looking for his mother or pursuing some fantasy of his own, Georgiy got out at the age of 16, a cousin of his mother, found him by pure chance and decided to bring him home, to Surgut. Georgiy's character, well I say character, in every part of his body there was anger, how could he not be right, he had lived the first 16 years of his life locked in a convent. This anger led him to make bad choices, drinking, smoking and sometimes abusing drugs. He begins to have problems with the law, and so as soon as he turns 17 with a criminal record, his uncle decides to send him away and entrusts him to another uncle, the only one he has left, is in Los Santos, so he leaves with a dictionary and a suitcase. Once there, he struggles to settle in, living in a dirty neighborhood in East Los Santos, he enrolls in school and manages to learn English, but he never learned it well, in fact he has a poor level of English. Georgiy was tired of his life, condemned to live day to day with his uncle, he gives a turn. He leaves the neighborhood, leaves his uncle, meets new people, obtains American citizenship by marrying an American woman and divorcing her a few months later, approaches selling drugs for the first time in a nightclub, selling pills and weed, and slowly expands his business, and every day he tries to make new acquaintances and bring money home by any method possible.
  3. "The American FBI still frighten their citizens with the phantom of communism and the Soviet mafia emerging from it. Described as "ruthless, stone-cold bandits lacking any feelings and compassion" — which turned out to be nothing more than myth, as it's now known that almost the entire criminal component of the Russian mafia in the States has been aimed at financial structures for the last decade. " * * * PROLOGUE A small group of friends included Mikhail Chaplin and his old friend Anatoly Tukachevsky who were engaged in more than 60% of large, complex and entangled web of Medicaid fraud in New York State alone. Their income was also supplemented by the sale of stolen cars with spoofed VINs and their spare parts through intermediaries and shestyorkas with whom they have no direct connection. They were named "Shushary Cooperative" by the independent Russian media, after the Township of Shushary, a place where they embezzled large amounts from the RUNE automotive factory as board members. THE COOPERATIVE In fact, the “Shushary Cooperative” is a canonical fragment of real Russia itself. It's full of disgusting bastards, with little piggy eyes, like most illegitimate Russian businessmen. Crooks that pose as friendly well-wishers, when in reality - their character and mindset has long been rotten away. However, a dubious desire to ruin someone else's life, for the sake of their meager profit arose as well. They may seem smart and highly intelligent, but there was never a concept of true friendship in their ideas about life. Behind the backs of those who smile in the eyes, these rats are ready to stab anyone who disagrees or is no longer valuable to them in the back. There's no self-conscience or regret here. Only such principles, albeit dubious, help Russian entrepreneurs to remain authoritative figures in their circles. Orders and laws, as such, cannot exist in the world of these non-humans. Perhaps only a sluggish idea of such. In fact, brute force and money decide. If you are well-established in life, then these mice will grovel in front of you, considering you to be authority. But in the shadows of their reflections, they will plan to destroy you, with the aim of seizing all your property to enrich their egos. OUT OF CHARACTER Our faction strives to portray a realistic; modern Russian organized crime network primarily focused on diverse financial crimes. We value passive roleplay and character development from our members more than anything. Our RP is heavily centered around fraud and white collar crimes, with the minority focusing on car thefts and prostitution. We have an amount of Russian speaking players as members, however the OOC knowledge of Russian is not required to join by any means. We are transnational, which means that your character does not have to be exclusively Russian in order to join, however he needs to be a 1st or 2nd gen immigrant from one of the countries from the post-USSR space. This faction is invite-only. The only way to join us is through IC means.
