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  1. Detailed Description Allow the usage of the discord SMS script even if you're not online. Literally just this, let me send SMS if I'm not online. Relevant Commands/Items Not needed. Perhaps a discord cmd to change your phone. How will it benefit the server? I don't need to be online. Easier to organize shit with people. Sometimes you want to text someone who's online but you cannot. Literally every single scenario it's better.
  2. *Username: TacoLover3000 *Rating (( 1-5 stars)): 5 Paid Review *Comment: Mid
  3. Honestly, in my opinion, an economy reset is needed. Before that, the admin team would need to decide how to re-price vehicle such that low end vehicles and high end vehicles have appropriate prices instead of the weird mix that currently exists, same with houses/apartments and all the other items that are available on the server. If money is OOC then you might as well give everyone unlimited money to do their roleplay as they bid. On Owl, I really liked the house and vehicle tokens and I think it could definitely work here too. Then we can decrease the $200k starting money to something like $20k.
  4. +1 for the amazingly detailed graphs.
  5. +1 on this. The weird socks we have right now exist irl but they look weird.
  6. I can vouch on this. Most characters who commit crimes are either new characters or old character who were never caught so 90% of the time you can't get DNA evidence. Casings do nothing unless we have your firearm. Vehicles can easily be reported stolen/or just jacked. It's literally trivial to not get caught, I'd say most crimes every day go unsolved unless the person committing it isn't careful.
  7. Unsure about LSPD but in SD only detectives, SEB & traffic units have ALPR which is a very small amount of units active every hour.
  8. Yeah probably. If you have a lengthy record and you give cops lip, you're getting searched.
  9. I'm not saying whether it's legal or not. I'm just saying the logical explanation on why the dude is getting searched every time.
  10. +1 Changes to report vehicles need to be made. It's pretty dumb how people report it during pursuits, when they lose cops etc.
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