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Found 18 results

  1. About HAUS HAUS Institute originates as a creative collective dedicated to celebrating diversity and advancing inclusion across the industries of fashion, media, and beyond. Founded in 2023 by Mila Bojchenko and Faith Labelle, HAUS' umbrella unites talented individuals with shared values to empower underrepresented voices. Operating as an umbrella comprised of successful subsidiaries, HAUS provides an organization to strategically support and share resources needed to realize each brand's full creative potential. HAUS' independent subsidiaries, Vom Moda and Diversify, aims to utilize their collaborative partnership to push creative boundaries in the fashion industry. Our primary brands, Vom Moda and Diversify Magazine, exemplify HAUS' mission through their respective fields. Vom Moda establishes new standards in high fashion with avant-garde designs championing self-expression in all its forms. Whereas Diversify builds an alternative media platform representing diverse subcultures and empowering emerging talents. Beyond our subsidiaries, HAUS aims to establish an influential creative collective for its respective field. By cultivating an inclusive community and nurturing the next generation of leaders, we aspire to make a positive social impact. It is through creative expression and empowerment that lasting change can effect Los Santos' fashion industry. At HAUS Institute, diversity is our driving force. We aspire forward to connecting our subsidiaries with open-minded collaborators who share a similar vision to us. Together, through collaboration and creative freedom, we will continue challenging conventions to forge an ethical future for the fashion industry. Our Blog Here you'll discover insights and stories from the creative hearts of HAUS Institute. Through our words and photography, we strive to share our vision of an industry shaped by diverse voices and fresh perspectives. Meet the talented individuals behind Vom Moda and Diversify Magazine. Gain inspiration from their journeys as they help establish HAUS. You'll also receive an inside look at our productions, from behind-the-scenes snapshots to commentary on our latest collections and issues. We aim to provide an authentic view of our process - the moments of innovation and inspiration as well as overcoming challenges as a team. Vom Moda presents 'Alien Superstar" - May 16, 2024, 1:21 pm. Cultivating Creativity in the Great Outdoors - May 6, 2024, 5:58 pm. Introducing HAUS Institute - May 2, 2024, 9:54 am. Contact Us We want to hear from you. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or inquiries. We aim to respond to all inquiries within 2 business days. For urgent matters, please call our main phone number during business hours. We look forward to connecting and advancing important conversations together. Business ID: 032/APR/24 | City of Los Santos www.haus.institute | Facebrowser | Discord
  2. (( More to follow! Click here or on the image to get redirected to our forums. ))
  3. Who are we? Welcome to Bluewater Logistics, a transportation service business. At Bluewater Logistics, we know that transport and logistics requires much more than just trucks, vessels and aircraft. It requires the right team. We want to be best in town, being the best freight forwarder on both a local, and global scale, always having our clients in focus, and providing the best service and solution, no matter the destination or type of cargo. We move it all, from standard every day goods to the most challenging and advanced project cargo. At Bluewater Logistics you find an experienced and skilled team of professionals, offering our clients complete and tailor made solutions across San Andreas. Bluewater is specialised in 6 business areas. General Cargo - Transport of a wide range of industrial and consumer goods. Refrigerated Logistics - Transport of food and other refrigerated goods. Oil, Gas & Industrial Projects - Covers any size of project cargo, from a single pallet to complete oil rigs. Port Services & Agency - Offering base services and stevedoring, aswell as chartering and ship agency services. Wind Logistics - Entire transport and logistics solutions for the wind industry. Marine Logistics - Freight services to the marine and cruise industry. Bluewater has more than 50 offices around the world. Our ambition is to work in close cooperation with our clients, building mutual trust and personal relations. Setting the right competent and experienced teams for the job is the key to the unique service at Bluewater. A short line of command is vital for us, it makes us flexible and proactive in finding the best solutions to any challenge on the way. We see ourselves as more than just a traditional transport company, handling cargo from one point to another. We create individual solutions for our clients. From small parcels at warehouses to 40 foot containers at busy ports, we handle and monitor everything using unique IT systems. Bluewater encourages a zero incident mindset in all employees and partners. Health and Safety are among our highest priorities. This also includes protection of the environment. Bluewater Logistics was founded in Sandy Shores by Garrett Baker in 2019. From the very start the ambition for Bluewater was to be best in town, offering a unique service and quality in transport and logistics. This is still the ambition today, and everyday, more than 100 Bluewater Employees work hard to fulfil this ambition to the benefit of our clients. Here at Bluewater employees are met in eye level and we give each and every one a chance to develop their crafts and help them grow as a person. Many businesses in this industry only take in people with prior experience, but we believe that there are people out there who have huge potential but just can't get the opportunity to prove it, and so we aim to give people the tools and freedom to evolve their skills, not just for their own sake, but for the sake of also improving the industry as a whole, which is very much in our own interest. If you'd like to join our team, please apply here - gtaw.link/ApplyBWL Our roster At Bluewater Logistics, we thrive to provide our customers with the best quality services. In order to achieve that, we built on of the best management teams around Los Santos. Contact Us You can reach us on e-mail [email protected] ((PM @SteveHastingson )) Our corporate base of operations is located in Los Santos, USA. Address: Unit 72A, Chupacabra Street, Elysian Island.
