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  1. We send greetings to the american segment of GTA:W server and to all players. And to our firefighters brotherhood. By firefighters to firefighters. RU LSFD, THE BRAVEST COMMUNITY. I hope it is not forbidden to create such topics in this section:)
  2. Bernie McHoligan Jacknall Personnel File Full name: Bernie McHoligan Jacknall Place of Birth: Big Timber, Montana Current Residence: Palomino Avenue, Vespucci Beach Height: 5'11 Eye color: Green Hair Color: Dark Black Current Rank: Senior Fire Captain, Station Captain for Station three. Divisions: Urban Search and Rescue Command, Training and Recruitment General Background Montana is a land of natural resources, trees, salmon, freshwater, natural beauty, what it doesn't really have, are people. Big Timber is a prime example of 'small' town, barely a thousand or more people, for miles on end. Bernie ended up being born there, on the McHolihan-Jacknall Ranch, he was born into a large prime midwestern family, with three brothers and one sister, he was the runt of the ramble. The youngest of all five. Going into high-school ended being worse for the runt, between getting himself into trouble, antics, and pure ba-fuggery. This ended up tanking his High School career. After an incident involving a log, a cold river, an Alderman's son, and a bear, near ended up with two people going into a hospital, Bernie included. This led to his father giving him a note in his bedroom, not really forcing the issue face-to-face like any good nervous catholic, the note simply read 'Join the Military.' Montana has a long history of sending its sons to the Army, from the days of Abraham Lincoln to the Korean War. So Bernie joined the United States Coast Guard, a service primarily focused on waterborne operations, the biggest body of water in Montana is a lake. The Coast Guard found Bernie his true calling, being helpful. Not in the simple politeness most Midwestern's show, but truly being helpful. Saving lives, jumping into danger, and saving the folk who need saving. Six months into his first year of service, he entered into the Boatswain's mate rate program, becoming one of the many men and women who the Coast Guard deems fit enough to drive small-boats out to emergencies on America's coast. From there, he was assigned to San Fierro Small-Boat Station 17. Only leaving for a short deployment to Maine, and then he was back in San Fierro. The good times didn't last, and Bernie eventually left the service, deciding that two terms of active duty was enough service to be proud of. He reconnected with a friend from Montana in Los Santos, and had to adjust to civilian life from there on out. Two months of trouble led to his hands becoming too idle for his taste, he decided on leaning on what he was good at. He signed up to Volunteer for the Los Santos Fire Department. He's been there ever since. This thread follows his story, good and bad, in the Los Santos Fire Department.
  3. This thread will follow the life of Fire Captain II Jess Williams who is the current Commanding Officer of Air Operations. Jess originally came from a small farming village called "Camphill Village" in Minnesota. During her late teens, Jess had gone through a very traumatic experience of her boyfriend at the time physically abusing her, to the point when one night, he almost beat her to death. She was spared that gloomy fate, by two responding paramedics, and her ex-boyfriend still serves behind steel for attempted murder. She was a total wreck for a couple of years, continuing to work as a farmhand around her parents land, never going out to socialize and just saving her earnings with no real goals in mind. Once she slowly came around and gained more confidence in herself once again, she decided that she wants to move away from Minnesota and start a new life in a new environment - city life in Los Santos. A lot happened throughout Jess' time in Los Santos, she met a group of new friends who call themselves "The Losers Club", she bounced through multiple jobs, working for a group of Russian's, The Noodle Exchange in Vespucci, Vespucci Bookstore. Jess can be rather clumsy the odd time, and to her detriment, she one afternoon fell off her apartments balcony on Goma Street and busted her thick head, to which a very large EMT responded to her distress after a local pedestrian called for aid, the EMT stated to Jess "You would look good in a firefighters helmet", this stuck with Jess for a couple of weeks, then over a month, it started to dawn on her that she was very interested in becoming a firefighter, and more prominently, a paramedic, her life was spared that horrific night by the two paramedics, Jess dreamed of becoming like them, and giving back to the world for her spared life. Jess gets accepted into the Los Santos Fire Department and now thrives as a station captain of fire station 3 in Davis, she studied hard to become the best firefighter that she can, though not all is sunshine and rainbows. She has seen some extremely gnarly things during her years, seeing someone gushing out blood is a daily occurrence for her. After all of her years of service, Jess reaches the rank of Fire Captain II, a Senior Captain role in the department and now continues to strive to make the department a better place for not only her colleagues, but for the citizens of Los Santos the same.
