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  1. Who are we? Welcome to Bluewater Logistics, a transportation service business. We have our own internal structure to optimize day to day operations and insure the well being of each employee is held up to our high standards. Here at Bluewater employees are met in eye level and we give each and every one a chance to develop their crafts and help them grow as a person. Many businesses in this industry only take in people with prior experience, but we believe that there are people out there who have huge potential but just can't get the opportunity to prove it, and so we aim to give people the tools and freedom to evolve their skills, not just for their own sake, but for the sake of also improving the industry as a whole, which is very much in our own interest. If you'd like to join our team, please contact Steve Hastingson. (( @SteveHastingson )) Our roster At Bluewater Logistics, we thrive to provide our customers with the best quality services. In order to achieve that, we built on of the best management teams around Los Santos. Director Steve Hastingson Phone: 50266130 [email protected] (( @SteveHastingson )) Chief Executive Officer Craig Fulton Phone: 8700752 [email protected] (( @Game)) Chief Operating Officer Santiago Robinson Phone: 2802 [email protected] (( @ReklawM )) General Manager Finn Byrne Phone: 06365380 [email protected] ((@Leone Pasello)) Operations Manager Jason Johnson Phone: 55044902 [email protected] (( @Moo_Moo_Panda_14 )) Contact Us You can reach us on e-mail [email protected] ((PM @SteveHastingson )) Our base of operations is located in Los Santos, USA. Address: Unit 72A, Chupacabra Street, Elysian Island.
  2. @[email protected]@Static To start off, this is not a rant thread. This is a cry for help thread. Trucking is in a huge dead zone, seemingly from the last change of crate prices and capacity. Crate prices were doubled and their component capacity increased from 50 to 100. The increase in crate price caused a surge of truckers because base income was increased. Fixed the trucker drought. The increase in crate capacity gave businesses double the amount of components, without any change to how many components are used by the business. Twice the amount of the supply, but same demand. The problem we have now is this. This is an every day occurrence going on almost a week now. Orders trickle in but there's nothing left for trucking businesses. Trucking has long been on a suggestion list and discussion forum with countless people chiming in on suggestions to improve / overhaul trucking. It's time that someone takes these suggestions to heart and help fix the system entirely. I understand that truckers get a bad rap, but a lot of us truly enjoy it for the RP of trucking itself and other surrounding events (employee events, spending time around HQ, etc). However if the main trucking script continues on this path, trucking is going to die a slow death. https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/47478-make-trucking-job-interestin/ https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/40340-realistic-trucking-job https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/43629-trucking-suppliers-overhaul https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/56270-allow-managers-to-pay-insurance-on-biz-vehicles https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/56944-improve-trucking-startshipment-uiux-in-game https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/68682-chemical-trucking-job https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/72157-minor-change-searchsorting-system-for-startshipment https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/71228-add-new-suppliers-to-fill-the-gaps-and-help-businesses https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/43386-trucking-overhaul-realism-class-a-b-c-repairs-and-more Several suggestions over the past year or so that have been garnered great discussion. These are just a few, but you get the point. It's time to fully address this issue. Please voice solutions like these threads above. This is not meant to be a rant thread, more a cry for help. Let's find a solution, not create more problems.
  3. Job Title: Driver Reporting To: Supervisors Job Brief: We are looking for responsible Drivers to distribute products promptly to our customers. You will represent our company in a professional and prompt manner to increase our profitability and customer satisfaction. Responsibilities: • Deliver a wide variety of items to different addresses and through different routes • Follow delivery routes in a prompt fashion • Load, unload, prepare, inspect and operate a delivery vehicle • Complete logs and reports • Follow DOT regulations and safety standards Requirements: • Valid San Andreas driver’s license • Ability to operate vehicles ranging in size in a variety of weather and traffic conditions • Excellent organizational and time management skills • Good driving record with no severe traffic violations in the last two years • High school degree To apply: Please use the following link and someone will contact you soon: http://gtaw.link/AppBWL Job Title: Supervisor Reporting To: Operations Manager Job Brief: We are looking for a Driver Supervisor to oversee the Driver team, and assist the Operational Management staff with their daily duties. You will be responsible for keeping our intranet systems up to date and dealing with any customer service and operational issues. Requirements: • Extensive working experience as a Driver • Ability to educate and guide others with regards to the operation of our fleet of vehicles • Extensive knowledge of the trucking business • Excellent organizational and time management skills • High levels of motivation • High school degree • Valid San Andreas driver’s license Responsibilities: • Effectively supervising the site in accordance with business and legislative requirements • Ensure that the fleet is brought out from the garage every day and displayed in the appropriate layout • Adhering with transport compliance, including vehicle maintenance, driver’s hours and tachograph regulations in addition to working time directive regulations • Supervision of Drivers and ensuring all delivery logs are kept up to date • Professional and positive approach to drive effective team working • Act as emergency controller for holiday and sickness cover • Supporting and supervising vehicle loading when required • Experience of working in a high paced environment • Ensure that all warehouse tasks are completed efficiently • Ensure that all relevant procedures and processes are followed and adhered to in line with the company’s procedures and requirements Benefits:• An incredibly competitive salary of up to $390,000 per annum, paid monthly. To apply: Please contact Operations Manager, Jason Johnson: [email protected] ((Forum PM: @Moo_Moo_Panda_14))
