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  1. Thank you for this very clear explanation! This makes me feel a lot better. I think this topic can be locked now, unless anybody else feels like it needs to stay open.
  2. Wow, I didn't expect this thread to blow up with responses as much as it did. I looked through a lot of these answers and from both reading them and experiencing things in game, I can gather that civilians are technically not the best type of characters to play here if you don't want to risk being CK'd (unless I misunderstood somehow, which I might have because I am really tired right now.) It's a real shame, because I was hoping this place would be the online life simulator of my dreams. Maybe I'm more fit for somewhere else, be it another GTA RP or a different program like Second Life. Not saying I'm going to permanently quit, but it sucks that, like ode said, I feel like I have to be in constant fear of losing my character.
  3. Characters should only be CK'd with full permission of the person playing said character.
  4. Okay! This helps a lot! My guy is very much a wimp and would run from almost all dangerous scenarios, so it sounds like I shouldn't have a problem!
  5. What the title says. If I play a regular, non-criminal and non-prominent citizen (like not a cop or a political figure) should I have to worry about being Character Killed? I recall my character being antagonized and beat up badly by two thugs out of pretty much nowhere the last time I played regularly (which was about a year ago?) and since then I have felt a bit worried about permadeath. Should I have to worry about this so much?
  6. My guy lost his phone which had a contract so I got him a PAYG phone. I re-added all of his contacts to the PAYG phone but I don't see them on the UCP contacts list. They were there for the old phone which had the contract (though I cancelled the contract for the phone I lost) Is this normal? Do PAYG phones not list contacts on the UCP?
  7. Nyami

    Character emails?

    Ahh I see. Thanks for letting me know!
  8. My character got asked for his email for a job interview and I don't know how to respond. Does my character even have an email? Am I supposed to make one up? How does email work ICly?
  9. I am brand new and I'm finding the community very welcoming so far. I've yet to run into a jerk!
  10. So a guy off the street sold me a Maxwell Asbo on the first day I joined the game and I didn't find out the car was a (stolen?) rental until today. I no longer want this car on my account, so is these any way I can remove it? Can it be scrapped or deleted? A guy at the dealership place said he basically couldn't take it.
  11. I did advertise in-game and found a very helpful person! That was an excellent idea and I thank you for that. They pointed out my biggest issue is stopping in the middle of an intersection, which I keep doing because of the crosswalks. I'm not supposed to stop at the second crosswalk I drive through, am I? (Unless there's a person crossing of course!) Also, roundabouts are very challenging and often confuse and scare me. I guess it does just take practice!
  12. Oh you're right, that is a U turn. I don't know what I was thinking, heh. Yeah that one is really, really confusing. Are there certain areas that have this that I should avoid for now until I'm better at this? Or areas that are just easier to drive through in general? @Scorgasmic Oh, nice. I will look for Desmond Collins in game! My character's name is Paul Burke. (I hope this doesn't count as metagaming!)
  13. Ooh that link looks especially helpful! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 😄 This one in particular has been confusing me a bit: I drew the green lines on the road to show how I think you are supposed to do it. Am I correct? Starting at the curved arrow and then turning to the straight arrows? Are you allowed to stay in the middle if you want to go straight?
  14. Thanks! That's a good idea, using the RP angle, especially as my character is supposed to be a nervous guy so it would make sense for him I guess! I really appreciate all of you guys' help, I honestly worried that when I made this topic I'd be trolled to death 😆 but I've been pleasantly surprised for sure!
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