  4. La Spada structural fire leaves one firefighter dead and another in critical condition The citizens of Los Santos were woken by the smell of smoke late last night around 23:05 when the popular spa resort La Spada caught fire from an unknown cause. The Los Santos Fire Department arrived on the scene around the time of 23:15 with the following units being dispatched to the scene; Engine 7, Quint 7, Brush Patrol 7, Rescue Engine 3, Rescue Ambulance 72 and 74. A spokesperson from the Los Santos Fire Department stated that no victims were found inside from the Search And Rescue team and then goes onto say a structural collapse followed by a mayday call was sent out around 23:34. The RIT team was sent in and found a total of 4 firefighters were in need of assistance. The spokesperson stated that two were in non-critical condition and two were in critical condition with the two critical firefighters sent off to Pillbox Hill Medical Center. Knockdown of the fire was confirmed at 00:05 with the fire lasting a total of 1 hour since the first 911 calls. The Los Santos Fire Department spokesperson confirmed once again that Engineer Lyla Avery and Engineer Essie Beck were checked into the Pillbox Hill Medical Center with doctors later confirming that Engineer Lyla Avery was in stable condition, however, Engineer Essie Beck had passed away from her injuries that night. The department is deeply hurt by the loss of Engineer Essie Beck. The department sends their condolences to the family of Engineer Essie Beck and a full-service traditional ceremony and funeral will be hosted in respect to the Firefighter. ((/banktransfer [AMOUNT] Katelyn Hill OnScene Media Donation)) > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  5. THE RANA REPORT Your source for the latest Los Santos news, investigative journalism, and city-wide updates. LSFD saves one injured in flipped car crash on Del Perro Boulevard! BY RANA KHATI The car and LSFD doing their best to secure the scene. In the early hours of Monday January 25th, 2021, a car swerved to avoid another and ended up toppled over upside down in a dramatic scene off Del Perro Blvd. The currently unidentified man miraculously survived this harrowing incident and is in stable condition and being transported to Pillbox Hill Medical Center for treatment. Another involved in the incident was visibly shaken but otherwise completely unharmed. With the recent epidemic of car speeding some politicians and community groups have called for speed bumps throughout Los Santos, whether the State Senate and city government will heed this call is currently unknown. Information courtesy of lsfd.live Remember to like and subscribe for more city-wide news! Thank you for supporting independent news! > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  6. LOS SANTOS FIRE DEPARTMENT PRESS RELEASE - What is USAR? WHAT IS USAR?⠀⠀Written by: Elise ReynaPublished: 22/12/2020The USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) has the primary mission and objective, as the name suggests, to enable the Los Santos Fire Department with the ability to carry out Search and Rescue Missions. Whilst it may seem really bare-bones in and by itself, USAR actually has much more other areas that are carried out on a day-to-day basis, this article will go in-depth in all of those areas to explain the real mission statement of the USAR.Urban Search and Rescue is a sub-divisional team within the Los Santos Fire Department which Firefighters are able to volunteer for, firefighters that do wish to join are required to have a couple of pre-defined certifications and are required to go through a hefty application stage, entry test and an induction process, this assists the Los Santos Fire Department in choosing only the most qualified candidates for the position of USAR. Furthermore, USAR utilizes specific fleet vehicles which for the purpose of this article will be separated into each different team so it is easier to explain;Rescue Engine (RE-3) - This unit is responsible for responding to any structure fire and is the front-line for doing primary searches by going directly inside of burning buildings and searching for any survivors, were they to find any survivors it becomes their primary objective to get those survivors out of the burning buildings in as safe of a manner as possible. Any type of structure fire would most likely fill up the building with dark smoke, so the visibility for for firefighters would be close to none, firefighters mainly rely on walls for their navigation as well as verbal communication/callouts from people.Search and Rescue (K9-3) - This unit is responsible for responding to any calls in which a person's location isn't specifically pinpointed to a small enough area for a regular response. Calls that require response from this division usually require search teams over a large area to pinpoint the exact location of an incident, this is usually around forests, mountains or coastal lines. The division is responsible for establishing multiple search teams to cover as much ground as possible and even has the authorized use of a helicopter. This team also utilizes specially trained K9 Rescue Medical Dogs which will track down the location of someone who may have found themselves lost or have issues designating their location when contacting Emergency Services. The fire department's K9 dogs are specially trained to locate specific items, humans and human remains (bodies). These dogs also have some very basic skill of treatment against anxiety attacks as well as panic attacks.Hazardous Material Response (Squad-3) - This unit is responsible for, as the name would suggest, responding to calls which would include hazardous chemicals (including and not limited to; explosives, gases, flammable liquids, flammable solids, oxidizing substances, toxic/infectious substances, radioactive material, corrosives). Alongside Support Services, they also assist with the cleanup process of any hazardous materials and leaks.Swift Water Response (SWR-3) - This unit is responsible for any emergency calls that come from or near bodies of water. This includes and is not limited to; Oceans, Rivers or Lakes. This division primarily focuses on rescue, however, it does also have an included Search element, in cases where the people are unable to be located and are described to be on or in water, Water Rescue is the division who locates these people alongside the assistance of other divisions and agencies. Water Rescue also has an element that focuses on recovery, this is not necessarily limited to /only/ body recovery, most of the time, Water Rescue is responsible for searching larger bodies of water for items and attempting to locate evidence for the police or just a victim who may have lost their wallet.Technical Rescue (USAR-3) - This unit is responsible for any technical calls that come in to the Fire Department, technical calls can range from a regular cat being stuck in tree to a call of people stuck in an elevator. Essentially, Technical Rescue is, as the name suggests, a team that specializes in calls that require some type of technical intervention. This team also ensures safety on electrical hazard scene and usually handles such calls by ensuring that a hazard is turned off so it is no longer hazardous.Logistical Support (UT-3) - This unit is responsible for any calls that requires Logistical Support (equipment hauling or personnel hauling). This team is also just utilized for transportation of equipment or personnel between stations.Opinion & A deep dive into USAR calls:I have spent 2 full weeks within the Urban Search and Rescue Team, responding to calls with them, interviewing them and getting a general outlook alongside them in their work. The first thing, within my own personal opinion that I can say is that I believe the USAR team is basically a SWAT department within the LSFD. These guys are the elite of the elite, the most professional people I've ever worked with and the calls that I've seen whilst working alongside them and everything they did was bloody amazing. Here's a some of the calls they responded to during my time within the USAR team;Mountain RescueHosue FireMotor Vehicle Accident w/ EntrapmentSwift Water Rescue DrillConclusionOverall, for me, it was an eye-opening and learning experience being within the USAR Team. I've learned a lot during my time with them and hopefully, you, the reader have as well!