  4. ... the blood of LS County About Us: Located in the heart of Paleto Bay, Palmas Logistics (est. 2020) prides itself on being one of the leading transport companies of the county of Los Santos. Serving the local businesses and offering fair and human-friendly employment to the local community, Palmas Logistics has been one of the most long-lasting businesses of its type in the area. With over 20 vehicles in its fleet, Palmas Logistics specialises in medium-haul connections between the Port of Los Santos and the industrial areas and commercial businesses around the vast county of Los Santos, serving local businesses with unbeatable pricing and service conditions. Find us at Paleto Boulevard, Paleto Bay We are HIRING! OPEN POSITIONS: • Field Staff - Driver: OPEN (∞) Conditions: • 90% commission rate per delivery; up to 92% on high-demand scenarios. • Weekly performance bonus per crate delivered for top performers (up to an additional $5 per crate). • Extra commission for deliveries to contracted businesses, under contract conditions. • Access to employee financial aid program (e.g. property/vehicle purchases, self-defense...)*. • Health and dental insurance. • Office Staff - Human Resources Assistant: OPEN (4) Conditions: • Starting salary: $28,000/month base salary + Salary complements • Salary complement of $2,000 per assignment completed (up to $12,000/week) • Access to employee financial aid program (e.g. property/vehicle purchases, self-defense...)*. • Health and dental insurance. • Office Staff - Public Relations Assistant: OPEN (2) Conditions: • Starting salary: $28,000/month base salary + Salary complements • Salary complement of $1,000 per assignment completed (up to $6,000/week) • Access to employee financial aid program (e.g. property/vehicle purchases, self-defense...)*. • Health and dental insurance. • Supervisory Staff - Team Manager: OPEN (1) Conditions: • Starting salary: $32,000/month base salary + Salary complements • Salary complement per assignment completed (discussed privately) • Access to employee financial aid program (e.g. property/vehicle purchases, self-defense...)*. • Health and dental insurance. • Management Staff - Head of Contracts: OPEN (1) Conditions: • Starting salary: $36,000/month base salary + Salary complements • Salary complement per assignment completed (discussed privately) • Access to employee financial aid program (e.g. property/vehicle purchases, self-defense...)*. • Health and dental insurance. !! APPLY HERE: CLICK TO ACCESS FORM !! For any questions or concerns, you may contact us via [email protected] (( Join our Discord server! https://discord.gg/w3Hh2UWAPA ))
  5. Coastal Industries ® Official Job Board of January 2022 (Open positions below) Operations Manager (Filled) (Salary) Previous experience 1-3+ Years Supervisors (1 Position) (95% payout) Previous experience 1+ Years Drivers (5-20+ Positions) (95% payout) Previous experience 6+ Months Clean driving background No criminal record Warehouse Workers (Hiring) Previous experience 1+ years Forklift experience 1+ years (licensed + better salary if licensed operator) Janitor (Hiring - 1 Position) (Salary) Previous experience 6 months - 1 year previous experience (unexperienced is still welcomed) Towing Operators (Hiring - Several Positions) (Salary) Previous experience 1+ years would be beneficial Weekly salary, plus additional bonuses Application form (Use this if you wish to not use our other form listed below) Want to fast track your employment? Fill out our application now! This will speed up the process of being hired! Send all applications to [email protected] at lsmail.gta.world! We are looking to hire long-term or contracted base. Check back for job openings within our company. If you're looking to become a share holder of the command please email us at our corporate level email which is [email protected] (( Forum PM @Cheeezy ))
  6. "What is Blue Water Logistics?" Blue Water Logistics, or BWL for short, is a one of a kind Trucking Company. Our family offers its drivers the best possible compensation and benefits packages in the business. Our beautiful blue family does everything in its power to make sure that its drivers are handsomely rewarded, as we don't just want them to dip their toes in the business, we want them to make a life in it. But maybe they don't want to make a life in it? Well, we don't discriminate! We accept employees on a Part-Time basis, as well! "What can I expect from working for BWL?" We're glad that you've asked. We like when potential employees ask us questions, as it shows they have a keen eye for detail and they care about the future. You don't want to get ripped off, and we don't want to rip you off! Let's outline some of what we offer below. Pay: 93% Commission on Weekdays, 95% Commission on Weekends. Currently we are working on structuring added bonuses, such as when our drivers increase the ranking on their license, as well as bonuses for when our drivers regularly complete an average of 10 deliveries a day over a full week. You heard right, ONLY 10 deliveries a day to earn a bonus! Benefits: The benefits that we extend to our drivers beyond their normal pay is fairly straight forward. We have an Employee of the Month program in which we handsomely reward our best driver