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  1. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/dark-reader/eimadpbcbfnmbkopoojfekhnkhdbieeh This will save your eyes until a real dark theme comes into existence.
  2. 12/10, holy shit that was worth the wait! Truly amazing in every regard.
  3. It's not currently an option, and I mean the audible horns not a physical one. In SP they are changeable on all vehicles.
  4. Does this finally include horns too? Some of the trucks have puny horns, would be great if we could change that like in SP.
  5. Welcome to GTAW, first of go read up on the rules again, understanding and following them is key to make it on the server, here is the rule that got you kicked; 17) Advertisement Rules The advertisement system is there to assist in the creation of roleplay, and assist in the trade of assets and services. Illegal advertisements are not allowed even if the intent behind them is hidden or attempted to be hidden IC. Players are expected to use other IC methods to distribute illegal items or services. Gambling and card games may only be advertised by businesses that have the licensing to host these games. Private games may be organized using other methods. Regular advertisements (/ad) is for general advertisements that are not associated with businesses or companies. The following are considered acceptable examples of using /ad: buying and selling of properties, businesses, vehicles or items of value; advertisement of events that are not associated with a business or company; advertisement of legal services. You may NOT use /ad for the following under any circumstances; looking for work ads, which can be put on the forums; ads looking for roommates; illegal advertisements of any kind; ads selling or buying legal firearms or other legal weapons outside of a licensed business; asking for rides; making requests; asking questions. Company ads (/cad) are used by companies to advertise recruitment, events, when the companies are opening their businesses and other things associated with companies. Business ads (/bad) are a feature for donators used to place a blip on the map to mark a business that is currently open. /bad should only be used for this purpose. You must pick one type of advertisement (/ad, /cad or /bad) and stick to it. Players may not use other advertisement types to get around the scripted cooldown. Players also may not use other players to avoid cooldowns. Advertisements must not be spammed. Players are expected to be courteous when advertising. Posting several ads for the same business in a short period of time is considered a breach of this rule. When advertising, ads must only use fully in-character terms. Selling cars that are "maxed out", or using similar terms such as fully upgraded or decked out, is considered to be a breach of this rule. You should describe it in a proper IC way rather than using "maxed out" to tell other players that it cannot be upgraded any further by the script. For properties, default interiors and fully mapped interiors should not be advertised differently. A singleplayer or GTA Online interior that is furnished is still considered furnished. Adding additional objects to one of those interiors or making an interior from scratch should not be the factor to determine if something is furnished or not when advertising. Examples of breaking the rule: making an advertisement to purchase firearms; advertising the sale of knives or lock picks when the person selling does not have a licensed business to do so; advertising the selling of marijuana; making an advertisement looking for a date or along the lines of "a fun time"; making an ad about looking for an eagle from the desert, implying you're looking for a Desert Eagle; advertising the search of a hitman to take someone out.
  6. Fantastic, I'll make sure to get this processed at my earliest convenience.
  7. 50k on the dominator and 64k for the gauntlet.
  8. Hey, I'm gonna offer $49.000 for this abomination.
  9. StoneFire


    I'd like to buy the first one if it has been serviced and maintained.
  10. I did think long and hard before it, having had multiple managers for the business but eventually jumped back at the helm to guide it back on our original vision of being mainly big rigs doing long hauls. I didn't give anything back to PM, it was a move so I paid the difference of the new location and the old one, then I did all the mapping to get the wanted feel of the place and think I managed to hit just that. You're correct this is BlueWater I'm talking of, it's an really unfortunately situation we're in, I contacted three instances, PM, LFM and Government in hope of finding any kind solution, but time keeps ticking and I have been stuck in this limbo like state where I have no answers from either of them. So in the meantime I just got a glorified NPC company that looks good. ?
  11. Try one that operates outside the trucking script only, because our trucks are not currently part of the trucking script.
  12. Okay cool story bro, you keep telling yourself that while we try to portray actual corporate companies. But how does one keep providing to provide RP without the money to motivate people? Please do tell me because I'd very much like to know as that's my current situation. There is no money to give to employees so why would they sign up? We got a unique opportunity for people but guess what, when they are told there is no money to be had they funny enough walk away? Would you work for free? I wouldn't either, but yet I do because it IS about the RP no matter what you think, I sunk another 350 grand further into the company to have it moved, get new facilities that provide a place to do some great RP when I have no way of making money back or profits off it.
  13. *Does a circle argument coming to the same conclusion as his previous reply.* It also removes rp from us not being able to portray a company with multiple functions? I used to work for a company where we both supplied customers with solutions for their projects, as well as having our own garage and mechanics, and it was not even a huge company with only about 20 trucks of various configurations.
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