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Found 17 results

  1. This thread follows known criminal Wong "Monkey-Paw" Ma.
  3. Boda boda riders are motorcycle taxi operators commonly found in Uganda and other East African countries. They play a significant role in providing affordable and accessible transportation services, particularly in urban and rural areas where public transportation options may be limited. The term "boda boda" originated from border towns in Uganda, where bicycle taxis would transport people across the border between Uganda and Kenya. Over time, motorcycle taxis became more prevalent, and the term "boda boda" continued to be used to refer to these motorcycle taxi services. Boda boda riders are often self-employed individuals who own or rent motorcycles and operate as independent contractors. They are known for their agility in navigating through traffic and providing quick transportation solutions, especially in congested areas. Boda boda rides are usually a cost-effective mode of transportation for short distances, and they are widely used by both locals and tourists. It's important to note that while boda boda services are popular and widely used in Uganda, the term "boda boda" may also be used to refer to similar motorcycle taxi services in other East African countries like Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda.
  4. La historia de Dominic Herrera
  5. Hi! I have made this character to illustrate a typical "low-life" Eastern European immigrant. In this topic I will try to develop my character and provide you some content about the biggest problems of the Eastern European immigrant life in LA. This topic has no associations with any of the actual factions! I am on my own.
  6. Writer

    Martín Cano

    The purpose of this thread is to follow Martín Cano's development. Martín Cano was born in Baja California, and raised in Los Santos, San Andreas. His Father an immigrant from Michoacán, and his mother a border child, from Baja California/San Diego. Martín grew up a subject of poverty, along with many other Hispanics within the city, if not the majority. Times were different back then though, being born in the 1980s, you can imagine the atmosphere was completely different to it is now. Martín grew up throughout the 80s and 90s, when gang culture was at it's peak. He got involved with a group of 'paisa' folk, who were from the same background as him. The group would go on to commit petty crime, such as petty theft, low level drug dealing and so forth. Time went on and Martín's father was soon deported back to Mexico after being discovered by immigration, working in the states without legitimate papers nor a greencard. This left a huge impact on Martín's family, now the main source of income had gone. Martín's mother was forced to struggle to keep herself and children alive, she worked many jobs, someone had to put food on the table. Years went by and Martín grew older, he found himself falling and unable to get himself back up in the world of crime. Deeper and deeper, but it's alright, surely he'll be able to get himself fixed up and straightened out before it's too late, right? Who knows. His mother knew that wasn't true, she tried to move out of the state to Texas in order to get herself and her children away from the city disease of gang violence and whatnot. It went well, it was a clean slate, until Martín eventually fell into similar circumstances, however this time in Texas. After spending a while in Texas, Martín returned to Mexico and found himself travelling from town to town. After becoming involved with a biker gang, he eventually became a patched in member after an estimated 7 months of being associated with them, and undergoing his prospect phase. Years went on, and Martín eventually became a nomad. It was then, when Martín decided to return to the states, back to Texas. Martín was soon arrested and charged for possession of an illicit substance and served within a level two state prison. Level two's aren't quite the same as level threes and level fours. Things pop off all the time, people seem more aggressive and easily provoked. This is mainly due to the fact that lower level prisons usually have a less organized system inside as to higher levels, where organizations such as The Mexican Mafia, Nuestra Familia, Aryan Brotherhood, Black Guerrilla Families and so forth operate at a much tighter and constructed level. During Martín's time incarcerated in the state of Texas, he soon became associated with the infamous 'BORDER BROTHERS' organization, an organization which operates both in the USA and in some parts of Mexico. Border Brothers was founded in Tijuana during the 1980s and soon grew greater into the United States, infiltrating prisons in California, Arizona and Texas, along with other neighbouring areas. Time went on, and Martín became an official member of the group. He would soon find himself working his way to a position of power, until he became keyholder on the mainline. Martín was released from incarceration in early 2020, and upon his release, he was tasked with travelling to San Andreas with intentions to support the small number of paisas attempting to create a movement within the state. Martín was met by Antonio De La Garza, a long time friend who had also served time with Martín. Now, it's all in writing, who knows where this story will end.
  7. Police Artist drawing from mugging incident- Volgograd 23/06/2011 Kirill Sorokin and his family are from Volgograd, one of Russia’s most important industrial powerhouses. Growing up on the outer edges of the city poverty was rife, the men working long hard days in factories and chemical plants while the stayed women at home taking care of the children. Kirill and his younger brother Slava did not have the best upbringing, ever cast in their oldest Sister Natasha’s shadow. Kirill and Slava where forced into labour at a young age doing mediocre jobs in the plant factories, crawling into small spaces, attaching small bolts, their child hands being put to good use. Natasha however received better treatment, being the family’s ticket to a higher class. In school Natasha excelled, outshining the rest of the pupils, receiving great commendations from teachers, and students alike. Her parents put all their spare money into Natasha’s health and education, feeding her more food than her brothers, buying her new books leaving Kirill and Slava with hand me downs, and worn clothes. This reality carried on into Kirill’s mid-teens where he began to forge his own path along with his younger brother, sick of his parents neglection, rather than following his Sister up the ladders of greatness, he stepped down the stairs into the criminal underworld. He began creeping the streets at night mugging and robbing helpless tourists, with his partner in crime Slava. During his time, he made some close friends in the underworld, not just associates friends for life, Yuliy Safaryan and Fyodor Arseneyev. Yuliy was the duo’s close friend and means of escape, Yuliy was a corrupt cab driver, extorting tourists by overcharging, and pickpocketing, he helped the duo by picking them up a few streets away after the incident. This continued for some years, the duo delving deeper and deeper into the void of crime. They progressed from street muggins to grand theft auto. However, their small criminal world was flipped upside down. By the time, the duo was in their twenties, the unlawful brothers were experienced in their craft, what was once a side job, was now a profession. The duo was stalking a well-dressed middle-aged couple, they clearly had some money, the perfect target, Kirill and Slava waited till the couple reached a dark spot, then they attacked. They done the same thing each time, Kirill would do the talking, Slava would stand behind them ready to strike if necessary. Unfortunately, the man had company, before Kirill could even finish his first sentence, there was a thundering boom, too stunned to speak all he could see was Slava’s shocked face, and a thin line of blood dripping down from the small hole in his head. His brother collapsed to the floor; all Kirill could do is watch as the well-dressed man nodded his head to two burly fellows dressed in black behind him. Kirill ran like a coward, chased by the two men he used his knowledge of the streets to his advantage evading death, leaving his poor younger brother behind. Upon returning home he told his parents everything, they blamed him for his brother’s death, they told him it was all his fault, he should never have gotten into crime. Kirill pleaded for their forgiveness and their mercy, but he was shunned, they disowned him. They did not call the police for they did not want to ruin their precious daughters’ reputation, in fact they wanted nothing to do with Kirill or Slava at all anymore. Guilt ridden, Kirill stopped his crimes, he went back to labour work, landing a job in a chemical plant, he tried his best to live a regular life, constantly reminded of his actions, having friends helped distract him, but in the end, he was still alone, he needed to leave this city, start a fresh, leave behind what once was. Now Kirill is 28 years old, it has been 7 years since the incident. Seeing online that there was an influx of people going to America looking for work, he began saving what money he could, starving himself some nights for that little bit of extra money. He applied for a working visa in America putting down that he has experience in plant production and factory work. After a lot of fees and meetings in the US Embassy in Volgograd his working Visa was accepted, this was it, his escape, his fresh start, his chance at living a life far from his guilt, and far from crime. He packed little what possessions he had, resigned from is job, said his farewells to Yuily and Fyodor and left Russia, ready to start his new life. He does not know just how deluded he is... Kirill's Plane Ticket
  8. punchy