over the span of the month. And no, you don't need to be with the company at the start of any given month to achieve this, nor is it tied to the amount of deliveries completed. Our drivers will be issued a company vehicle in which they are able to make deliveries with, insurance and fuel provided. And should some gang member attempt to rob you, we'll make sure that the officers that arrest them make sure their kneecaps have a nice little accident on the way to jail! Not enough? We also intend to host monthly events, such as drift competitions, drag races, and cookouts! All of which has the goods supplied by the company. "What experience do I need?" Close to nothing! Drivers must be 18 with a valid Driver's License and when you come to the company, you will be required to test for your Trucking License ((20 Hours in Game Time, no actual test)), other than that our Supervisors have provided the best possible care for new employees by creating a Trucking Manual. It outlines everything that it takes to be a driver. Need a little extra TLC? We can provide a Ride Along to show you the ropes! "I'm interested. What's the next step?" The next step will be to contact any of the following Team Members in order to apply. If you have any further inquiries, you're also welcome to send questions, comments, and concerns to them. Director: @lukashein CEO: @LittleRainbowz Chief Financial Officer: @BassDropYou
  7. We are currently accepting applications for the position of: Driver, Fleet Technician, and Human Resources Assistant. Driver [HIRING] Drivers are responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the Fleet. Candidates for this position should have a passion for driving and a reverence to road safety. The role is physically demanding and applicants will be required to work through varying weather conditions, lifting and carrying objects on a regular basis. Responsibilities Load product from suppliers and deliver it to vendors across the region. Ensure deliveries are completed adeptly, reliably, and punctually. Perform vehicle inspections and follow operating guidelines and procedures. Create and submit accurate delivery reports at the end of every shift. Show a strong commitment to driving excellence, road safety rules, and company values. Qualifications Must be at least 18 years old. Must possess a valid driver’s license. Must be a legal resident of San Andreas. High school diploma or equivalent certificate required. Must pass an internal road test with a Supervisor or Manager. Must be comfortable with dispatch computer technology. The ability to effectively drive a manual transmission vehicle is required upon attaining the rank of Driver Class 4 (training will be provided). Perform vehicle inspections and follow operating guidelines and procedures. Salary: N/A (Commission-based pay and bonuses) Fleet Technician [HIRING] Fleet Technicians are responsible for ensuring the Fleet is in working order. The role is an integral part of the team, and critical to efficiency of our operations. A candidate for this position should possess an independent mindset, and a strong focus on company regulations and safety. Responsibilities Undertake minor repairs to the Fleet and create accurate repair reports. Ensure that Fleet vehicles are regularly maintained. Monitor fluid levels and mechanical fitness of Fleet vehicles. Perform various labor tasks as delegated by the Fleet Manager. Complete regular safety inspections of the Fleet. Maintain the Fleet database. Transport or tow stricken vehicles back to the depot. Qualifications Must be at least 18 years old. Must possess a valid driver’s license. Must be a legal resident of San Andreas. High school diploma or equivalent certificate required. Must be able to operate a tow truck (training will be provided). Must pass an internal screen with a Fleet Technician or Manager. The ability to effectively drive a manual transmission vehicle is required upon attaining the rank of Driver Class 4 (training will be provided). Salary: $4,500 weekly. Human Resources Manager [POSITION FILLED] The Human Resources Manager oversees the recruitment and exit processes, employee relations, and training and development. Candidates for this position should be self motivated and collaborative, possessing strong communication skills and the ability to excel both working independently and in a team. The ability to keep sensitive information confidential is essential in this role. Responsibilities Monitor employee complaints and coordinate thorough and objective investigations when necessary. Screen written applications and conduct entry interviews. Conduct background checks and criminal record checks of applicants and employees. Lead the employee onboarding and orientation process to ensure the successful integration of employees. Facilitate the offboarding process to ensure minimal disruption after resignations and terminations. Oversee the employee database. Qualifications Must be at least 18 years old. Must possess a valid driver’s license. Must be a legal resident of San Andreas. High school diploma or equivalent certificate required. Bachelor's degree from a four-year college or university in business administration, human resources management, employee relations, or related field preferred. Salary: $7,500 weekly. Human Resources Assistant [HIRING] Human Resources Assistants conduct recruitment and exit processes, and employee relations. Candidates for this position should be self motivated and collaborative, possessing strong communication skills and a passion for helping people. The ability to keep sensitive information confidential is essential in this role. Responsibilities Monitor employee complaints and conduct thorough and objective investigations when necessary. Screen written applications and conduct entry interviews. Conduct background checks and criminal record checks of applicants and employees. Perform various tasks as delegated by the Human Resources Manager. Maintain the employee database. Qualifications Must be at least 18 years old. Must possess a valid driver’s license. Must be a legal