  7. LOS SANTOS FIRE DEPARTMENT PRESS RELEASE - Ginger Street Structure Fire Ginger Street Structure Fire⠀Written by: Arnold AngelPublished: 20/12/2020 LITTLE SEOUL - A cloud of smoke enveloped the area of Little Seoul on the night of December 15th, 2020. At 22:23 on December 15th, 2020 the Los Santos Fire Department responded to 1068 Ginger Street for a reported structure fire. Quint-7 and RA-71 were dispatched to the call immediately. Incident Command was led by Firefighter II Leland Wilcox under the callsign Quint-7. Upon arrival, units declared an active fire coming from one of the rooms on the third floor. RA-71 was immediately assigned to attack the exterior, utilizing the aerial ladder and nozzle that Quint-7 is equipped with.A 360 walk around was completed making sure that the fire was contained with no threat to nearby power lines and buildings. RE-3 made arrival five minutes after Quint-7 and RA-71, the units were tasked with doing a primary search of the building as well as an interior fire attack, no residents were found inside. RA-72 made arrival within eight minutes of the initial dispatch call. RA-72 was tasked as the Rapid Intervention Team. Firefighters were able to fight off the flame, achieving a knockdown at 23:00 under the command of Firefighter II Wilcox.Joint operations between LSFD and LSSD provided a safe working area for the firefighters in the hustle and bustle of Little Seoul. LSSD provided traffic control. No injuries were called in the situation and firefighters managed to contain the fire within the apartment complex only having roof damage to two apartments on the third floor in the complex. Overhaul operations were underway immediately after knockdown with an active investigation.The cause of this fire remains under investigation. If you have any information related to the cause of the fire, contact the State Fire Marshal Field Office by calling 444.⠀Units Dispatched: Q-7, RA-71, RA-72, RE-3, PIO⠀
  8. LOS SANTOS FIRE DEPARTMENT PRESS RELEASE - LSFD Runs The Marathon LSFD Runs The Marathon⠀Written by: Alice MacCarthyPublished: 01/12/2020 The Los Santos Fire Department had a busy weekend in terms of events and with Sunday bringing more charitable efforts from department employees. Despite a postponement earlier in the month due to weather complications and issues out of the organisers hands. Anna's charity run went ahead and onlookers watched as she ran the route in full duty SCBAs in the hot weather the city was treated to on Sunday.Earlier in the month we pushed a Press Release urging to donate to Anna's cause as she announced she was to run the second marathon in the year, hosted by the Nothern District Office in ex-Captain Laura Murphy's memory. Having raised $336,000 in July to support fire survival victims and their families as well as families of fallen firefighters. Anna Degtyarev at the LS Marathon in June alongside Brendan Vano As well as Anna, PR Director Alice MacCarthy and Fire Marshal Brendan Vano ran in ex-PR Director Freddy Mellet's memory after he died after a long battle with Lung cancer, an illness that more than two thirds of firefighters will develop in their lifetime compared to the twenty two percent of the general population.Spurred on by their choice to run in the marathon, they were joined by various other members of the State Fire Marshals including Chief Carlton Jones and Marshals Alejandro Delgado and Charles Zwiefelhofer. Cheered on by various Fire Department and Police Department employees present.While Alice and Brendan did not set out to raise any funds in Freddy's memory. Anna's charitable efforts raised $337,692 for the LSFD Foundation which will be split 50/50 between the foundation and the Hope Community Center in Little Seoul to go towards the amazing they work do every day to offer people a safe space to go to have a meal, a bed, free healthcare and emotional support. Which was the marathon's main charity. Alongside this, Alice celebrated coming second place in the marathon."The Los Santos Fire Department has always been a community focused department and agency, always wanting to give more and more back to the community they are employed and live in. Our firefighters, volunteers, civilian staff and interns pride themselves on serving their community with courage, integrity and pride. We take great pride in being a charitable department, taking part in events such as the marathon on Sunday, our community event fundraisers. In this day and age for Los Santos, this helps raise funds that provide vital aid to citizens and our department will continue to raise money for charity and never not put our community first. Me and Brendan have been friends since I first moved to Los Santos and joined the department and we were both close friends with Freddy so it felt only right to do this for Freddy. For both of us Freddy had major impacts in our lives and he will live on in everyones memories. Not just for myself and Brendan. But, the same goes for almost everyone in the Los Santos Fire Department and State Fire Marshal's, Freddy had a heart of gold and would give his all for everyone. He was an individual that kept on giving and he'll be sorely missed as a friend and family member by all of the Los Santos Fire Department." - Alice MacCarthy
  9. LOS SANTOS FIRE DEPARTMENT PRESS RELEASE - LSFD ULSA Visit LSFD ULSA Visit⠀⠀Written by: Alice MacCarthyPublished: 30/11/2020 Over the last year, the Los Santos Fire Department as a department has made great strides to continue to educate the citizens of Los Santos on Fire Safety and how rewarding a career in Firefighting and Paramedics can be. In recent weeks the Los Santos Fire Department has been working closely with the Unversity Los Santos San Andreas to bring the knowledge to a younger audience, the University Students of Los Santos.The day started with the Department showcasing a selection of 10 of the departments vehicles. Ranging from COPTER-2 in AOD to USAR3 in USAR. Where students could see the vehicles up close and see what each rig is equipped with, ask questions about them and talk to the Firefighters themselves. USAR's K9 was on hand as well with Handler Kenneth Boyd and his partner Max as well as State Fire Marshal's joined the show with a selection of their own fleet to speak to students about the part they play in enforcing the Fire Code and educating about Fire Suppression. Aerial Operations occupied the Track field, offering Aerial ride alongs for Students who were interested. USAR prepares for their demonstration Afterwards, USAR convoyed to the main entrance of the ULSA campus and Captain Kurt Holland and Molly Steele began the highly anticipated demonstration, Captain Steele addressing the onlooking crowd with a megaphone as she explained what the Firefighters were doing, the scenario and what equipment was involved and the importance of the Firefighters being able to work together as newly inducted USAR member Kevin Dorsey was placed in position for the demonstration, a straight jump from the second floor balcony onto a Rescue Air Cushion (Or RAC) on the pathway below. With cheers from the crowd as the Captain announced his induction into the USAR Division.With clearance from the Vice Chancellor Charlotte Dunois, USAR also took Students under their wing. Speaking to them about the apparatus that was involved in the demonstration and offering them the opportunity to land onto the cushion, with cheers from their peers in the crowd as they watched them climb up the aerial ladder do the same.Disclaimer: All the students who came forward to partake in the demonstration were strapped into safety harnesses provided to them by USAR at all times and were asked to act sensibly.The event was finished with a speech from Deputy Chief Nicole Schneider in the lecture, speaking fondly about her time in the Los Santos Fire Department and how students could involve themselves further in the department, speaking about future careers, ride alongs and the Departments new internships with Public Relations. Speaking about future plans to work with the University and Diversify this in the future and took questions from StudentsPublic Relations Alice MacCarthy closed off with a final word, speaking about the importance of community;"I just want to thank you all for your attendence today. It warms my heart as the PR Director for the department to see such a turnout to our events as, they would not be allowed to happen without you guys. We do these events for you, the Los Santos Community. To the department, community matters a lot and as you've seen today, the Department is made up of entirely dedicate individuals who are committed to their community, from our Firefighters, Volunteers, Civilian Staff and Interns. It wouldn't it wouldn't happen without them etheir. Every member of the department, whether from Los Santos or further afield. Loves and adores the community they live in. I would lastly like to thank Doctor Dunois for facilitating this event today, without her. We could not have delivered this event to you guys and her help as well in setting up the internship programme. I'd also like to thank Captain Molly Steele and Captain Kurt Holland of USAR for taking their time to plan the demonstration you saw out in the green. They planned this in a week and my team in PR also planned this event in a week. So thank you guys for your continued commitment to the Los Santos Community and again thank you for inviting us to your campus."Event Photo Gallery: Aerial Operations on the track field offering Students Ridealongs Chief Fire Marshal Carlton Jones and Deputy Chief Nicole Schneider Deputy Chief Nicole Schneider and Engineer Anna Degtyarev State Fire Marshals joined in, talking to Students about the State Fire Marshals Office
  10. LOS SANTOS FIRE DEPARTMENT PRESS RELEASE - Firefighter Killed in Ambulance Crash Firefighter Killed in Ambulance Crash Written by: Alice MacCarthyPublished: 04/12/2020It is with profound sadness that the Los Santos Fire Department announces the death of Firefighter I/EMT Torstein Lindström, who passed away at a local hospital due to complications after he was involved in an on duty crash outside of Fire Station 3 on MacDonald Street in Davis. The passing of Firefighter Lindström saddens all LSFD employees deeply."I'm saddened to announce a line of duty death that occurred in the past couple of days. On the 27th of November, 2020. Firefighter Torstein Lindström was a promising young firefighter upcoming in the department and was held in high regard by his peers and supervisors." said LSFD Fire Chief Randy Sikes. "We are deeply saddened by his passing and are working with his family the best we can. We ask everyone to respect his family's privacy during this time."Lindström's death marks the fourth on duty death of 2020. The department asks that you respect all LSFD employees and Lindström's families privacy who are mourning the loss of their friend and beloved family member.
