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Found 4 results

  1. Short description: The ability to cook crack from materials that can be bought at the hardware store & 24/7. This suggestion also reworks the way that drugs affect your health, addiction, and dependency. I write this suggestion in good hope that drugs will then serve a purpose, opening a variety of roleplay possibilities, expanding the black market, giving more purpose to EMT, and expanding endless new stories through player's lives. Detailed description: The server right now is really sparse when it comes to drugs whether it be the availability or selection. Right now there are no real repercussions for using cocaine, which is one of the only three available drugs in the server (correct me if I'm wrong). This suggestion will give criminals/dealers more ways to interact with their peers & markets, increase the repercussions of using drugs hence developing interesting RP stories, developing a heavy drug addiction and dependency. EMT will now serve a purpose to hospitals, thus opening the possibilities to even having players roleplay "Doctors" or "Health Specialists" whilst opening "Rehab Centers", etc. The suggestion also implements some items which will give police and law enforcement an array of possibilities to make arrests based on probable cause through drug paraphernalia, etc. The best part of this suggestion is that a lot of the functions are already built into the server, some just need a rework. This suggestion was partially created to add new features and to compliment additions to the existing addiction system. I hope this would be looked over as I truly believe this is something that can indeed add the environment we need in the server. ❤️ A lot of the materials needed are already available through the brewery job, so that'd make those items highly recyclable and give them more purpose. * Please note, what I'm about to suggest demonstrate are based on personal experience and extensive research on the effects. Some things I may have changed to accommodate the server economy & game's limitations and for the sake of simplicity. * C R A C K " Crack cocaine, also known simply as crack or rock, is a free base form of cocaine that can be smoked. Crack offers a short but intense high to smokers. The Manual of Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment calls it the most addictive form of cocaine. " INGREDIENTS: (x3) Cocaine [3 Grams] (Bought through a dealer, distributor, supplier, etc.) (x3) Baking Soda (Bought in a 24/7) $50 (x1) Cooler Freezer (Bought in a Hardware Store) $2500 (x2) Water (x1) Iron Pot (x1) Mixing Bucket (x1) Burner (x1) Propane Tank COOKING CRACK: The process would be similar to how you'd brew moonshine by placing the items you need in order to cook & with the possibility of a bad batch. 1) Add [2] Water to the Mixing Bucket 2) Add [1] Cocaine to the Mixing Bucket * Start Process Timer Begins (30 Seconds) / This will form a new ingredient called: [1] Dissolved Cocaine * Collect 3) Add [3] Dissolved Cocaine to the Mixing Bucket 4) Add [3] Baking Soda to the Mixing Bucket * Start Process Timer Begins (30 Seconds) / This will form a new ingredient called: [1] Cocaine Mix * Collect 5) Add [1] Cocaine Mix to the Iron Pot * Start Process Timer Begins (45-120 Seconds) / This will form a new ingredient called: [1] Boiled Mix * Collect 6) Add [1] Boiled Mix to the Cooler Freezer * Start Process Timer Begins (45-180 Seconds) / This will form a new ingredient called: [5] Crack Cocaine * Collect COCAINE TO CRACK RATIO: 3 Grams of Low Grade Cocaine = 8 Grams of Low Grade Crack 3 Grams of High Grade Cocaine = 5 Grams of High Grade Crack CRACK EFFECTS: 1) Blurry/wobbly screen - similar or the same to the one you get when you ingest cocaine. (Lasts 120 Seconds) 2) Your HP will increase by 40%. (Lasts 5 Minutes) 3) Regain Full Health HOW TO USE THE CRACK? 1) Buy a Glass Pipe available to buy in either General Stores or Hardware Stores. 2) Do /useitem [inventory id of crack] once you're in possession of the Glass Pipe AFTER THE GLASS PIPE IS USED Another cool thought I had was once the glass pipe was used, it will then become a "Used Glass Pipe" in the player's inventory. I believe this could be simply done through conditional bools programmatically. This opens up the door for law enforcement to have probable cause to search the player and/or their vehicle to see if they uncover anything more. Not to mention, in possession of a Used Glass Pipe would technically be a criminal offense if it has any crack residue on it. A D D I C T I O N Note: This would exclude Marijuana as data show Marijuana does not have any known addiction properties but rather prone to persons with addictive personalities. If anyone could clarify this and send me links to data, I'd appreciate it. ADDICTION CHANCE: For every time the player does not become addicted and uses again, the chance of becoming addicted increases. 