resident of San Andreas. High school diploma or equivalent certificate required. Bachelor's degree from a four-year college or university in business administration, human resources management, employee relations, or related field preferred. Must possess exceptional communications skills. Salary: $4,500 weekly. Account Manager [POSITION FILLED] The Account Manager plays a fundamental role in achieving our ambitious client acquisition objectives. The role revolves around generating interest in our industry-leading logistical services. Candidates must be self-motivated, ambitious, and represent our company values. The position requires you to excel at communicating in person, making phone calls, and writing emails. Responsibilities Establish, develop, and maintain contact with vendors throughout the region. Pitch our membership services to vendors and induct them into our client system. Communicate our clients’ requests for logistical support and coordinate with the Management team to plan targeted Convoys. Communicate feedback from clients to the Management team. Qualifications Must be at least 18 years old. Must possess a valid driver’s license. Must be a legal resident of San Andreas. High school diploma or equivalent certificate required. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Superior listening and presentation skills. Positive attitude. Salary: $7,000 weekly. Security Guard [POSITIONS FILLED] Our Security team is responsible for the protection of IMEX personnel and property. The team patrols the premises and conducts escort duties utilizing modified security vehicles. Members of the team act as a visible deterrent to crime and are on-call to react to any emergency situation that arises. Candidates for this position must be quick-thinking, willing to work as a team member, and calm under pressure. The role requires you to work at night, under various weather conditions. Responsibilities Patrol the premises of IMEX properties. Escort the company convoys between suppliers and vendors. Sweep the loading and unloading sites before the arrival of company convoys. Maintain radio contact with company personnel and Gruppe 6 security services. Respond to any emergency calls from IMEX employees, partners, or clients. Qualifications Must be at least 18 years old. Must possess a valid driver’s license. Must be a legal resident of San Andreas. High school diploma or equivalent certificate required. Must pass an internal road test with a Supervisor or Manager. Armed guards must possess a PF and GC certificates. Salary: $7,000 weekly. Material Handler [ON HOLD] Our Material Handler operates advanced industrial equipment during our regular convoys. The role is critical for the efficiency of our long-haul operations, allowing our Drivers to load and unload material in a safe and timely manner. Candidates for this position must be willing to work as a team member and able to work well under pressure. The role requires you to work at night, under various weather conditions. Responsibilities Transport the forklift as part of the Convoy with a flatbed truck. Shuttle material from the supplier’s storage site to the loading site of the Convoy. Shuttle material from Convoy’s unloading site to the customer’s storage site. Report any damaged material otherwise unsuitable for shipping. Create and submit accurate reports at the end of every shift. Perform forklift inspections and follow operating guidelines and procedures. Qualifications Must be at least 18 years old. Must possess a valid driver’s license. Must be a legal resident of San Andreas. High school diploma or equivalent certificate required. Must pass an internal road test with a Supervisor or Manager. Must be able to operate a pallet jack and forklift (training will be provided). Must be able to drive a manual transmission vehicle (training will be provided). Salary: $3,500 per shift, two shifts a week. Interested in joining us? Please complete the following form here! Questions and comments can be emailed to us here! ((We can be contacted by forum PM: @arctic677, @tmoney., @Enlightening, @Jonson92, and @JochenDeath))
  8. OUR WEBSITE www.greypine.ls To JOIN, please contact our Managing Director - [email protected] @2kool to schedule an interview at our headquarters. MEET THE TEAM Meet some of the key team members at Greypine Logistics. Chairman Gavin Skinner @Ms KarMagick 🖤 Phone No: N/A Managing Director Rosie Devine @2kool Phone No: 1090972
  9. About Us GoPostal is a parcel delivery service and logistics/transportation service situated in Los Santos, San Andreas. We pickup, transport, store and deliver with one of the most efficient and fastest systems within Los Santos and are guarenteed to be a trustworthy partner for you and your business adventure! GoPostal was founded in September 1973 by Kenneth C. Sadler and a handfull of investors who saw potential in a postal and delivery service solely focussing on vital and essential goods that directly affect the people. Before the foundation of GoPostal, these vital stores and properties were often extorted and forced to pay prices they couldn't afford at the time. On the foundation of steering away from this business model, GoPostal was founded to assure safe and affordable restocking of grocery stores, mechanic workplaces and clothing stores. In the year 2014, a new leadership was taking over from the retiring Kenneth C. Sadler. Unfortunately, due to large ambitions but little financial management, the company soon went into default and it did not take long for GoPostal to declare itself bankrupt in September 2015, just a few days before its anniversary that year. The name GoPostal vanished from the streets, with its assets liquidated. GoPostal decided to make a restart in July 2021, and under the leadership of Chief Superintendent Luciana Perez it has made several reforms and started to slowly crawl back into the streets of Los Santos. Perez and her team got the company back up and running and since years, GoPostal is taking on clients again within the City of Los Santos. Even though the playing field has changed and practises from the past are not done in modern day, GoPostal stands firm with its original vision of being there for the businesses that need us the most. We are a company for the community, for local business owners, and most important; for you. Our Services Our services have changed over time ever since the first conception of the GoPostal name. Whereas we previously only facilitate logistics to business owners, we have vastly expanded our services offer. Logistics & Transport remains our core business in our roots. With our fleet of dedicated delivery vehicles and our support fleet offering assistance to it, we are able to constantly keep your businesses stocked to the brim. Remaining loyal to our original purpose, we only offer this service to businesses deemed neccesary each day for the city and it's civillians to function and live a quality life.