  11. LOS SANTOS FIRE DEPARTMENT PRESS RELEASE - LSFD Marathon Participant LSFD Marathon Participant Written by: Alice MacCarthyPublished: 18/11/2020 The Los Santos Fire Department prides itself of being made of individuals who love their community and are always committed to finding every way they can give back to their community. Back in June, Engineer Anna Degtyarev ran her first marathon in aid of the LS Fire Foundation. Raising $336,000 to help support victims of fires and their families as well as families of fallen firefighters. Running in her full duty SCBA and turnouts. All in memory of ex-department Captain Laura Murphy who died in the line of duty, serving the Los Santos Fire Department. Anna Degtyarev at the LS Marathon in June Now she's back to run in the Northern District Marathon this coming Sunday on 22nd back in her full gear and eager to raise even more money for charity.⠀"As with the previous LS Marathon in June from the Kortz centre to the Del Perro Pier, I'll be running Sunday's race in full turnouts and SCBA for charity. I'll be collecting donations for the LSFD Foundation, a charity that helps provide support to the victims of fires and their families, as well as to the families of fallen firefighters. Again, I'll be running the race in memory of Captain Laura Murphy, a firefighter who was lost in the line of duty, and someone we all miss dearly."If you'd like to donate to Anna's fundraising efforts, the full information is on our website and from all of us at the Los Santos Fire Department, we wish Anna luck and we hope you'll join us there to cheer her on!(( to donate /banktransfer Anna Degtyarev - All money transferred will be /charity'd and screenshots will be posted in the concluded Press Release ))
  12. LOS SANTOS FIRE DEPARTMENT PRESS RELEASE - Sandy Shores Motel Fire Sandy Shores Motel Fire⠀⠀Written by: Arnold AngelPublished: 08/NOV/2020 Citizens of Sandy Shores were awoken with an early Halloween spook while firefighters tamed the beast of a fire on the motel on Algonquin Boulevard.At 9:48 PM on October 30, 2020, the Los Santos Fire Department received a dispatch call in regards to a structure fire at 21 Algonquin Boulevard in the town of Sandy Shores. A quick response from the department involved the department's volunteer apparatus at Station Four. Arriving units declared a working fire from the roof of the Motel, entering into numerous rooms of the complex. The motel was quickly evacuated. Firefighters began an exterior attack with the forceful instruction of, Captain II Leonardo Holman. Over the span of 60 minutes crews were able to drown the fire. The State Fire Marshals were on scene to begin the investigation of the cause, finding it to be an electrical fire caused by a telephone pole wire making contact.An official 'knockdown' was declared an hour and forty-five minutes after units had arrived on the scene. This is the second time an incident has erupted at the motel in Sandy Shores. Just earlier this month on October 18th, 2020, a fire was reported at 8:10 PM. Battalion Chief Roxie Bauer took the helm of the incident, under her command was Engine 4 and RA-71 as Fire Attack 1. Engine 71 and USAR 3 as Fire Attack 2. Quint 7 on Roof with RB-31 and RA-32 as medical. The partial collapse of the roof turned the offensive attack into a defensive with an official knockdown called at 10:16 PM. The incident was investigated by the State Fire Marshals with the cause being related to a burnt cigarette.No civilians were injured and one Firefighter was taken to Mount Zonah with minor burns. ⠀
  13. LOS SANTOS FIRE DEPARTMENT PRESS RELEASE - Meet The Employee: Molly Steele Meet the Employee: Molly Steele⠀⠀Written by: Alice MacCarthyPublished: 27/10/2020The Los Santos Fire Department is made up of a dedicated team of employees who serve Los Santos and surrounding areas with courage, integrity and pride every day of their lives. Over the next couple of months you'll be able to learn a bit more about the individuals that give it their all to keep you safe and well.This week, Public Relations sat down with Station Three's Captain Molly Steele of USAR Task Force 3. Molly talks to us about her motivations for joining the Los Santos Fire Department, what she enjoys about the work and advice for those looking to become a firefighter. Interview Transcript⠀ ⠀ What made you want to be a Firefighter and join the Los Santos Fire Department? "Prior to 2011 I worked for San Andreas Medical Services, frequently staging for fire calls, my adrenaline fanatic personality coupled with my love of helping others, gave me the desire to get involved. I wanted to be inside the fire, I wanted the adrenaline of fighting the fire from inside and the overall sense of achievement once the fire is out and the people are saved. Truth be told it just seemed more 'bad-ass'." What motivates you in your job role or in the department in general? "Once the fire is out the world is a better place. It's a compulsive need to do what ever possible to put that fire out, to rescue the people. That's both literally and figuratively speaking; the same applies to mountain rescues, high angle rope operations and other high octane incidents. I guess you could say it's an adrenaline- junkies high, to be in an extremely dangerous situation - yet we do it to save a life, and that's the best feeling there is. So every minute of everyday is spent working towards that goal; train train and train! It motivates me to work knowing that what I and my fellow Firefighters do will contribute to saving a life." How do you deal with the day-today stress of the job, being a Firefighter? "I focus on the bigger goal of the fire service to save lives and protect property, and as a Captain that's a goal I share with my fellow Firefighters. You don't think about the stress if you're constantly 'on the go', whether that be training or responding to calls - that's why it's important to have time to 'unwind', this may be just hanging out with your fellow Firefighters around the table or spending time by yourself; reading, watching TV, cooking...etc. Personally I spend my time planning, both on and off duty. I watch training videos, I read the paper to learn about all the new developments in our city, I walk different places and drive different roads. I like to do a lot of research into our area and also discover different techniques in fire and rescue. This knowledge improves mine and others work in the field, while also helping me to unwind from the stress." Whats your favourite part of working for the Los Santos Fire Department? "The low frequency high risk calls and training - tower rescues, dive calls, cave searches and also structure fires. I'd be lying if I didn't say we're adrenaline junkies and better yet we're saving a life - what can be better than that? There's also the comradery and social spirit; it's a strong bond that no other work environment has." Whats any advice you'd give to someone who wants to join the Los Santos Fire Department? "Be a sponge - soak up as much as you can. Ask questions, attend training, ride along, try things out, make mistakes and just keep developing yourself." ⠀ ⠀