    A pig's journey

    This thread was created to follow the life and development of Eko Subagong, a man who was scammed by an employment agency from his home country.
  10. Meet Bao Lin, hope you follow along and enjoy her progression from immigrant to joining The Mèng Shétóu 孟蛇头
  11. Yuliy Safaryan is a young man born and raised in Volgograd, growing up in the harsh outskirts of the city was not easy. His family tried to escape the poverty-stricken city by immigrating to America, in search of the American dream and a better life, however on 01/05/2011 the visa for his family was denied due to his father having a criminal record, leaving the family stuck in their harsh world. When he was older Yuliy made his living as a taxi driver, but he abused his position to make some extra money. He would extort visiting tourists by overcharging them for the journey, threatening to have the police involved should they not pay, the tourists often wanting to avoid any trouble would grudgingly pay. During some jobs he became close friends with a pair of brothers Kirill and Slava, the pair were thieves, robbing tourists and stealing cars. Yuliy began helping the duo, being there escape driver, he would park a few streets away from where the duo were, and when ready Kirill would give him a call and he would get them out of dodge, for a cut of course. When Yuliy turned 25 and was an independent man living alone and providing for himself, still sick of the city he called home he thought he would take a chance and immigrate to America. Much to his joy this time he was accepted, thanks to the fact he is no longer associated to his father in all but name.
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