| Priority Listing is something new within the company and is our replacement of the usual partnership contracts. For just $2000 per week (or $6000 per month), you'll be guarenteed daily deliveries, 6 days per week (sundays not included). Parcel Services is new to our business model and is specificly intended to facilitate a yet untouched market within Los Santos. Using a few dedicated vehicles to this service, we are able to deliver your packages to the right adresses within 1 to 2 business days. Simply contact GoPostal by phone or email, and we can get you started! This service does not exclude anyone, unlike our logistics services. Shipping fees may apply. Pickup Points will be brought operational as soon as possible. If we fail to deliver a package twice or a customer choose for the pickup option, people will be able to pickup their packages from our office or any other GoPostal certified pickup point during opening hours of such location. Contact Information We at GoPostal have several ways to get in touch with us. Check out the below information, and we are looking forward to your contact. By e-mail: [email protected] (( Forum PM this account @GoPostal )) By phone: 23917721 Our facebrowser: LINK Management: Luciana Maria Perez Chief Superintendent Alexander McIntosh Assistant Superintendent Website is subject to change without notice.
  10. SAN ANDREAS TRUCKERS UNION ABOUT THE UNION San Andreas Truckers Union, also known as the SATWU, is a labor union that represents the interests of truck drivers and couriers across San Andreas. Established in June, 2021 by current leader, Craig Lowry, SATWU is the first and largest union on the West Coast for truck drivers. The purpose of SATWU is to unify all truck drivers and protect the members' interests, negotiate for fair commissions, a safe work environment, social regulations, consistent work hours, and beneficial pension plans for all. The Union believes in solidarity and democracy, therefore, weekly meetings are held with it's members to discuss union affairs. MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS As a member of SATWU and a truck driver, you work hard to help improve the lives in your community to create a future of opportunity. Shouldn’t your insurance help you cope with the uncertainties of your future? The Union Labor Life Insurance Company (Union Labor Life) offers supplemental Life, Accident and Health insurance to help provide the added financial security and valuable protection for union members and their families Customized health care plan and free life insurance: Includes dental, vision and hearing Dismemberment and injury Retirement-plan & benefits Right to a safe work environment and standard safety equipment Able to attend our weekly meetings The right to call for a union representative if you feel discriminated against or marginalized, or experience unfair treatment CONTACT US Site under progress.
  11. Apex Logistics Est. April 2020 Website: Soon™ ((Post to be updated in the coming days)) History Apex Logistics was founded by the late Jacob Fletcher who spearheaded the company's formation in it's early days. Since, Jessica Williams has taken over as Operations Manager and, backed by the amazing team, is continuing to push the company to new frontiers. The company operates out of Cypress Flats in a prime location with direct access to the Southern Los Santos Dockyard. The current fleet is one of the largest within the sector and continues to grow with new investments. You can recognise us by our blue vehicles! Mission Our goal is to provide a sustainable and efficient logistics solution across Los Santos and the greater area. We do this by providing adequate training to our drivers and keeping our standards for recruitment and retention high. Our Services We supply components all across LS City and the greater state to a range of businesses. We also offer our services for private orders where small or large quantities of items need to be transported. We can offer in-house security for these shipments too. If you would like to enquire for a quote please email [email protected] ((Forum PM @Tree)). Available Jobs We currently offer a variety of jobs, many of which can be held concurrently to one another: Driver (split into multiple classes) Fleet Technician Human Resources Supervisor Dispatcher Security Secretary Facility Team If you would like to apply for a job please email [email protected] ((Forum PM @Tree)). Systems & Attitude We utilise multiple systems to ensure our performance in the field: an advanced dispatch system to assist in trending data, tracking on all of our vehicles to ensure the safety of our drivers and your product, and most importantly a positive atmosphere throughout the entire company. Copyright © 2020 Apex Logistics Ltd | Apex Logistics, Cypress Flats, Hanger Way, Los Santos, San Andreas GPS: "Apex Logistics" (( OUT OF CHARACTER )) We are lenient with activity as long as employees keep us informed. Extended periods of inactivity, without communication, will result in removal. We actively remove drivers who don't roleplay to a high enough standard. Our aim is to set the bar for other companies to follow - removing some of the grinding that the trucking script breeds.