  14. Vespucci Volleyball Saturday, 4th April 2020 @ 6 PM. The Los Santos Fire Department's lifeguard division are proud to announce their first event, this event will involve a series of volleyball matches in which the general public and firefighters alike can participate or watch! Along with the volleyball matches, the lifeguard's vehicle fleet will also be on display at the event for attendees to take pictures by, or otherwise just check the vehicles out. The Public Relations taco truck will also be on-site to provide free food for attendees to snack on, completely free of charge! Get practicing on your volleyball skills if you're looking to participate and are looking to win! We're expecting some challenging competitors to show up. If you're there to watch or otherwise just meet new people, be sure to bring a towel, sun glasses, and sun screen so you can get your tan on without damaging your skin! The event is free of charge, you don't have to pay a cent if you wish to come down or even if you wish to play. We hope to see you there, show us your moves! See full post here.
  15. New fleet enhances Fire Department services Friday, September the 20th, 2019 LSFD Public Relations: Chloe MacKenzie The new vehicles lined up in the yard to Fire Station Seven LOS SANTOS - It's a proud day for the Los Santos Fire Department who have just received order of 18 new emergency vehicles to the fleet, drastically updating and improving the service the department provides to the metropolitan area of Los Santos and rural southern San Andreas. The delivery arrived in the early hours of Friday morning in convoy from MTL Fire Apparatus, arriving at Fire Station 7 around midnight. The new fleet will replace almost half of the Fire Department's operational old and outdated fleet. Featured are: 2 new tower ladder trucks, 7 new ambulances, 2 new brush trucks, 1 new swift water rescue vehicle and 6 new command and administrative vehicles. New Tower Ladder Trucks: Quint 1 and Quint 2 Two of the most impressive additions to the fleet are the tower ladder trucks call-signed Quint 1 and Quint 2. The MTL Fire Apparatus 105' Rear Mount Platform trucks replace a previous Brute Utility Mid Mount Platform truck under the callsign Truck 1, which had been out of service for several years due to a number of technical faults. The new apparatus can now carry a crew of four, in addition to 500 US Gallons of water that the previous ladder truck did not carry. The vehicles serve as both ladder and fire suppression units, enabling them to handle a wide variety of fire call outs, traffic collisions, medical emergencies, public service duties, technical rescues and more! One of the most notable features is the 105 foot tower ladder with a bucket, that can reach up to about 8 stories on most buildings commonly found in Downtown or Little Seoul. You'll likely see these around the streets of Los Santos for the foreseeable future due to their hybrid capabilities. New Ambulances: Rescue Ambulances 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 To replace the aging fleet of seven Bronto Ambulances, the Los Santos Fire Department has opted for Bravado Bison pickup chassis and converted them to Ambulances by MTL Fire Apparatus; after a few month long trial. The new Ambulances are more economical, featuring LED lighting and enhanced computer control in addition to higher visibility reflective chevrons on the rear. New Brush Trucks: Brush 1 and 2 To replace a number of Vapid Contenders, the Fire Department sought to choose the much larger and more robust Vapid Sadler pickup chassis modified to a Brush Engine by MTL Fire Apparatus. The vehicles work much like their much larger companions, the Type I Engines for structure firefighting seen in the streets of Los Santos; how-ever instead these Type V Engines are more suited for wildland fires and off-road operations in the mountains and deserts of Blaine County. At a much smaller water tank of 400 US Gallons, the Brush Patrol vehicles can be seen patrolling rural areas looking for potential fire hazards and mitigating them before they become a catastrophic wildfire. They can also be used to provide a quick response to medical emergencies and rescues off road. New Swift Water Rescue 1 One of the more specialist vehicles is the Maritime Division Swift Water Rescue 1, also on a Vapid Salder pickup chassis supplied by MTL. The new water rescue vehicle allows Firefighters to access a variety of areas affected by water emergencies, such as rivers and lakes. The vehicle can deploy a small boat from ontop to perform rescues of those stranded in water as well as tow a much larger boat for incidents off the coast of Los Santos or in the Alamo Sea. New Pickups: Battalion 1, Chief 1, Public Relations 2, Marshal 1, 2 and Fast Response 1 Lastly the fleet saw the addition of six new Vapid Caracara pickups converted by MTL Fire Apparatus. The new vehicles will be in addition to and replace a number of Declasse Grangers and Bravado Buffalos as Chief command units, public relations, fire marshals and fast response vehicles. These pickups can be fitted out for almost any use needed to get equipment and personnel to a variety of scenes and Fire Department situations. The Fire Department is very pleased to receive the new vehicles which will greatly enhance the service the Los Santos Fire Department provides to the citizens and visitors to Los Santos and Blaine Counties. Feel free to come and have a look at our new vehicles, get a tour and take photos!
