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  1. Im glad to hear this! Great news. I think an IC approch is very nice for this matter.
  2. I was looking for similar posts, but I couldn't find any! Thank you for linking. I'll put this in the main post as well!
  3. Im afraid you're not getting the point. @TritonXVII @RoryR The script is broken. First off, we're here to RP. By that I mean player interactions and so forth. I don't expect a pokergame to be full of /me's at all. I wouldn't mind people using them. But not speaking a single word at all, just spamming the script is a major issue and it goes against the way the server is meant to be played. Now, as I know that high-stake games are a thing and the pot can easily increase to larger amounts. Making an ad & playing poker with 1-2k blinds has nothing to do with insanely high stakes. You dont come to a 1-2k blind game with a million dollars on your hands. That is simply not realistic. Especially when you are sitting only a few guys and before the first round, 3 of said people have raises 24k each in the pre-flop. Again... On a 1-2k blind table. It. Does. Not. Make. Sense. This is exactly why there has to be put limitations to the script, in my opinion. So that you can have low stakes / high stakes tables with blinds that match the players chips in terms of cash amount. And this is also why I think there should be made a rule about this, just like the trucking companies that encourages and forces people using the script to Roleplay. As is it becoming this soulless, cold, scriptgame to steal eachothers virtual money, rather then a nice atmosphere, where you chat and play like it's supposed to. As I mentioned before. Going all in, with these insanely high bets, without any roleplay involved. No cards turned on the table (Pre-flop) to even think you would have a fair chance of winning your hundreds of thousands back, on a 1-2k blind table. Would in my opinion be as close to OOC transfers as possible. No one is keeping track. No regulations, No nothing. You could lose all your money on your main char to a guy, to drop into the same poker game on your alt, letting him lose everything he just won from your main. And boom. Now you transferred all your cash to an all new character. This right here is part of the major issue with the current state of the script in my opinion. And the fact that people just use it to "mine currency" without any RP involved.
  4. *sighs* I did not. And I regret it a lot, sadly. However It was the first time in a very long time I went and tryed to gamble and I guess I just thought that, that is just how it is. - But then gave it another thought afterwards and decided to bring it into a discussion, among other things. However I know the exact establishment where this went / goes on. And I'll be more than happy to tell the administrators about it, if they'd like to know. I don't see a reason to throw mud at other players in the general discussion thread or any thread for that matter.
  5. First of all. My character is worth well over 5 million. I do not care about 20 grand, which makes sense, since I brought them to a poker table. So drop the accusations. I know I only brought money for 20 blinds. Which was quite intended, as I don't plan on playing back and forth all night long. I just wanna to gamble a bit with some money I could afford losing and have some fun while doing it. As it usually goes quite well back and forth. I know what a pre-flop raise is. But many people don't. So I left the term out on purpose for all community members to be able to participate without help from google. As pre-flop raising is a core part of the game, which we can both agree on. It doesn't make any sense to me that even before the flop, there are over 50k in a pot, on a 1k blind table, without any roleplay. And this was in every single round. That is the issue at hand here from my perspective.
  6. Completely agree with you as well, Marksman. And it has to be checked. I somehow feel like there are a decent amount of establishments around the city, that rather wanna just -get-rich-quick through casinos. Than actually roleplaying.
  7. Glad to know that we're in the same boat mate. Appreciate it!
  8. I couldn't agree more. It's fine that you can gamble whenever you want in my opinion tho. There are plenty of places on earth where you are able to do so as well. But at least getting some restrictions to the scripts as well as at least forcing some kind of RP upon the players? It's getting way out of hand.
  9. Well. Yes & No. I don't think that the RP would make a game of poker "better". But Roleplay is what we are here for, so on that note, I'd personally expect whomever I cross in my path, to agree to those terms under any circumstance. I think the dynamic scenery was fine. But the players are the ones creating the roleplay. Not the scenery. As much as the scenery can be a big player to a certain environmental feeling. Sitting at a table where 100.000 of thousands of dollars are being transferred between players, without any limitations, controls or restrictions is a major red flag. It has to be dealt with. For what I know, this might have been pure OOC money transfer. Going all in, with these insanely high bets, without any roleplay involved. No cards turned on the table to even think you would have a fair chance of winning your hundreds of thousands back, would in my opinion be as close to OOC transfers as possible. No one is keeping track. No regulations, No nothing. You could lose all your money on your main char to a guy, to drop into the same poker game on your alt, letting your friend lose everything he just won from your main. And boom. Now you transferred all your cash to an all new character. This is what scares me.
