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  1. Is the Taxi still for sale, if so contact me; I'm interested.
  2. Username: RaúlRaúlRaúl Comment: Ayo?! They shot the wrong guy?!?!! #cancelG6
  3. New character and have missed 2 paychecks by now, bank balance is the exact same and a payment thingy in chat doesn't appear. CHaracter name: Raúl Guerrero
  4. Name: Duqvakha Varayev Born: 27/AUG/1989 Origin: Verkhnyaya Balkariya (Верхняя Балкария), Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, Russia The village of Verkhnyaya Balkariya, red outlining shows Duq's elderly home Duqvakha better known as ’Duq’ was born on the 27th of August, 1989 in the mountain villege of Verkhnyaya Balkariya, Kabardino-Balkaria, Southern Russian Caucasus. Duq’s father was in the army of Ichkeria, whilst his mother was there to take care of the household. Times were rough as the Soviet Union only collapsed two years after Duq was born. Duq's father as a soldier, in the middle holding the rifle, First Chechen War At the age of 10 Duq lost both his parents at the Grozny ballistic missile attack whilst at a family visit. Duq then quickly moved in with his grandmother, who lived in the same village. By the age of 12 his grandmother also passed away. On the burial of his grandmother Duq got in to contact with his uncle, Khasmohmad Varayev. He was offered to come and live with him in San Fierro. Duq made a living from washing cars since his uncle was a car salesman. By the age of 18 Duq was offered a contract to become a Junior Car Sales Executive. This was an honest job and Duq was truely proud of himself. By 2008 the economic crisis also struck the business. This quickly made the entire company collapse and Duq’s uncle ended up with a huge debt. Duq felt as if he needed to help his uncle, he was the one person who looked after him at the roughest time of his life. Aftermath of the Grozny Ballistic Missile Attack, October 21 1999 Duq had though times at making money and finding a job. He never got any certifcate on any type of school. All he knew was the car business. This made Duq get onto the wrong side of the tracks as he was now selling stolen cars to help himself and his uncle. At the age of 21 Duq was caught in the act and he was sentenced to one year in jail. Within this one year Duq got caught up in a big prison ramble. In the action Duq punched a fellow inmate who then made an unfortunate landing, and passed away later on. Duq was sentenced 16 more months, and was sent to state prison. In prison he met his cellmate, Andrej, also from Russian descent. The two both got in with the same sentence and quickly became good friends. Once the duo was out of prison they quickly got back to their old habits. The two later moved from simple car thefts to arms trafficking. After a year of good work Duq was able to pay off his uncle’s debts. Andrej and Duq's mechanic shop, 2016 Las Venturas With the money the duo made Duq and Andrej started their own mechanic shop in Las Venturas. Duq was given the task of buying cheap cars whilst Andrej patched these cars up. They then sold these vehicles for a decent price. In the background however, the two were still involved in arms trafficking. They used their mechanic shop to launder the money they earned. For years the business went well, and life finally seemed to have the wind at Duq’s back. This changed in early August 2019. Andrej was arrested after the FBI had found out that the mechanic shop, that was registered under his name was used to launder money. Because Duq’s name didn’t appear in any contract or other paperwork he was set free due to a lack of evidence at his trial. Duq left Las Venturas and tried to find his luck in Los Santos, he still visits Andrej, who was given a 14 year sentence in San Andreas’ state prison. Duq is now trying to find a new way of living his life and making his money. He doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty. ((Disclaimer, this is my first time making such a story, I'm open for feedback))
  5. I'm a taxidriver in the weekend, throughout the week I study Urban Planning and Architecture.
  6. Hey there, I've only recently started playing GTA V and GTA world is the first server I have joined, it's great so far! But there's one thing that bugs me (or well, it might aswell be a bug) As soon as I leave any type of building that needs to be entered by pressing Y, my character decides to randomly try to enter any vehicle close to the given exit. Is there something wrong with my binds (wich I haven't changed), is it GTA:World bug, or just an overal Rage bug? Looking forward for your help!
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