  4. Better Oral of Mirror Park offers high-quality dentistry with your comfort in mind at all times, we focus on the needs of each patient to provide a comfortable patient experience in a relaxing and modern environment. Our office uses the latest state-of-the-art equipment and cutting edge technology and we follow the strictest sterilization methods. If you want to be part of a collaborative and effective team as we build on our success, we want to hear from you. Interested in starting a career with us? We consist of a vibrant team of individuals who aim to provide quality and ethical dental care. I. Dentist Employment Options: Full-time Schedule: Monday - Friday 7pm - 8pm Salary: $35,000 / week II. Dental Nurse Employment Options: Full-time, part-time Schedule: Monday - Friday 7pm - 8pm Salary: $25,000 / week III. Administrative Assistant Employment Options: Full-time, part-time Schedule: Monday - Friday 7pm - 8pm Salary: $15,000 / week Remember that Better Oral Dental Clinic does not expect the applicant to be highly experienced, while it is preferred, we also teach and assist those who apply. All college students are also welcome as they are guaranteed training and internships from their first day on the job. Click here to apply! (( Can also use [email protected] IG )) (( All interested people are welcome to join our Discord to schedule an appointment or just to get more information about the jobs. It will be mandatory to be in the Discord once you are hired IG. https://discord.gg/P8d4CKb5pQ Please abstain from applying if you are looking to make fast and easy money. Having OOC experience is not necessary and should not be something that limits people's roleplay, therefore, we will help any player who shows interest. We will be providing help in the best possible way, guidelines and information to make the roleplay enjoyable and fun. ))
  5. So when I first joined which was like 2 days ago, I joined the farmer job but it doesn't really fit my character so today I went to a gas station and put /bjoin. I quit the farmer job with /leavejob afterwards. Now the game is telling me I'm unemployed and in my UPC it puts the gas station under assets, under shops. Did I do something wrong? How can I fix this? I just want to work at a gas station, not own it! Also I have this under stats, but I'm being paid for unemployment or something? It's weird and I'm unsure if it's a glitch.
  6. HUMANFORCE SCOUTING YOUR DEFINITIVE HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTORY Our mission Humanforce Scouting has been conceived to be a bridge between employers and employees. With the aim of bringing on the best human assets to the most exigent companies all over the State. Our online job platform "HUMANFORCE LINKER" has been designed to connect companies with workers in the easiest way possible, together with the most experienced HR consultants will be the best assets for both of them in order to match the perfect candidate with the perfect job offer. The ideal individual for a particular job, or the ideal job for a concrete individual exists. It is just hidden. Humanforce Scouting will help you to find it our, regardless if you are a business or a worker. And if this is not enough for you, contact us: we can always bespeak the solution that fits better for you. We can either publicize your job offer and manage it. Or take care of your HR department for a certain period of time. Or better! Until you decide! Get started today! Tomorrow might be late. IF YOU ARE A WORKER: Get in touch with our scouting department for an interview. Either choose one of our published job offers, or ask us to find the job which suits you the most. And to make it clear: for you, this service is and will always be FREE. Is a fact. IF YOU ARE A COMPANY: Leave us the responsibility so you can get focused on other areas of your business. Get in touch with our scouting department and request access to our database. This will be constantly feed with candidates previously interviewed, with an illustrative rating of their experience, abilities and strengths, as well as will their contact details. Or if you need an extensive service, rely on our specialists and externalize your HR department. Save money, efforts and invest both on other areas in which there are more needed. FEATURED JOB OPPORTUNITIES REF: HS001 - BLUEWATER LOGISTICS - TRUCKER - A CAREER IN THE LOGISTICS INDUSTRY Bluewater Logistics, the State's leading logistics company is now expanding and fully determined to bring the best professionals on board with them. They are looking for reliable drivers that can ensure reliability and efficiency, able to provide perfection and overachievement even under stressful situations. Salary: Payment under commission - 95% of each delivery Monday - Friday. 97% of each delivery Saturday - Sunday Schedule: Flexible Applying information: to apply for this position please either get in touch with [email protected] with the reference number HS001 or contact 5-0-2-6-6-1-3-0 ((Either contact IC, or forum DM SteveHastingson)). Humanforce Scouting is owned & operated by Bluewater Holdings.