  12. Trucking The trucking industry in GTA:W is popular, offering generous pay as well as the opportunity for development in your character's story. There's a lot of questions asked in regards to this industry, so here it is, a guide covering the job as a whole. The Basics If you're a newcomer to the server, the trucking job cannot be started independently or with an established company until you have reached a minimum of 20 hours on the character you're wanting to take up the job on. This gives the player a bit of time to explore the server, meet and interact with the community and acquire a general perspective on the do's and the don'ts. There are three ways of going into business as a truck driver, those being Independent, Rental and Company. All consist of the same work with some differences to pay and a few other aspects to note. Independent Trucking solely relates to the player buying their own delivery vehicle and delivering components requested by businesses in need. This offers the driver full pay whilst delivering, yet can lack IC interaction seen as you're in it by yourself. There is obviously the interaction with other drivers, but most would be seen to be getting on with their work, or communicating between themselves with respect of them being employed within the same company. A tax rate of 20% applies. Rental Trucking provides the character his/her own vehicle to delivery requested components with a tax rate of 30%, meaning the driver will receive 70% of each delivery total. Again, with the same points to note above. Rental vehicles usually consist of a black color, and are unable to be changed. However, depending on your experience, the rental service will offer you vehicles suited to such. A Junior Trucker would be able to rent a Mule, as a Trucker would be able to take out a Benson and so on. The rental company for Trucking on GTA:W can be located at Buccaneer Way Terminal, shown as an orange clock icon. Shown below: Upon arrival, approach the door to the rental company and type the "/startshipment" command to bring up the list of vehicles that are rentable through this service. What vehicle your character has eligibility to rent and use will be displayed clearly so there is no confusion. Shown below: Company Trucking is the most immersive when it comes to delivering and general RP. If you are new to the server, you will commonly find Logistics companies being advertised daily. The employer is directly responsible for supplying delivery vehicles to their employees, and rate-of-pay will be decided by said employer as well. Usually commission rate will be advertised at 90%, meaning that 90% of the total delivery earnings will go to the driver with the 10% being paid into the company. The commission rate isn't always the same with every company with some offering more and some, less. To join a trucking company, look out for advertisements and call the number provided which will direct you to the company's HR team who will lead proceedings from there. Often, you will be invited down to their building where an interview will be conducted. Companies offer a lot more when it comes to trucking roleplay. Positions as HR reps, Security, Supervisors, Fleet Technicians etc. to better suit what the player is looking for in terms of progression and development. Trucking Experience relates to how many deliveries said trucker has done over the course of their employment into the industry, either through a company or independently. As the total number goes up in correspondence to your deliveries, more vehicles will be given permissions for as well as giving you a new rank. These ranks are shown below: -Van Driver- Vehicle(s): Rumpo/Burrito/Speedo (x5 crates) Deliveries: 0 - 25 -Trainee Trucker- Vehicle(s): Boxville (x8 crates) Deliveries: 25 -100 -Junior Trucker- Vehicle(s): Mule (x12 crates) Deliveries: 100 - 250 -Trucker- Vehicle(s): Benson (x15 crates) Deliveries: 250 - 500 -Experienced Trucker- Vehicle(s): Pounder (x20 crates) Deliveries: 500 - 1000 -Senior Trucker- Vehicle(s): N/A - Reserved for trailer implementation. Deliveries: 1000+ Note that, if you haven't acquired the total amount of deliveries needed to rank up and gain permissions to use the bigger vehicles, this applies whether you are an independent trucker or working for a Company. Buying your own Pounder will not allow you to use it if you are below the 500 delivery total necessary to drive it. Commands and Bug Fixes The command list is explained throughout the process of trucking via in-game alerts as you approach your destinations, either it be the the supplier or the business. However, as this is a guide designed for new players it wouldn't be right not to include the list so, here goes: /startshipment - Either at the door of the rental company or when inside your own or company owned delivery vehicle. This will bring a list of businesses which are currently requesting crates with additional information such as what components they are, how many crates have been requested and for how long. Businesses can set their requests to extra pay on this list - if this happens, click the business to see how much extra they are giving for each crate. Extra pay is used for businesses which are more out of the way, or are desperate for components. (Once a destination is selected, your GPS will be automatically directed to the chosen supplier first and then the drop-off destination. No need to worry about that!) /pickupcrate - will be used when you reach the supplier and drive through the large, red blip. Before you begin, make sure that you roleplay your actions, opening doors etc. for a more immersive, realistic feel. /loadcrate - Will place the crate you have picked up from the supplier into your delivery vehicle. Repeat the process of picking up and loading until your vehicle is full and cannot hold anymore. The GPS marker will change to a new location, step back into your vehicle and on your way! ---- Upon reaching your destination, you will be prompt by some new text letting you know it's time to unload and deliver. /unloadcrate - Will unload the crate from the vehicle, again, make sure to RP your actions for a more immersive atmosphere. Crates will unload