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  1. Going to have to withdraw my bid as I'm no longer needing this place. ((CK'd))
  2. I guess it must be a US thing. Never once have I seen a nightclub do cocktails in my city. Bars/Pubs? All the time. Just not nightclubs. I'd very surprised if I saw a bartender in a nightclub pull out a cocktail shaker and just start mixing it up. Never once heard of someone walking into a nightclub stone cold sober and the first thing they've done is order a mojito. Nightclub =/= Bar.
  3. LMFAO TRUE. The people who RP knocking back shots all night, but "I've only had a few shots of Tequila! I'll be fine to drive!"
  4. Yeah you missed my point completely. Nightclubs don't do cocktails. That's a bar/lounge thing. Stop asking for a fucking mojito/long island/whatever the fuck inside a nightclub.
  5. Can we also talk about the portrayal inside the actual nightclubs? The bartenders with "/me makes name his drink". Or the fact people are going to NIGHTCLUBS to order cocktails??? Not bars....Nightclubs.
  6. My input? This suggestion is ridiculous. CKs shouldn't be dictated especially when it comes to factions and people fuck up ICly and need to be removed. Doesn't matter how many it is a week. If you can't handle illegal RP and tend to moan on the forums constantly about every little thing that happens, maybe illegal RP isn't for you.
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