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Found 3 results

  1. David Utkin David Viktorovich Utkin was born on August 6, 1990 in Los Santos, San Andreas as the oldest of two children born to Viktor Utkin (January 16, 1959 – March 5, 2015) and Ludmila Utkina (nee Fridzona) (May 16 ,1964). Viktor Utkin was of entirely Russian descent, and Ludmila Utkina was of Russian, Estonian, Baltic Swedish and Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry. Utkin's paternal family have resided in the St Petersburg region since the Medieval ages and were historically aristocratic. His maternal family originates from Yaroslavl, Kursk and Parnu, Estonia. Many of Utkin's extended maternal relatives form part of the Russian minority in the Baltics. Utkin's father worked as an industrial engineer in St Petersburg. His younger brother, Robert Utkin, was born in Los Santos in 1997. Utkin's parents were emigrants from Soviet Russia who had arrived in the U.S. in 1989. They were living in Gatchina, a city to the southwest of St Petersburg before leaving the republic. They had been married in St Petersburg during a secular ceremony in 1984. His parents departed the Soviet Union using the notoriously rare Type 2 Exit Visa, which rendered them stateless as they arrived in the United States. A number of his other family members arrived in the U.S. during the 1990s; they all settled in New York City, San Fierro and Los Santos. Utkin's family has a lengthy history with Eurasian Organized Crime in the U.S. that dates back to the 1990s. Two of his uncles have been documented as belonging to criminal organizations in San Andreas since at least 1997. Several of his cousins, from both sides of his family, are involved with Eurasian Organized Crime in Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Vegas. His parents had legitimate careers and were never involved with any crime. Early life David and his younger brother Robert were raised in the Vinewood district of Los Santos during their childhoods. In particular, they lived in the neighborhoods of West Vinewood and Mirror Park. They inhabited public housing projects that housed other recent emigrants from post-Soviet states. Therefore, Utkin and his younger brother experienced a culturally Russian upbringing with parents who never fully integrated with local society. Utkin's parents were unable to speak any English, so resultantly, the first and only language that he learned in the home was Russian. He didn't start learning English until he was enrolled in the Los Santos school system at the age of 5. For several years, he experienced bullying due to his English illiteracy. Being verbally tormented and physically beaten up at schools is what caused him to pursue bodybuilding from a young age. In Mirror Park, Utkin's uncle Ivan had constructed a home gym out of his garage using stolen exercise equipment. Utkin started exercising there after school shortly after his 8th birthday. Ivan Utkin was a serial burglar who was later incarcerated for 5 years in the Bolingbroke Penitentiary for his residential crimes around Vinewood. He was deported back to Moscow, Russia from Los Santos after being released from state prison in 2009. Utkin graduated from Mirror Park Centennial High School in in 2009, at age 17. He became a renowned varsity football player during his high school years in Vinewood. He was also a competitive bodybuilder while fighting in youth MMA circles around Los Santos. He had several run-ins with the Los Santos police during his high school years. These incidents resulted from him physically fighting his old bullies. Although he had been arrested multiple times, criminal charges were never laid for the assaults. His teachers once remarked to his parents that he had a promising future ahead of him, should he pursue collegiate athletics. Upon graduating high school in his late teens, Utkin had multiple jobs. He worked at bars, restaurants and inside of surfing shops. In 2011, at age 19, he began studies at the San Andreas University's campus in Los Santos. He majored in Kinesiology while minoring in Biology. During his freshman year of university, he successfully tried out for the San Andreas University's Golden Bears football team. However, he was cut after playing just 3 exhibition games as a Linebacker. He dropped out of university after just a year due to fears over exorbitant student debt. Another contributing factor was how his dreams of becoming a professional athlete were slashed while still a student. His choice to prematurely end his education caused a significant rift between himself and his parents, to the point where they sporadically forbade him from staying at home. At one point, he considered joining the Los Santos police but instead chose to become a bouncer in the city's nightlife scene. He was pulled towards the industry by its glitzy and glamorous sub-cultures. He was hired as a bouncer in nightclubs due to his large physique and history as an amateur martial artist. Involvement in San Andreas organized crime While working in the Los Santos nightlife during his early twenties, Utkin got involved with numerous crimes. These crimes included the theft of firearms along with the production and distribution of narcotics. He sold drugs while working as a bouncer in nightclubs across Los Santos. He additionally transported stolen guns across the city. The firearms and narcotics were circulated among Eurasian criminal organizations that were operating around Los Santos. In the early 2010s, he started a close partnership with the Armenian Power gang, but never became a member of the gang himself. He was present at an Armenian Power house party at a Vinewood bungalow on October 30, 2013, during which three civilians were shot to death and two gang members wounded from a drive-by shooting. He left the scene before the police arrived and therefore escaped questioning. In the meantime, Utkin's father passed away after a lengthy battle with lung cancer in 2015. He was 56 years old. His younger brother Robert was a drug addicted teenager. Robert became homeless in Vinewood's streets after graduating from high school. Their mother threw him out of the home after his violent criminality became too much for her to handle. Resulting from Robert's mental instability caused by methamphetamine addiction, David drifted apart from him. They eventually ceased contact around 2016. Since then, they have only sporadically seen each other around Vinewood. Robert was last known to inhabit homeless shelters and missions in the area. Utkin departed Los Santos in 2016. This came after he felt pressured by intense Los Santos police investigations into the city's nightlife scene. He had been tipped off by a close friend, Aleskandr Opokin, and informed that he was the subject of a criminal investigation into gun running. Additionally, Utkin's close friend and fellow bouncer Peter Dombrowski had been shot to death outside of a Burton nightclub during a drug deal gone wrong. Simultaneously, his maternal uncle Vasily Fridzon invited him to San Fierro in order to help him co-manage a sports bar in Esplanade North. Utkin began working at the bar as an assistant manager immediately after he arrived in San Fierro. The bar was situated right on the pier and boardwalk of Esplanade, which attracted a high number of tourists and transient customers in general. Fridzon was using the bar to package and distribute large quantities of narcotics that included cocaine, amphetamines and Ecstasy. David, as his nephew, was used several times to assist these processes. In spite of the location being the subject of a San Fierro police investigation years prior, insufficient evidence was found at the time to bring about criminal charges. At some point late in the decade, Utkin formed a crew of bouncers in San Fierro. They worked inside of bars and nightclubs while involving themselves with narcotics crimes in order to earn extra money. In addition to protecting businesses in San Fierro, they were hired on at musical concerts and adult film conventions in Las Vegas, Nevada several times over a few years. Return to Los Santos Utkin returned to Los Santos, San Andreas in 2020 after he was re-assured that the criminal underworld had calmed down. Prior to returning to Los Santos, his crew of bouncers had been disbanded due to internal disputes along with better paying jobs around San Fierro.
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