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  1. Look I've owned the place for half of a year and I'm trying to get the price of a house in Paleto, I can't trade anymore and the houses go for these prices so I have no choice if I wish to keep a house in the county.
  2. Inside Outside Buyout: 1,300,000$ Starting: 650,000 Bidding ends the 28th so long as the bidding doesn't reach a number deemed worth it by myself. The property will only be /sold/ to /locals/.
  3. 650,000 - (LDMC patch member, from the Paleto chapter. Long time county player over 500 hours out there.)
  4. Two bedroom, one bathroom. Because good luck finding another one. Supply and demand isn't anything new. People pay 80k a month for trailers on the outskirts of Sandy and it's frequent. Mine's in the center of town with a garage. And it's a house. Regardless of loose terminology.
  5. Did you look at the pictures before asking? Or?... It's a house, dab smack in the center of Sandy right next to the bar, and Ammunation.
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