one by one as they are picked up and loaded - the point where the crate is to be delivered to is indicated by a brown trucking icon on the map, usually towards the front door of the premises, but every location is different. /sellcrate - Is the final command to finalize the process of your hard-work; the crate will disappear with cash being added to your hand. Repeat the unloading and selling process until all crates have been delivered, and the total number of deliveries you have done is displayed in the chat box. This is the only way to get the total number of deliveries up, so if you're wanting to know out of curiosity and can't remember - do a delivery! ---- With all scripts, there can be the occasional bug here and there. Some common ones are not being able to pick up crates when first arriving at the supplier and/or not being able to unload crates when reaching the business requesting. Usually if you are encountering these issues, and have been prompted to go ahead with your command chain to complete the process via the chat box - the fix will usually be sorted with a quick /changechar and loading back into the game. Note that doing this will remove your progress, but never fear! If your vehicle did not have any crates loaded into it, and you've relogged to fix the issue with not being able to pickup crates, after /startshipment again you can choose the same delivery location and supplier and the script should register this time. If you did have crates in your vehicle and relogged to fix an issue of not being able to unload crates outside the business, /startshipment will bring you a list of all businesses currently requesting the same type of component in your vehicle. E.g. If you had 5 vehicle part crates in your vehicle and was delivering to Auto Exotic, when you /startshipment again, it will show you Auto Exotic as well as any other business requesting car parts. If your character has bugged out with a crate in-hand, you can always /loadcrate and /unloadcrate which will fix these types of issues. If you find that the business selection list is empty, this is not a bug - this simply means that no businesses are currently requesting crates at that time. It's been reported as a bug before, I'm here to let you know it's all good! Uniform It's commonly asked, so I'll include. If you are working as an independent delivery driver or through the rental company, the choice of uniform is your own, yet really it'd come down to a realistic perspective e.g. you wouldn't see a delivery driver wearing a brand new suit and tie as its quite the manual, grinding job. Shown above is my character's old attire whilst working for a company. Where it was picked out especially for the company itself, something like this would be considered satisfactory in terms of realism. Trucking Companies usually have a uniform readied to assign to their employees, so if you are planning on joining a company, chances are that the attire will be sorted out when getting shown the basics. General roleplay For a long time, trucking has been thought as a script job to grind with minimal RP to gain stacks. It isn't how this, or any job on the server should be perceived. It is noted as you begin searching for your shipments to roleplay all actions accordingly - this doesn't only have to relate to roleplaying opening your doors, taking crates out, closing them and leaving. This can get very repetitive, which could lead to a lack of interest in the job itself. The business requesting components is more of less going to be active. It's usually a nice, fun little twist to sign off your deliveries as you go, getting the owner to sign for said deliveries and notifying if there would be anymore. Conversing with other drivers can also lead into some interested conversations. Dropping crates you have unloaded, incorporating a scene which isn't possible with the script into your roleplay to make the overall experience more enjoyable for not only you, but those around you. I'm sure business owners love that little bit of interaction they get from drivers, especially when it's diverse and not rushed. That's about it for the guide on the basics of the trucking job here on GTA:W - there are things which aren't included here such as radio chatter and other roles which can be employed into whilst working for a trucking company and that's just because this is to cover the basics in a bit more detail. Hope this helps!
  13. Adexo Recruitment is looking for businesses and organisations to join its repertoire of potential employees for the citizens of Los Santos. We aim to provide a sustainable recruitment system throughout the city, providing not one, but many different opportunities and roles for our fellow citizens. Many people often look for work on a day to day basis, some with real talents and skills that often go under-looked as they fail to have the necessary means to establish themselves with real professionals and opportunities. This is where we aim to help ! BUSINESSES AND/ OR ORGANISATIONS We connect with businesses and organisations, trading contact details. We then add them to our database as potential clients. Upon needing staff, the business or organisation will contact a member of ADEXO Recruitment HQ staff. A supervisor or manager will be sent to consult face-to-face, taking details of the work required, amount of staff needed, staff payment etc. The team at ADEXO HQ will proceed to search through our list of agency workers, finding the best 'fit' for the postion. One of the ADEXO Recruitment supervisors or managers will then deliver the employees to the place of work, signing a contract with the business/ organisation regarding the well being of our employees as well as agreed payment. AGENCY RECRUITS/ POTENTIAL EMPLOYEES Upon contact being made with ADEXO Recruitment, a meeting will be held between a supervisor/ manager and said potential employee. The skills, talents, qualifications and personal job requests will be stored in out database. This is to provide the best match possible. Once an business/ organisation has requested personnel, if you meet the criteria, a call will be made to you, asking you to come to the HQ for pickup. You will be delivered to