  10. Evening, ladies and gents. I have to raise some of my personal major concerns about the whole gambling thing that we got going on, on the server. Because as much as I love to play Blackjack and Texas Hold'em (Poker), I feel like this whole casino thing has turned into what I personally feared would happen. Now, I personally don't play a part in the gambling business, other than stopping by any given establishment of this stature, to just see my wallet slowly disappear into the infinite wormhole of disappointment and depression. With that said. I have come across some very concerning facts and numbers about this type of business / the script which I think needs some major fixing. And of course, also some potential ideas that has been addressed by other community members, who I believe also would like to see some fixes and/or changes to the system. I quite recently spoke to a person. I don't remember the in-game name and I'll try to leave out some details from the matter & question, so that we can just look at the numbers here. I asked said person, after a nice RP session that I quite enjoyed by the way; Me: "How much money you earned on your best night and how much you earned on your best month after all expenses?" This was the answer I received. Said person: Best day = $1.200.000 / Best Month $11.000.000 AFTER expenses, that is. Now, making 1.2mil in 1 night is insane. Let alone 11mil in a month is beyond anything I would have ever imagines, before I asked this question. I think this answer shows how incredibly unbalanced this business can be and that some restrictions have to be made, in order to even out this enormous amount of cash, going towards 1 individual / faction at this rate. I think @Flow have raised some very interesting ideas on how to make some changes regarding legal gambling and make it a little less in favour of the house, yet improve the illegal side of gambling and the risk that follows. - As I agree with his suggestion however, I think that we should maybe also consider taxations on the casino it self? And I hope that the numbers provided would make you agree with my opinion. - I have no consent from Flow to link his suggestion, but as I agree with him, I hope that you will all read it and give your thoughts about it in a peaceful and respectful manner. I hope it's all good my man. @Flow Now.. With that said and with these amount of numbers shown, I think its time to tell you about another story, which occurred not many moons ago, while I was bored and thought that I'd gamble a little. I saw an ad for an establishment. Pokernight, $1.000 blinds .come join. Blablabla.. (Don't remember specifics) But it was about poker. My game. I show up to this place, with 1 staff member, who took entrance fee for a seat at the table. No guards. No nothing. Just 1 table, in something that looked like a lower class office building. I take a seat among players that from appearance, look like lower class criminals of sorts. But I thought to myself, it was a legit place as there was an ad about it. Now here is the crazy part. Blinds were said to be 1k and 2k I think. Something like that. But I met a table with NO roleplay involved. No one was saying a word. I think we were around 6 players. There were 3 people at the table, sitting there with between $700.000 and $900.000 in cash, just raising every single round, without even seeing any cards on the table. Is this seriously what gambling has become? People who are just there to cash grab without any roleplay involved. I brought 20k and I was out within 3 rounds, as we barely started each round and the pot was already on 50k+ ? I think we need some rules. + a script change that makes you not able to join a table with 900k on your hands, using them all. If the blinds are 1-2k? Also this was the only table in the house. No distractions, so RP would have been perfect here, to actually have some awesome RP and at least just some casual talk? But no. It was all about starting a new round before anyone could say anything, so that they could take all the other players' money. I think we need some serious RP rules, just as with the trucking companies, when it was released. ROLEPLAY! That is what we are here for. If you just wanna spam the script and not interact with any people, what so ever. Go play Bet365. What are your thoughts on this matter, guys? If anyone on the administration team needs specifics, you are more than welcome to contact me. I'll try to give you all the information that I have. Another post addressing the same issues:
  11. Do not hesitate to contact me, if you got a specific request that you want done as close to perfection as possible.
  12. I think the snow is a lovely addition to the holidays and winter / christmas times. I like the outdoor RP it brings. It's great to get some diversity. But yeah. The interior problem is sad tho. Hopefully Rage is on the issue!
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