1) First Time Use - Random chance of becoming addicted (eg. Fiening for more) - Dice Roll (1/10 | 10 Being 100%) 2) Second Time Use - Random chance of becoming addicted (eg. Fiening for more) - Dice Roll (1/6 | 6 Being 100%) 3) Third Time Use - Random chance of becoming addicted (eg. Fiening for more) - Dice Roll (1/3 | 3 Being 100%) ADDICTION ACCUMULATION: What happens every time the player smokes? - An addiction meter can be implemented to reflect the level of addiction the player has accumulated through the back end. - The total number of percentage would be from 0-100%. - For every use (even if the player is not addicted), this integer will rise per (random) %. - The higher this number, the more chances of the player becoming addicted. - This can be multiplied by [Addiction Accumulation * Addiction Chance = Addiction Level] ADDICTION EFFECTS BY %: Players will see their conditions worsen dependant of the total of their "Addiction Level". These numbers only reflect an example and I shall leave it to the devs to come up with a proper % system. The effects can be withheld by ingesting more crack cocaine. 1) 0-35% - Players suffer a loss of 20% health p/hour. 2) 36-65% - Players suffer a loss of 35% health p/hour. 3) 65-100% - Players suffer a loss of 50% health p/hour. O V E R D O S E Another feature that was brought up was overdosing. This would improve the quality behind roleplaying drugs and what it can lead to. Again, please note that the systems put in place are not meant to be 100% accurate but more to compliment and abide by the server's capabilities and laws. FEATURE OVERVIEW Just as the Addiction system, the overdosing system would work on a similar system, only that it will be timer-based from first ingestion-per-gram. For every gram you ingest, the overdose chance rises (x) amount of points. For every gram, there will be a cool-down timer until (x) amount of points get taken from your overdose level. The overdose meter will not be visible to the player, as this would be unrealistic. Rather, the player can detect an overdose by a slightly red screen which sets in depending on how close the player is to overdose. The slight red screen can be a visible form of displaying the player's "Vitals", such as heartbeat, etc. The overdose system is a compliment to the quality of the drug. Each drug has its unique Overdose Points (for the sake of time, let's call it ODP). How does one overdose? Too much of that drug within a short time frame will lead to... You guessed it. An overdose. People can often overdose even with one-time use. But since there is no vital implementation on the server (Not even sure if it's possible) and there is no weight/height based system, this is something that would be hard to do systematically. So for the sake of simplicity, this is the way I'm suggesting it. ODP ACCUMULATION: How will the player accumulate Overdose Points? - A point system ranging from 0-10, 10 being a complete overdose. (This can be modified as see fit). - A cooldown timer of 10 minutes per gram before the points reset. (Up to devs to decide the amount of time). - Overdose Points are accumulative, meaning, each gram will add on top of the other. - Each drug has it's own unique ODP per gram, depending on the quality & drug. - The quality of the drug will determine the ODP. The lower the grade, the less ODP the player gets (less purity). COOLDOWN TIMER: How will the cooldown timer work? - 1 Gram Of High Grade Cocaine = 4 Points - Timer Begins For That Gram If the player does not intake any more cocaine, once the timer hits 0, the points for that gram reduces from the overall ODP. If the player intakes more cocaine while the timer is equal to or more than 1 minute from the last intake, then the timer resets to 10 minutes with total points of 8. EFFECTS OF AN OVERDOSE: What will happen on the overdosing player's screen to let them know they're overdosing. - The player screen begins to redden - The player cannot type - An animation would be displayed to show the player on the floor either unconscious or having a seizure - Player addiction level instantly goes to 100% (This will help connect with the treatment system) - If the player is not treated and taken to the hospital within 10 minutes, they will die (PK). TREATMENT: A shot of Methadone is needed to stop the overdose (PK). Once the player has been given the Methadone, they must be transported to get treatment. EMT / DOCTOR COMMANDS: A command to help EMT/Doctors diagnose if the player is having an overdose. /checkvidals - Oversees the player's vitals which would display their overdose points level /givemethadone [id] - Gives Methadone to the overdosing player Example: * John Doe snorted some Low Grade Cocaine. John has never done Cocaine, so his ODP is 0. Once he snorts the Low Grade Cocaine, his ODP would add 2 points. John feels fine, dancing the night away, but it hasn't been 10 minutes yet. * John Doe snorted some High Grade Cocaine. Oh, seems like John got some better stuff... He just added 4 points, equal to 6. John seems to feel fine, still dancing the night away... John decides he still needs to keep going but is feeling tired... * John Doe snorted some High Grade Cocaine. A few minutes pass, but the first ODP points are still accumulated on top of the others. Since the number of points has reached 10, John starts to feel sick. His screen goes red, he can't type, he falls to the ground and starts to seizure. This is just an example of a club night out and too much cocaine. Q U A L I T Y In addition, I've come up with a system that introduces quality to drugs. The quality would impact the effects, duration, and price of the drugs, as well as increase or reduce the risk of overdose dependant on the purity (aka quality). The system can introduce quality to both drugs given to suppliers and drugs which are manufactured. This could be used as a base which can be expanded as the developers see fit. RULE OF THUMB: For simplicity, quality of all drugs could be driven by 2 classes of potency. Low Grade - Cheap but shorter-term effects, higher chance of addiction. Low Grade - Wobble lasts longer, while the incentives are shorter. Low Grade - Since the drug is most likely to be "stepped on / cut" hence less potent, overdose chance is lower. High Grade - Expensive but longer-term effects, default chance of addiction. High Grade - Wobbles are shorter, while incentives are longer. High Grade - The higher the purity, the more chances of overdose. This is common knowledge. Wobbles? Why does it matter? Wobbles make you swerve whilst driving, it can also impair your walk, thus, hinting law enforcement that you're intoxicated. So the general rule would be; The higher the quality the less wobble time & wobble / The crappier vise-versa. ADDICTION CHANCE MULTIPLIER: If the drug has an "Addiction Chance Multiplier" through "Low Grade" this is the system that'll determine the final percentage. To showcase this example, let's say the low-grade drug has an Addiction Multiplier of 30%. You would multiply the base addiction change by that percentage to achieve a final chance of addiction. See below: * John Doe snorted some Low Grade Cocaine. This would activate a multiplier of 4 (or 40%) of the initial base chance. In this case, it is John's first time using Cocaine. A dice would roll (not visible to the player) - let's say the "Addiction Chance" rolls a 6 (or 60%). if (Addiction Chance >= 1) [ 6 in this case ] then add (Addiction Chance + Low Grade Cocaine Multiplier) This would equal the chance to 10 (or 100%) In this case, the player would now achieve Stage 1 Addiction (0-35%). [See Addiction Accumulation] * DRUG EFFECTS BY QUALITY: (Looking for suggestions on how Heroin should work - a benefit and a downside.) 1) Cocaine Low Grade Cocaine - Wobble Effect Lasts 1-4 Minute(s) - Aftereffects (Fuzzy Screen) Lasts 5-10 Minutes - +20HP for 20 Minutes - Addiction Chance Increases By 3 - Overdose Chance +2 High Grade Cocaine - Wobble Effects Lasts 0:30-2 Minute(s) - Aftereffects Last 2-6 Minutes - Gain Full Health - +50HP for 30 Minutes - Default Addiction Chance - Overdose Chance +4 2) Crack Cocaine Low Grade Crack - Wobble Effect Lasts 4-10 Minute(s) - Aftereffects (Fuzzy Screen) Lasts 5-10 Minutes - +40HP for 20 Minutes - Addiction Chance Increases By 5 - Overdose Chance +1 High Grade Crack - Wobble Effects Lasts 0:30-2 Minute(s) - Aftereffects Last 3-5 Minutes - Gain Full Health - +100HP for 60 Minutes - Default Addiction Chance - Overdose Chance +3 3) Marijuana Low Grade Marijuana - Wobble Effect Lasts 2-5 Minute(s) - Aftereffects (Fuzzy Screen) Lasts 5-10 Minutes - +10HP for 30 Minutes High Grade Marijuana - Wobble Effects: None - Aftereffects (Fuzzy Screen) Last 2-6 Minutes - Gain Full Health - +30HP for 60 Minutes Please note that Marijuana is a give or take situation - Either you enjoy the screen effects or you don't - Please feel free to comment on this. T R E A T M E N T & H O S P I T A L S Players can get