  7. Are you looking for a long-term, full-time and rewarding job? Well look no further because Paleto Bay Tactical Academy and Ammunation is for you! Available jobs: 1, Store Clerk 2, Instructor (Or you can apply for both, and we can discuss your decisions on the interview!) Check out our FaceBrowser page for more details: https://face.gta.world/pages/paletobayTacticalAcademy?ref=qs -OR - If you are 100% sure you are fitting for this job you can click the link to fill out the form! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc5knt63mb87nt8YeQ8RFRQw-1rfWyeB4g8CdLbwED5-MrMNA/viewform
  8. Short description: Two changes to help Prison RP be more engaging! -With the new, more secure Visitation area, allow visits without a guard present. -Implement a realistic Job system within the prison. Detailed description: Hi! So, just two ideas I've been spit-balling to make Prison RP a little less of a grind, and to encourage RP on the inside. -Guardless Visitation I've personally had a lot of interactions with the current visitation system... it's not really fun. For anyone involved. The visitors have to sit and wait for a guard, a guard has to stop what they're doing to come stand in a corner, and the prisoner gets thirty minutes of engagement. It's a pain in the butt for not a lot of pay off! It also really hurts people with different schedules and time zones, which is quite a few players. But with the new Visitation area and it's security glass, I think allowing free visits would be reasonable! No smuggling or confrontations that would require a guard (and the alert system would be useful if something did happen; loud arguments, banging on the glass, etc.) Just a suggestion, with the higher security, it'd free up players to RP more with the incarceration system. -Prison Work Add a job or two within the prison! Like, a script job. The prisoners earn some Commissary money while RPing, it's something to do besides waiting in the common area for idle chit chat, and adds a dose of realism to the jail! Potentially include a mechanic where the prisoner reduces their sentence as well for their work? Increase the 3x multiplier to 4x or 5x while actively working? As for the script jobs themselves, three feasible ones would be; -Janitor: Keep the jailhouse sparkling! Something akin to the Garbage Truck script system; get sent to a location, perform the action (unclog toilet, sweep area, bleach showers). Actively RPing it all of course! This could also encourage use of some of the lesser-travelled areas in the jail, Showers and Chapel and what-not. -Commissary Clerk: Gotta get your ramen somehow! Script wise, it'd be like any Business job. Start shift, RP sales, a % of selling items, etc. -Laundry: Clothes folding, the ultimate punishment. But, akin to the Janitor/Garbage jobs, get assigned tasks and RP completing them. Start load, fold clothes, sort dirty stuff. That sort of thing. Obviously, not just any prisoner can get these allowances; have them apply for the jobs either IC or on the Forums. SD can check their records and make a decision. Adds some motivation to be a well-behaved prisoner! So the lady who had a fender-bender with a cop car isn't in the exact same boat as the repeated offender violent cop killer. Commands to add: Script job commands for the three jobs! /wash, /sweep, etc. Items to add: Nothing I can really think of! How would your suggestion improve the server? Add some depth, motivation, and realism to the current Prison system without requiring a drastic overhaul. Make it worthwhile to do prison RP! Additional information: I saw some other threads about Prison suggestions, but thought that a milder one would be a good step forward, because, as it is... no one really likes RPing jail time, which is a shame, because there's a lot of potentially cool stories from it. Thank you for reading, have a great day.
  9. Currently as far as I know, there are one main job called Trucking (also referred to as Courier). This job has a decent payout, and a fair combination between the interactions to payout ratio. Meaning you do some interactions (besides from driving) and you get some good money. The more you do the job, the better the money. On the other hand, since the past few weeks we had seen an influx of new truckers - rushing to work and collect some hard earned money. This influx created close to none job, if you get on the wrong time of the server you might get 1-2 trucking offers with 6+KM on them. Regarding other side-jobs; The trash job is easily the hardest one, you make many interactions during each run, and the money is bad compared to the amount of work you got to put in. Fishing is nice, but it has a hard cap on it. Meaning even if you enjoy fishing, you won’t get more than ~2k for every 15-25 mins. And I heard a rumour about another mysterious job called the Taxi driver but let’s not get in there. My suggestions: Create more (at least 2) scripted jobs. Make them server reliant - meaning just like trucking it has things to do with other players. (eco system) Improve upon fishing, stop cock blocking the fishermen and women just because you afraid they make some money that way. It’s a game after all - we need to have some fun. Either cut the amount of trash needed for a full trash run. Or increase the payout. Remove the ability to work as a rent Trucker. Yes it will create monopoly over Trucking, but that’s the best we can do to lower the amount of truckers. Please discuss.