  4. Name: Duqvakha Varayev Born: 27/AUG/1989 Origin: Verkhnyaya Balkariya (Верхняя Балкария), Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, Russia The village of Verkhnyaya Balkariya, red outlining shows Duq's elderly home Duqvakha better known as ’Duq’ was born on the 27th of August, 1989 in the mountain villege of Verkhnyaya Balkariya, Kabardino-Balkaria, Southern Russian Caucasus. Duq’s father was in the army of Ichkeria, whilst his mother was there to take care of the household. Times were rough as the Soviet Union only collapsed two years after Duq was born. Duq's father as a soldier, in the middle holding the rifle, First Chechen War At the age of 10 Duq lost both his parents at the Grozny ballistic missile attack whilst at a family visit. Duq then quickly moved in with his grandmother, who lived in the same village. By the age of 12 his grandmother also passed away. On the burial of his grandmother Duq got in to contact with his uncle, Khasmohmad Varayev. He was offered to come and live with him in San Fierro. Duq made a living from washing cars since his uncle was a car salesman. By the age of 18 Duq was offered a contract to become a Junior Car Sales Executive. This was an honest job and Duq was truely proud of himself. By 2008 the economic crisis also struck the business. This quickly made the entire company collapse and Duq’s uncle ended up with a huge debt. Duq felt as if he needed to help his uncle, he was the one person who looked after him at the roughest time of his life. Aftermath of the Grozny Ballistic Missile Attack, October 21 1999 Duq had though times at making money and finding a job. He never got any certifcate on any type of school. All he knew was the car business. This made Duq get onto the wrong side of the tracks as he was now selling stolen cars to help himself and his uncle. At the age of 21 Duq was caught in the act and he was sentenced to one year in jail. Within this one year Duq got caught up in a big prison ramble. In the action Duq punched a fellow inmate who then made an unfortunate landing, and passed away later on. Duq was sentenced 16 more months, and was sent to state prison. In prison he met his cellmate, Andrej, also from Russian descent. The two both got in with the same sentence and quickly became good friends. Once the duo was out of prison they quickly got back to their old habits. The two later moved from simple car thefts to arms trafficking. After a year of good work Duq was able to pay off his uncle’s debts. Andrej and Duq's mechanic shop, 2016 Las Venturas With the money the duo made Duq and Andrej started their own mechanic shop in Las Venturas. Duq was given the task of buying cheap cars whilst Andrej patched these cars up. They then sold these vehicles for a decent price. In the background however, the two were still involved in arms trafficking. They used their mechanic shop to launder the money they earned. For years the business went well, and life finally seemed to have the wind at Duq’s back. This changed in early August 2019. Andrej was arrested after the FBI had found out that the mechanic shop, that was registered under his name was used to launder money. Because Duq’s name didn’t appear in any contract or other paperwork he was set free due to a lack of evidence at his trial. Duq left Las Venturas and tried to find his luck in Los Santos, he still visits Andrej, who was given a 14 year sentence in San Andreas’ state prison. Duq is now trying to find a new way of living his life and making his money. He doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty. ((Disclaimer, this is my first time making such a story, I'm open for feedback))
  5. Abramovichskaya OPG(alternatively known as the Myasniki Posse) is an Eastern European organized crime group operating in the Morningwood suburb of Los Santos' westside. Named after the Russian word for The Butcher, the criminal organization is made up of Eastern European immigrants living in the middle-class suburbs of Westside Los. These Eastern European immigrants primarily come from Russia, Poland and ethnic Serb enclaves located in Bosnia and Croatia. The criminal organization operates out of storefront located in Morningwood, where they are extremely selective when recruiting new associates and full members. Aspiring associates and members are put to the test by being made to sell drugs, stolen firearms, robbed property and through aiding in local extortion schemes. Sometimes, the hijacking of long-haul trucking shipments which are brought into the Westside of the city by truckers from elsewhere in San Andreas and outside of the state is perpetrated by up and coming members in order to prove their worth. The organized crime group is very small and remains out of the public eye as a result. The Los Santos Police Department is pretty much unaware of their existence, even though some of their members have spent time in the Twin Towers Correctional Facility and the Men's Central Jail over the years for misdemeanor convictions. Almost all residents of the Morningwood suburban neighborhood can freely and willingly ignore the existence of the organized crime group without any sort of consequences whatsoever.
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