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  1. Because that's the game map(it includes Blaine), it's surrounded by water.
  2. As you're saying that's part of GTA 5 lore, but you now have to realise we're discussing GTAW lore and the two of them now stands out more from each other. I'm not a fan of the exclusion of Liberty City and the other, but I get the reason behind the decision to do it like that. Heres my question to the team, is in your intentions to have references to the other cities modded out?
  3. I really do hope something like that is in the works or is gonna come because it will make the experience for everyone better.
  4. I do hope that 1.1 will make the way for those tattoos to be officially supported so they are actually visible to those outside their piers.
  5. It stems from a giant thread quite a while back on the topic of IRL brands vs Lore brands, and in that thread Nervous ultimately said IRL car brands will never be a thing on GTAW, but he didn't turn down the use of IRL brands outside of vehicles, BUT when the 1.1 official clothing mod thread came up IRL brands was quickly dismissed as possible to be supported, ighoul was brought on board and it was mentioned his awesome work would be available but without all the IRL branding.
  6. I'm literally mentioning that 1.1 is better for the majority of players, I'm getting fucked over by 1.1 yet I'm still for it because it makes the experience better for most people, I think that is caring for others than myself. 😅 And from the point of view that this is okay to experience: Its hard to under understand that, because that's worse than having to miss out on team logos and IRL brands. I just really want to make sure that when I see some banger, biker, cop, whatever your character is, that what he or she is wearing is what I actually see and not some weird case of
  7. AFAIK, those NBA and MLB team logos are a big no no. Don't get me wrong, I love the majors and would fucking love to have the team caps available, but not only are they not acknowledged lore wise but my character wouldn't know shit about them. So even though you're expected to act your gangs realistically, but when all your characters grew up not knowing those teams and logo's I'm sure you'll survive IC'ly not having them available to you when you will probably have an alternative. It is what it is, the overall point is here that 1.1 will make the server better for the majority of play
  8. Not to forget that those mods mentioned uses logos that are against server lore.
  9. If only they wouldn't so what you see is actually what everyone else sees.
  10. But aren't all the ighoul stuff (minus the non lore friendly logos though) becoming part of the server side mods that the mod team have been working on that's coming with 1.1? Doesn't that replace the need for client side mods?
  11. Mother-F'ing Reserved™ A small something about this project; I've never done a "development" thread before so please don't kill me. Back when I started playing GTAW I came across a thread of a soccer player's development, it included some bits simulated in fifa and I liked the idea of bringing more lore to the server in this way but never had the motivation to provide some myself. That has changed though, I've been playing around with the idea of making something possible with baseball because it's a sport I'm personally interested in and it IS quite big in North America after
  12. Trailers won't raise it's legs and drags along making the trailer behave dangerously. It does rise them in the old version.
  13. I don't find it a problem, I'd rather have people there giving life to the places than it being a ghost town again, and it shouldn't sound like its quantity over quality because frankly the community there is a great one and far from everyone is those silly characters everyone generalize us as, heck my character there don't even have one of those accents. 😅
  14. I've been local to Sandy since February of 2019, at that time it was a ghost town but we kicked some life into it, then it died out, rose again, died out yet again and now it's striving and has done so longer than ever before. There is a mix of characters out there for each their own reasons, but if you don't like the quality in place there why are you on here complaining instead of settling out there and raise the quality you expect to see? Lead by example and all that. Jackie admitted he picked up the "accent" from other members he was interacting with, which is not an uncommon thing by
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