  10. Short description: A new business where you can manufacture different types of liquor. Detailed description: Similar to /brew where you can craft Moonshine/Crap Beer in that you need the right ingredients and the correct workstation. However, all this but on a much larger scale in how much you can craft at a time, as well as what types of booze you can craft. Also while adding jobs. Sure one man/woman can run it, but 2 men (or women) can craft more. Commands to add: Basically the same menu as /brew just with more implemented, in terms of scale and variety, that require an actual business to do. Items to add: As follows: Barley: after being malted, it has ferment-able sugars, usable in beer or as a base for whiskey Carrots: the high sugar content makes it a prime candidate for fermentation into carrot wine Mare’s milk: any milk (which has high lactose sugar content) can be fermented, but people living in ancient Russia figured out that mare’s milk was higher sugar; Vermont Spirits currently makes a milk-based vodka Potatoes: commonly thought as the main base for vodka, it’s actually just a small percentage, while many vodkas are made with grapes, wheat, and other bases Sugarcane juice: the base of rhum agricola, a kind of rum, as well as the Brazilian spirit cachaça; most rums are made from molasses, while rhum agricola has a lighter, sweetly grassy flavor Bananas: used in both Kenya and Uganda to make a kind of banana beer Desert plants: The heart of the agave plant is what’s fermented to make both tequila and mezcal (for the latter, the heart is first charred) Rotten fruit: thirsty, innovative prisoners have been known to collect and store it in garbage bags along with some acidifying ketchup, toss in a slice of bread for yeast and (hopefully) get “pruno,” or prison wine, in about a week (don’t try this at home, unless it’s the Apocalypse and you have to) Sorghum: a grain used, often in conjunction with other grains, to make Chinese Baijiu, also used to make Ethiopian injera bread How would your suggestion improve the server? All of these clubs/pubs/taverns/bars scattered across Los Santos would have to have an inventory of liquor to maintain in order to keep there patrons happy. That they could buy direct from the manufacturer, or from liquor stores, which buy direct from manufacturers. They would have actual drinks they could mix and sell. No longer will drinks be imaginary, and the economy will expand. Additional information: I've been running (trying to) a liquor business, but as it turns out, bar owners don't want to buy moonshine. Why? Probably because they're a respectable business. Also, because the liquor they serve isn't real (well in turns of in-game real). When I order a drink, I pay whatever they tell me, and tip them as well. But, all I get is a big glass of nothing, which is fine this is an RP server after all. However, the problem with this system is that the bar scene is raking in cash with $500 door fees and free money with no expenses on drinks, so everything is 100% profit, which as you know is not how a business works. This new business model can really reshape the way business is done. It will create an entirely different competitive market for different distilleries.
  11. Lexinator

    Jobs Guide

    Which jobs pay the most? And or quickest way to make money. I’m trying to make enough to get myself a house, and I’m struggling lol, I’ve notice it will take a lot of grinding on script jobs.
  12. Hi! So for a little introduction, I play Christopher Foreman and Ryan Lionheart and I run the Los Santos Fire Department alongside with @Björk. Recently it has come to our attention that we have a fair few ranks free within the LSFD faction and we thought we could provide more RP for the server and opportunities for unique roleplay within the faction, however in a non-firefighting capacity. You could call it a "Civilian Employee" role or something along the lines. For example we were thinking of having an LSFD Chaplain / Psychologist which would be essentially a mental healthcare specialist for both PD and FD, or just generally a psychologist. Another example we thought of could be an LSFD specialist mechanic. We wish to know what you, the community, would like to see available in order to provide for more RP between the faction and of course, you guys and girls. So, what kind of civilian employee roles would you like to see? And how would it benefit the server and the FD?