  16. Roof collapses after house fire in Banham Canyon Wednesday, July the 10th 2019 LSFD Public Relations: Chloe MacKenzie Fire apparatus surround the burning building. BANHAM CANYON - At 18:56 on Tuesday, July the 9th 2019, the Los Santos Fire Department were notified of a Brush Fire in the Banham Canyon, a standard Brush response was dispatched to the scene with Air Operations being put on standby. How-ever while en route further reports came in of a structure on fire, and the response was upgraded. On arrival at Inseno Road it was apparent that a three story coastal home was heavily involved in fire showing from the roof. An offensive attack was initiated and firefighters searched the structure, finding no one inside. Firefighters outside headed to the roof to try and knock down the fire while other firefighters surrounded the property to prevent spread to surrounding exposed property and brush. Due to the steepness and height of the roof, Firefighters struggled to make access to fire burning in the attic as it weakened the structure of the roof. At 19:34 a partial collapse of the roof occurred, forcing Firefighters off the roof and into defensive mode - meaning no one is allowed in or near the structure. The style of attack was changed as Firefighters focused the deluge guns on the roof and hit it with fire hoses from the outside. At 19:43 knock down was declared with the incident being concluded a short while later at 20:01. There were no reported injuries or damage to other properties. The cause and the cost of damage is currently being being investigated. Dispatched LSFD Units: B1, BR1, E1, E2, E3, RB1 The house while the roof was involved in fire.
  17. Firefighters respond to a beached Tugboat at the Alamo Sea Sunday, July the 21st 2019 LSFD Public Information Officer: Chief Chloe MacKenzie A tug rests on the beach as firefighter assess the situation. ALAMO SEA - At 13:20 on Sunday, July the 21st 2019, your Los Santos Fire Department were called to reports of a tugboat that had beached itself off Marina Drive near Sandy Shores. Concerned for the safety of those on board and the risk to the environment, fire department resources were dispatched to the scene. On arrival members of Engine 1 and the elite Maritime Division found a tugboat that had indeed beached itself off Marina Drive. Members assessed the situation and determined that there was no threat to the environment, no significant damage to the boat and most importantly no one was injured. It was at this point additional resources arrived on scene to liaise with the Captain of the stranded vessel and the Los Santos Police Department about recovering the vessel that was resting in a precarious position and still posed a threat to life. Initially it was determined the best cause of action would be to utilise other tugboats to pull it back out to sea, how-ever both rivers into the Alamo Sea have low bridges, waterfalls and rapids. This option was quickly ruled out as not possible while other options were considered amongst several parties on scene. The Fire Department's primary concern being that the tilting Tug was in an unsafe position and could cause injury if not recovered properly. Through cooperation with the Maritime Division leader of the Fire Department, the Captain of the ship and the Los Santos Police Department, a plan was formed to pull the tugboat back out to sea using mooring cables, a team of dozers and rocks on the seabed. Shortly after reaching out, a team of Dozers from HVY arrived on scene to liaise with the parties involved. The cables were attached to the dozers and handed over to the Fire Department's dive team to secure to the seabed, and then the tug. Once the land and water was cleared of pedestrians, boats and vehicles - the dozers pulled the mooring cables and brought the tug back into the water. The operation was a success and the boat was able to resume operations in the Alamo Sea. There were no reported injuries, hazards to the environment or damage to the vehicle involved and by 15:45 was declared concluded. Dispatched LSFD Units: B1, E1, LP1 and MR1 as Dive 1, MS1
  18. Firefighter injured during rescue in Raton Canyon Friday, June the 21st, 2019 LSFD Public Relations: Chloe MacKenzie Engineer Mikayla Reed in her uniform. A Firefighter was airlifted and hospitalised after a fall at the Raton Canyon while trying to reach an injured civilian in treacherous terrain on Thursday evening. RATON CANYON - At 21:10 on Thursday, June the 20th 2019, the Los Santos Fire Department were notified of a person who had fallen down a mountainside in the Cassidy Creek at Raton Canyon, the Chiliad State Wilderness. A rescue assignment was dispatched to the scene. On arrival, after an extensive search of the area, the injured adult male was discovered on a hillside and tended to by emergency services personnel. During the incident, Engineer Mikayla Reed of Engine 2, who was making her way on foot, slipped and fell down the mountainside causing serious injury. Additional resources were dispatched to the scene and a search and rescue operation initiated to locate Reed after she transmitted a mayday. There were reports the injured party may have fallen into the water, and as a result Maritime resources were dispatched. After some time Engineer Mikayla Reed was located by the Los Santos Police Department's tracking system on a hillside approximately quarter of a mile north east of the Alamo Sea. Life Flight 1, a search and rescue air ambulance, was sent to the scene to perform a hoist operation before Engineer Reed was transported to a trauma center in Los Santos. Reed was reported to be in a stable condition and responsive at the time of passing over to ER crews. The injured civilian was transported by land Ambulance to an area hospital. The situation was concluded shortly there after by 22:16. Engineer Reed remains in hospital and is recovering well. We all wish her the best of recoveries and hope to see her back at work soon! Dispatched LSFD Units: Brush 1, Engine 2, Life Flight 1, Life Flight 2 (Cancelled), Maritime (Cancelled), Rescue Basic 3, Supervisor 1
