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    Full Name: Yoshikazu Nakamura Aliases: Kazu, Lil K Age: 22 Backstory: Yoshikazu Nakamura was born on the 19th of March 1998 to his parents Japanese-born immigrant Haru Nakamura and Second-Generation Korean Bak Jin-Ae (later Nakamura). Growing up in a predominantly Japanese ran household in the low-income residential housing facility on Magellan Avenu his father would beat his mother daily trying to make her a stay-at-home woman like an ordinary Japanese household would have. Seeing this Yoshikazu would seek protection and care from the locals around the neighborhood, but what he did not know was that the people he hung with were known affiliates of Asian Boyz a gang familiar to the area. During his teenage years, Yoshikazu would be involved with; Grand Theft Auto, Shootings and Beatings done on rivals but mostly other locals of the community who didn't show the respect he and other members of the gang demanded. When Yoshikazu made the age of fourteen his mother would then divorced his father and move back to the southern Little Seoul (K-Town) which Yoshikazu was sad about. He didn't speak the language many of the locals spoke. He was made fun of by the people living in the same apartment building as himself. Even the Mexicans poked fun at him, but after a year or two it would finally calm down and Yoshikazu would grow into the role of an Asian interracial divided between Japanese and Korean customs. His grandmother Jang-mi Jin-Ae would make sure that he studied the Korean language and culture so that he wouldn't be bullied by the other kids for not knowing the language. At the age of sixteen, he was arrested driving a stolen Emperor which landed him in the Juvenile detention facility of San Andreas for two years, by the time he came out the majority of his ''homies'' had been arrested or worst. Sooner or later Yoshikazu would find himself all alone once again.
  2. It was fun as long as it lasted. I would like to thank every single one of the people we have interacted with and not to mention all of the people whos been a part of the faction itself. @Artz and I think that we have done what we could to bring some unique hood RP to the area. This can be L&A
  3. The discord was deleted many months ago actually. Idk if a new one was ever made.
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