  13. Arteh

    Leone Security

    Leone Security Founded by Michael Leone in 2018 works to safeguard the welfare and prosperity of clients across LS – helping to create safer and better environments in which people live and work. With operations recently starting, Leone Security aims to provide optimum and tailored service to its clients in and their approach to security. Working with individuals to large corporations, Leone Security is designed to be compatible with anyone. Services Provided Tailored & Unique security based specifically around your corporation and style. (Including but not limited to; Uniform, Equipment, Handling techniques) Personnel security for individuals Business security (Nightclubs, Bars, Local business') Transport/Escort security (From Point A to B) Mission Statement Our organisation aims to provide excellent customer service with integrity and commitment. We have quick response turnaround on any immediate security threats faced by existing clients. Furthermore, we provide tailored packages specific to your needs. Our staff is trained extensively and we recruit only from the finest and most experienced of security guards - with a range of experience that permits us to approach each client with a unique approach. Our staff is encouraged to pursue diplomacy and patience - as well as treat each situation with urgency to alleviate any security concerns to our clients or their establishments. Our staff is also advised to be discrete to minimize disruption to other patrons in establishments such as nightclubs, so that our clients business can resume unaffected. Pricing Leone Security offers consistency and quality, therefore our rates are variable dependent on the requirements of our clients. Depending on the size of the security personnel required and the duration - rates do vary. For any pricing quotation, please contact us at #3333 - alternatively please E-Mail us ((Forum PM)).
  14. Mechanic boys As the title insinuates to give the players / pd to make use of those tow trucks, Usually how the PD deals with vehicles is they impound them for 24hrs in which players may pay a fine to get there car / truck back. So how about we set up a license via forums or in game that allows people who are mechanics or something similar to be able to tow to a lot. This will assist PD also cut out trolls who tow , i personally would jump the idea since i do own a tow truck and would actually enjoy towing people who park there car illegally. With this idea would open up alot of ideas with parking and paying meters for parking in public places. With that it would also open the idea for meter maid's and stuff for lspd branches. LSPD So we don't want to give out a license for towing in fright of people jumping on that boat and just towing for jokes. Perhaps we can set up a way to contract mechanics who own tow trucks to help out the pd in impounding vehicles. Almost like a out branch of the PD sorta like how LSFD is also the EMT, though the idea is a stretch to compare the two i think the idea hold truth. Contact info. If your interested by spit shooting ideas with me about the subject im happy to hear your ideas on how we can make such a system work and the limitations we can set for such a premise. Please message me on discord since my forum visits are very near and few, if you don't have discord please feel free to reply to the forum post and im sure i'll read it at some point. Discord: Wiluthen#2930
  15. Walker Law is now HIRING. Walker Law is now hiring secretaries, paralegals and a personal assistant to work for the firm. You will be paid a competitive wage. The jobs will require a fair amount of travelling however it is perfect for anyone looking to start their career and build up a good level of experience. The duties of the roles vary but they will all be challenging and require good personal skills. Walker Law is also hiring BAR certified lawyers, however, these positions are limited and often only given contractual work. Apply within at [email protected] Please include your name, number and address so that we can arrange an interview. (Walker Law is a subsidiary of Khrushchevskaya Industries) Eric Walker. 3581323
  16. Made this as a comment in another thread and got like 3 likes, so I thought it deserved a separate topic. Mods can of course delete this if they disagree. Oh and while i'm at it, i'm just gonna plug another thread i made in the weekend that haven't received a reply yet, show me some love on this thread too thanks
  17. The long awaited property update is now in! How does it work, you may ask? Take a look at THIS for most of your questions answered. But, since I know lots have people who have come to me with questions already on how it will be run. Here, I will try to answer most of your commonly asked questions. 1. Okay, so how do I get started? I want to make money and involve myself in this roleplay. I want a thorough explanation. A. 1. You want to get into real estate? This is how you will get into it as a real estate agent and behave as a real estate agent. 2. You want to get on the construction side with your friends? 2. How do I acquire a business with this new update? Auctions are gone? A. Acquiring a business is much like acquiring a house now. You must meet with a Dynasty 8 Real Estate agent with your intentions of creating a business, where you want it, etc. This will be the process for acquiring the business. 3. How do interior changes work with this new system? How do I get a new interior? A. You may get a new interior via these steps. (Please note, this doesn't mean someone making a custom interior for you via the blank interior- This is simply for those whom want to change the interior of their house or business. If you want someone to decorate your house with furniture, that will be coming up in a following update, or you may advertise that you are looking for someone to decorate your property ICly. ) 4. Does this mean new areas of the map will be added? Do I have to get my houses and businesses through this system now? A. YES! We are now adding Vespucci with this new update. You will no longer be able to just go up to a house and /buyhouse like in an RPG game. You must be in contact with a real estate agent who will guide you through the process, and get you set up with the house, just like in real life. Just a bit more touch of realism, and plenty of opportunities to be had! This server strives for heavy/serious roleplay, and this is just one of the many things we have planned to bring you the absolute best experience that we can. Feel free to ask any more questions that you may have in THIS thread . Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. -Missi
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