  19. Firefighters and civilians injured after Shooting in Chamberlain Hills Friday, 31st May 2019 LSFD Public Relations: Chloe MacKenzie Left: Firefighter Piper Robinson, Right: Firefighter Ashleigh Huston CHAMBERLAIN HILLS - A mass casualty shooting on Forum Drive and Carson Avenue in Chamberlain Hills sends two Firefighters and two civilians to hospital with serious injuries. At 20:56 on Tuesday, May the 28th, 2019, the Los Santos Fire Department dispatched an Ambulance to a reported Shooting at Forum Drive and Carson Avenue in Chamberlain Hills. On arrival they found and begun to treat one civilian for a Gun Shot Wound (GSW). A routine call for the Los Santos Fire Department, the GSW was being treated by EMT Firefighters Piper Robinson and Ashleigh Huston before an additional shooting occurred in which Firefighter Robinson and another civilian was hit. Firefighter Huston was hit by a blunt force object believed to be a vehicle. At 21:07 Firefighter Robinson sent out the call for help and transmitted a Code 0. Within minutes, three additional ambulances and a command unit were dispatched to the scene. The first backup Ambulance, Rescue Basic 5, arrived on scene at 21:09 and immediately begun assisting the fallen Firefighters, with Rescue Basic 4 arriving on scene shortly afterwards. At 21:15 Rescue Basic 5 transmitted "We have triage, multiple red casualties, EMT's down, we are Code 0 at Forum Drive."Within minutes Rescue Intermediate 3 and Battalion 1 arrived on scene and an Incident Command was established, with additional police cars from the LSPD also arriving. Both EMT Firefighters and the two civilians were treated and transported to an area hospital with a variety of injuries before the incident was declared static after the last patient was transported from the scene at 21:38. The reasons behind the shooting, believed to be a drive-by in which 4 were injured, are still being investigated by the Los Santos Police Department. Contact LSPD's Media Relations And Community Affairs Division for more information. Firefighter Huston still remains in hospital under intensive care while in a coma. Please extend your thoughts and prayers to them, their family and friends through this difficult time.Dispatched LSFD Units: B1, RB1, RI3, RB4, RB5
  20. Los Santos Fire Department Monthly Bulletin Newsletter #11 - May 2019 Opening Statement Lieutenant Degtyarev out with our Probationary Firefighters; Bell, Hunter and Clayton. The month of May has seen gears turn for our probationary firefighters here at the Los Santos Fire Department, it has seen our training regime become reinvigorated with a new and up to date schedule and we see our divisions being filled out by the new recruits who have past their probationary stage. We believe the hard work of the past is paying off for this department and so our standards are rising! With the summer on our doorstep we expect fires to become more prevalent and we are preparing for any and all situations we might respond to. In the previous month, we have responded to a variety of 911's such as shootings, vehicular fires and unfortunately a plane crash all too recently. Each and every one of our employee's will be ready to step into any and all situations and hopefully, we can continue to save lives. Firefighters Injuries Left: Firefighter Malcolm O'Connor, Right: Firefighter David BellThis month we send our thoughts, and our prayers, to four of our own who were injured in the line of duty just several days apart. On Sunday, May the 26th, 2019, a one story residential house in Paleto Bay caught fire, and two fire engines were assigned to combat the blaze. Firefighters David Bell and Firefighters Malcom O'Connor were tasked with a primary search of the building. During the primary search a partial collapse occurred within the household trapping both firefighters, Bell and O'Connor. At great self-risk Battalion Chief Chloe MacKenzie and Firefighter Ashleigh Huston prepared themselves to enter the burning building and rescue the two men. It was a very challenging and tense endeavour to pull both the firefighters our from the building. Once Bell and O'Connor were rescued two of our ambulances arrived to transport the men who were in critical condition. They were taken to Paleto Medical Bay Center to await Life Flight 1 which would then transport them to Los Santos in critical condition. They have since been dismissed from the hospital.You can read more about the incident by clicking here. Left: Firefighter Piper Robinson, Right: Ashleigh HustonOnly a few days later on Tuesday, May the 28th, 2019, a shooting occurred in Chamberlain Hills. One ambulance with Firefighter Robinson and Huston was dispatched to the scene. Shortly after arrival, Firefighter Robinson was shot, and Firefighter Huston was hit by an object believed to be a vehicle. One additional civilian was also injured in the shooting. The incident was upgraded to a Mass Casualty Incident involving four patients, dispatching three more ambulances and a command vehicle. All patients were treated and transported to an area hospital with serious injuries. Firefighter Robinson and Huston, who was in a coma, have since been released. Robinson has recovered well and is back to her normal duties as a Firefighter, while Huston continues to recover. You can read more about the incident by clicking here. Reinstatement of Ryan Lionheart Deputy Fire Chief Lionheart In may mid-month Former Fire Chief Ryan Lionheart was reinstated into the Los Santos Fire Department as our Deputy Chief of Operations. When asked to comment on his return, the new Deputy Chief had this to say: Training Firefighters conduct training in Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus at Mirror Park.This month in the Los Santos Fire Department, we have had a heavy focus on the training regime of our department, particularly in fire & rescue due to last month's release of our new guideline in that field, not to mention the influx of probationary firefighters who need the lessons. The training that's been conducted with our department has varied from PPE kit checks to ventilation and primary search operations. We have also arranged BLS lectures with the Police Department, headed by Lieutenant Klenova.With recruitment now reopened as of last Thursday, we anticipate a lot more probationary firefighters and thus more training for them and our staff present. Our goal is not only to make sure the firefighters we send out on calls are trained to the standard we're known by, but are trained to perform beyond the cities expectations and perhaps, beyond the expectations we, as a department, set our employees. It goes without saying, safety is paramount and that is one of our fundamental goals, to keep the public and our employee's safe and through dedicated training, we will achieve that. You can contact Lieutenant Alexandra Klenova, MD with the below contacts, if you have any queries about training.Office Number: 06914745Office Email: [email protected] State Fire Marshals Fire Marshal Robinson standing by her Fire Marshal vehicle. The State Fire Marshal division is one of our most important divisions in the department, the job of the fire marshals are to uphold the fire safety regulations within the state of San Andreas and to investigate the cause of many fires we see ignite all over the state. these past few months the Fire Marshals have had an influx of business owners applying and adhering to the San Andreas Fire Code by requesting for a business inspection.One of our state Fire Marshals for a comment regarding inspections: Here is the San Andreas Fire Code along with all other relevant documentation:Fire Safety Inspection Request, San Andreas Fire Inspection Fees Awards Kristy Hough Frank Osborne Marcia Ambrose Mikayla Reed Piper Robinson Sean Edwards Malcolm O'Connor Brody Chapman Brandon Johnston Ashleigh Huston Oswald Fredrickson Leilani Morikawa Sean Edwards Malcolm O'Connor Brody Chapman Brandon Johnston Ashleigh Huston Oswald Fredrickson Leilani Morikawa Issac Hunter Sean Edwards Promotions Promotions:Firefighter I --> Firefighter II Sean Edwards Malcolm O'Connor Leilani Morikawa Brody Chapman Ashleigh Huston Brandon Johnston Oswald Fredrickson Issac Hunter Firefighter III --> Engineer Marcia Ambrose Kristy Hough Piper Robinson Captain--> Battalion Chief Chloe MacKenzie Battalion Chief--> Deputy Fire Chief Frank Osborne Transfers:Transfer --> Firefighter II Jake Addington Reinstatements:Reinstatement --> Deputy Fire Chief Ryan Lionheart Staff Statistics The following are statistics for the number of members within the Los Santos Fire Department. High Command Staff: 3Fire Chief: 1Assistant Fire Chiefs: 0Deputy Chiefs: 2Command Staff: 1Battalion Chief: 1Fire Captain: 0Supervisory Staff: 3Fire Lieutenant II: 2Fire Lieutenant I: 1Non-Command Staff: 30Engineer: 5Firefighter III: 1Firefighter II: 8Firefighter I: 13Volunteer Firefighters: 3Total members: 37 Chief's Statement This month newly re-instated Deputy Chief Ryan Lionheart will be giving his own statement in place of Fire Chief Lucas Bjorn due his absence. That concludes this month's bulletin. Thank you for reading, LSFD Public Relations Team