treatment by going to the hospital and/or getting treated by EMT through the use of Methadone. This also opens the possibility of having hospital interiors where players can RP a "Doctor" treating patients. This also opens up the possibilities of "Rehab Centers". The possibilities are endless. /checkaddiction [ID] - A command letting doctors/EMT use to see a player's addiction percentage. Using /checkaddiction will let doctors/EMT scan the player's addiction percentage in order to properly diagnose the treatment they need and help establish a Methadone plan. In order for this command to work, the player will need to be at a hospital and only Doctors / EMT can check this through IC tests. The player must obviously also be within reasonable range. Obviously, through IC, people are expected to roleplay these scenarios. The amount of Methadone needed would be varied by the "Addiction Accumulation". 1) 0-30% - Players would need 1 Methadone 2) 31-50% - Players would need 2 Methadone 3) 51-75% - Players would need 3 Methadone 4) 76-100% - Players would need 4 Methadone The amount of Methadone given can be roleplayed through "sessions", which can be roleplayed as needed. This, of course, is just one idea which can develop to many others. Commands to add: /checkaddiction [ID] /checkvidals [ID] /checkvidals [ID] If a player tries to use Crack Cocaine without a Glass Pipe: ALERT MESSAGE: "You need a Glass Pipe to use that!" Items to add: Baking Soda (100 Grams) (General Store) [$50] Cooler Freezer (4,500 Grams) (General Store OR Hardware Store) [$2500] Dissolved Cocaine Boiled Mix Glass Pipe (50 Grams) (General Store OR Hardware Store) [$500] Used Glass Pipe (50 Grams) Low Grade Cocaine High Grade Cocaine Low Grade Crack Cocaine High Grade Crack Cocaine Low Grade Marijuana High Grade Marijuana How would your suggestion improve the server? This suggestion will give criminals/dealers more ways to interact with their peers & markets, increase the repercussions of using drugs hence developing interesting RP stories, developing a heavy drug addiction and dependency. EMT will now serve a purpose to hospitals, whilst opening opportunities for players to train in becoming doctors and/or rehab specialists. The use of glass pipes will open the door for more RP possibilities to law enforcement, encouraging probably cause and beyond. Overall, I think this suggestion will establish the start of a unique feature that can easily transition into bigger diverse projects. In summary: - Profession Possibilities - More Criminal Activities - Great Addition For Law Enforcement - Drug RP Would Serve Bigger Purpose - More RP Story Development Through Addiction - Overall Higher Character Development Environment Additional information: Be on the lookout for my Mushrooms/LSD suggestion. ? Thoughts & comments appreciated. ?
  2. This thread will follow the life (and maybe death) of newly-inducted Probationary Firefighter David Graves
  3. Firefighters and police shot at in Grove St Thursday, 29th November 2018 LSFD Public Relations: Chloe MacKenzie LSPD and LSFD swarm the area moments after the shooting broke out. DAVIS - On Sunday the 4th of November 2018, the Los Santos Fire Department was notified of a shooting in Grove St at 22:30. Reports were two persons had been shot, and police were already on scene. On arrival firefighters discovered two male patients with minor gun shot wounds, and began treatment. How-ever during treatment, gunfire burst out across the street forcing Firefighters to shield their patients and move them into cover to protect them during the shootout. One officer was hit, while multiple LSPD units arrived to provide backup. The attackers fled and the area was contained by officers before the Fire Department left cover and began to treat their patients. Other emergency medical vehicles arrived to assist with the operation, while the male police officer was treated for minor gun shot wounds. All three were swiftly moved to waiting ambulances and transported to area hospitals in stable condition. Ambulances leaving the scene to transport patients to a nearby hospital while LSPD units follow. The LSFD left the scene at 23:12 and handed the incident over to LSPD to conduct their investigation. For more information regarding the incident, contact the Los Santos Police Department's Media Relations and Community Affairs Division (MRCAD). You can visit there website by clicking here. Dispatched LSFD Units: CM1, RB1, RB2, RB3, S1 Interested in joining the Los Santos Fire Department? Apply to be a firefighter/EMT today at lsfd.sa.gov/recruitment
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