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  1. I'd imagine they're nothing more than decals that go over the tire texture. It would just be the case of making that texture blank, but I can't be for certain. It's something we'd have to look into if this suggestion gets approved.
  2. To keep track of transactions mainly. Our faction receives payments from FD and PD to repair/maintain their vehicles. Also it would be great for every faction to be able to keep track of transactions for employee paychecks as well.
  3. So no matter what I do the GTA V launcher just patches any modified files (even encrypted ones using Archive Fix) after RAGEMP runs it. I've tried blocking the launcher's internet access and using offline mode but nothing seems to work. Even a fresh install of the game hasn't done anything. I've been trying to install the Turbo and Backfire sounds. Tried other sound mods for good measure but still the same result. Anyone else have any ideas?
  4. No I get the "Files damaged, reinstall GTA V" message.
  5. Yeah, it's the Turbo and Backfire one. Launcher just patches over it ?
  6. When I try to install the sound mods, the GTA V launcher automatically patches them. Any way to fix this?
  7. Apparently traffic lights are synced, but I've seen people often stop on green and go on red ever since I started playing in October 2018. So there must be some desync issues with them. Also the main problem I have with traffic lights is how fast they change. You stop at red, go on green and the next set of lights go red before you reach them, and this seems to be an endless loop of stopping and starting in areas where there's a lot of traffic lights. It also doesn't give you much time to talk and RP with any passengers you have in your vehicle whilst you're stopped at red as it doesn't stay on for long. In my opinion, traffic light timers need to be increased for these reasons. I also think it would be a great benefit to all players if the LSPD had an official document on their website that lists all traffic rules clearly in accordance to correct server RP, so we don't have to guess what is lawful or not ICly. Maybe something like THIS?. This would be a great benefit to law-abiding characters so we know the correct rules of the road and don't accidently violate them during driving RP.
  8. Before the recent update to the factions area of the UCP we were able to see the faction bank balance that we can no longer see. The faction bank section is no longer there when looking at the faction page, I'm not sure if this was done on purpose or if was it taken out by accident. However it would be much better if we had a separate tab for the faction bank that allows us to see transaction history, which would be extremely helpful.
  9. I believe a new trucking system is indeed being developed. Please refer to the 1.5 livestream that happened in March HERE. Also I'd suggest using the correct format in the future when posting suggestions.
  10. There's simply no need for this, as you can view when your character was last online via the Character Profile page on the UCP.
  11. I totally agree with this! It would be valuable seeing as this is a text-based server and would give people the chance to type a reaction before been shot at.
  12. You'd be able to use the /tog ads command or use /hide ads to hide the notifications. As for how quick they appear for, current ads have a 1 minute cooldown I believe. So we could either have the ad notifications visible at all times that scrolls every minute, giving 1-2 minutes show time for each ad in rapid succession OR have each ad appear for 30 seconds and fade away, 30 seconds after would enable a new ad to be posted. Or maybe we could have a Menu UI that lists past ads within the last 10 minutes or so.
  13. HUD Rework Short description: A rework of the HUD that adds extra elements and cleans the main chatbox. Detailed description: This new HUD that I've designed would primarily clear up the main chat for it to be used exclusively for IC & OOC talking. It keeps the main chat box in the top-left hand corner, but has a reduced size to not overwhelm the screen for users playing at higher resolutions. It presents a second text area at the top-middle of the HUD that would be used for the output of notifications and any text feedback from commands. These 'notifications' would disappear after a number of seconds and have a 'rolling' feature that moves upward if outputs are made in succession. An advertisements area would appear towards the bottom-left of the screen just above the minimap. This contains a box for each ad that comes through and keeps the 150 character limit as well as the current cooldown times. It also has a rolling feature like the notification area, which shows upto 3 ads at a time that scroll upwards if needed. The ads are clearly marked [Ad] and [Company Ad] to distinguish the two. In addition to the HUD Rework, I've integrated some other suggestions I and other players have had. - Dash Cams: Have dash cams as a buyable item that can be fitted to a vehicle as an extra security component. This is increasing in popularity IRL and makes sense to have it as an option in GTA World. - Tracker: We already can track where our vehicles are when we spawn them in, however a tracker as an added in object that can be fitted with a vehicle could be used in conjunction with a /trackvehicle command. This would place the blip on the map where your vehicle is. - Vehicle Condition: This was recently suggested by @RevyBando HERE as well as others in the past. This would involve having the vehicle's mileage, oil level and tire tread condition seen in the HUD design when using the /vstats command. Commands to add: /hide chat /hide notifications /hide ads /trackvehicle [vehicle id OR plate no] Items to add: Dash Cam Vehicle Tracker How would your suggestion improve the server? It would clean up the HUD and eliminate the main chat from being congested with ads, notifications and command output text. Additional information: All text used in these designs has been made up and taken from previous chats and is not a representation of accurate in-game information.
  14. I agree this needs to stop. We see courier vans pass our garage all the time at full speed and going through red traffic lights, almost as if it's GTA Online. There's also been multiple instances of near-misses when trying to pull out of the property and waiting at traffic lights on Popular Street. A lot of people have no regard for roleplaying driving in a high quality manner in low population areas, and it's incredibly annoying.
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