  21. Church arson in Great Chaparral Thursday, April 18th 2019 LSFD Public Relations: Chloe MacKenzieEngine 2 seen on the north side of the structure during the fire attack. GREAT CHAPARRAL - At 19:24: on Tuesday, April the 2nd 2019, the Los Santos Fire Department were notified of a fire in the Great Chaparral area and sent a brush assignment to the scene due to the ruralness of the area. On arrival fire crews discovered a timber Church off Route 68 well involved in flame, and upgraded the incident to a Structure Fire. Additional resources were dispatched to the scene to engage in an aggressive fire attack including Rapid Attack Tender 1 with Engine 3 to provide additional water in a remote area. Resources on scene struggled to get water onto the fire due to a lack of water supply from Fire Hydrants and their own water tanks, and had to draft water from the nearby Zancudo River. Engine 2 was tasked with ventilating the structure while a primary search was carried out and Ambulances stood by. Rapid Attack Tender 1 also made use of the Deluge Guns mounted on the roof of the fire apparatus to douse the fierce flames in water.Rapid Attack Tender 1 seen deluging the burning roof in water. After approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes of fierce firefighting, knock down was declared at 20:49 and resources began to clear from the scene, leaving Rapid Attack Tender 1 and Engine 3 to clean up. There was no injuries during the fire and no further damage to surrounding property but the church has been left with severe damage. UPDATE - 11/APR/2019 15:53: The State Fire Marshal's have since been at the scene to investigate and have confirmed the cause as Arson after evidence proved fuel had been poured throughout the Church's Sanctuary room. The Fire Marshal's also discovered the Church's donation box had been broken into and all the valuables inside were stolen after it had been forced open by an unknown tool. The Fire Marshal's are currently following lead of an unknown female in the area during the fire between the time of 19:00 and 19:25 on Tuesday the 2nd April 2019, and are asking any witnesses or anyone with any information to come forward by contacting 889-9488 and referencing incident number #012. State Fire Marshal's at the scene carrying out an investigation of the severely damaged church. Dispatched LSFD Units: Brush 1, Engine 1, Engine 2, Engine 3, Rapid Attack Tender 1, Rescue Ambulance 1, Rescue Ambulance 2
  22. Line Of Duty Death: Captain Jack Wolfsbane Tuesday, 29th January 2019 LSFD Public Relations: Chloe MacKenzie Captain Jack Wolfsbane in formal attire. It is with great sadness the Los Santos Fire Department announces the Line Of Duty Death of Captain Jack Wolfsbane of Station 7, El Burro Heights following a Mass Casualty Shooting in Chamberlain Hills, Los Santos. CHAMBERLAIN HILLS - At 22:25 on the 28th January 2019, the Fire Department received notification by the Los Santos Police Department of a police vehicle on fire in an alleyway off Forum Drive. Fire Engine 1 was dispatched to incident #19-11147. On arrival crews found a police car fully involved in flame with exposures to a structure, and requested an additional engine to assist. Fire Engine 2 responded and the fire was quickly knocked down a few minutes later without spread to surrounding property. Due to the suspicious circumstances regarding the fire, Marshall 1 was also dispatched and took over from Engines 1 and 2. Dispatched LSFD Units: E1, E2, MS1 A police cruiser blocks access to the alleyway as the situation evolves. During the Fire Marshall's investigation, a shootout occurred in which one female police officer was hit and a message for assistance was sent at 23:14 for a shooting (Incident #19-11148). Fire crews responded back to the scene with Rescue Intermediate 1 to provide emergency medical assistance while police secured the area. During treatment more gunfire erupted, forcing fire crews to take cover and shield the patient while other officers returned fire. Unfortunately during the shootout one Firefighter, Captain Jack Wolfsbane, and one Police Officer were fatally struck by gunfire, alongside various others who received non-life threatening injuries. Those who were fatally struck were declared deceased on scene at 23:27. The incident spread over several blocks as more reports of shootings came in. A Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) was declared and a call for additional crews was sent. Engine 1, Rescue Basics 2, 3 and 4 were dispatched alongside numerous other police resources. A SWAT Insurgent joins the scene with various other specialist police and fire resources. A considerable amount of police resources swarmed the area, locking down surrounding roads and setting up a perimeter - evacuating civilians from the scene. SWAT teams were mobilised to secure complexes, alongside teams positioned on rooftops while a police helicopter flew over on the lookout for further suspects. One male suspect, believed to be the primary shooter, was located on a rooftop having sustained multiple Gun Shot Wounds (GSWs). Police secured the scene while LSFD Medics treated the gunman before Firefighters from Engine 1 used a rope rescue system to remove the injured from the rooftop. He was taken to a waiting ambulance under heavy police protection before being escorted to an area hospital. All other patients, police officers and suspects, were also treated and transported to nearby hospitals. Eventually the scene was considered static at 00:18 and LSPD investigators moved in to take over. As of time of publish, the number of casualties reported stands at 8. This number may change. We extend our sympathies and respect to the families, friends and colleagues of Captain Jack Wolsfbane, and the Police Officer's name who's yet to be announced, during this tragic time. Rest In Peace. Funeral and trial information is yet to be announced. For further details and information regarding the incident - please contact the LSPD's Media Relations And Community Affairs Division (MRCAD). Dispatched LSFD Units: E1, MS1, RI1, RB2, RB3, RB4
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