the place of work, will meet with the employer and be debriefed on what is required from you. At the end of your shift, you may leave the area of work alone, or request pickup. You MUST report back to HQ at the end of a shift. FEES AND CHARGES At ADEXO Recruitment, we will charge on a basis of the work being held, amount of employees sent, amount of time on shift and recurring clients. ADEXO Recruitment employee client fees are as follows: $1000 sign up cost to ADEXO Recruitment registers and systems 10% of income made whilst on shift for ADEXO Recruitment will be taken DIRECTLY from your wage through the employer. ADEXO Business and Organisation client fees are as follows: $2000 sign up cost to ADEXO Recruitment registers and systems $500 fee per ADEXO Recruitment employee sent Charge for the amount of time ADEXO Recruitment staff are required to work. ((PRICES WILL VARY)) To contact ADEXO Recruitment, please contact one of the following. Daily Phone Number - 6839590 Out of Hours ((OOC Contact)) - Discord - BowcieTT#0677 ENROLL YOUR BUSINESS HERE! SMALL PRINT - EXTRA INFO Before agreeing to send the required people to fill the position, a contract must be signed with ADEXO Recruitment as for insurance and liability purposes. This will be done when meeting to express details of required position to be filled. The wage that will be paid to the ADEXO Recruitment sent employees MUST be confirmed on the face to face meet to express details of position to be filled. Once agreed, the contract will be NON-waivable. If the person/s sent to you meet any requirements that give you the impression of wanting to hire them full time (outside of ADEXO Recruitment) a fee is placed on the transition as the person was sent by ADEXO Recruitment. Any grievances MUST be reported to ADEXO Recruitment HQ staff, who will compensate and deal with the issues appropriately. Any more information can be provided with a face to face meet with a member of ADEXO Staff.
  14. Short description: Set up a set of particular restrictions and modifications to the currently existing trucking script in order to incentivise more role play on the job. Detailed description: Step 1: Automate (and NPC out) the loading and unloading process of trucks, however add a timer for the completion of such process with the truck frozen in place, yet able to be departed from. Step 2: Set a limit to routes you can take per hour (or per day), however adjust trucks' crate holding capacity to even out the hourly profit as it is/should be with the then restricted/lesser amount of routes. PS: Consider (and likely do) lowering amount of deliveries needed to jump into a better/bigger truck for obvious reasons (limited routes per hour). Commands to add: N/A, just alter the currently existing ones. Items to add: N/A, just alter the crate capacity ratios of current trucking vehicles to even out expected hourly profits post route restrictions. How would your suggestion improve the server? Step one of my suggestion would get rid of the obnoxious two-emotes (un)loading process that people insist on calling role play and will instead add an incentive to human interaction/social role play around the job. Step two will replace a lot of the mechanical grind with free time to actually role play and develop a character, around the job/theme of trucking and otherwise. It will also further discourage truckers from racing around Los Santos for the sake of making an extra dollar. In cohorts these two changes of the trucking system will in my opinion change the scriptwise incentives the job provides and subsequently shift the mental focus away from speeding and grinding to an actually better paced and fitting one for a role playing environment. What's even better about my suggestion is that it doesn't (at least on paper) require a major/complete overhaul of the trucking-business inventory system. Additional information: Jobs like trucking and the way the script around them is set-up are by nature ones that actually financially penalize you for stopping and actually role playing on the job (unlike startshift jobs). Wether people are right or wrong for optimizing such systems and chosing to neglect role play for the sake of profit is a whole different subject. The fact is that the script allows it/that is its very nature and that is not okay for a role playing server. Such script setup is counterproductive in principle to the standards the community tries to uphold. People that chose to AFK out the timer times suggested and things a-like can and should always be punished. Just like racing people are now. Excuse typos or whatever, lmk if something is unclear.
  15. Short description: Trucking for Mule and bigger trucks for longer drives. From Terminal Docks to Sandy Shores and Paleto Bay. Detailed description: So, my idea to put forward would be a long haul operation... Mule's and larger vehicles would be able to collect goods from the Terminal Docks and take up to two delivery points, one somewhere in Sandy Shores and another one further up in Paleto Bay. I think this would help in a lot of ways. It would allow the bigger vehicles to do the long hauls (good for RP). It would give those of us who have invested the time to rank up to drive the bigger vehicles something to do, especially when deliveries are starting to get few and far between. Maybe the crates would have a slightly lower profit margin but at least we can still work and do deliveries while waiting for player businesses to open, rather than waiting idly by for 30 minutes or however long it takes for a delivery to pop up, then join the "rat race" so to speak. Commands to add: maybe a /longhaul command to start the run, then a /pickupfreight, /loadfreight, unloadfreight and /deliverfreight to be used at the right times. Items to add: "Freight Goods" as a suggestion? How would your suggestion improve the server? I think it would ease some congestion from LS with the bigger vehicles being used more for what they were built for, longer drives, carrying more goods. Rewards the players who have invested time doing the trucking job so to speak. Additional information: N/A
  16. ''More than a company, a family'' NEWS LOGISTICS CAREERS SUSTAINABILITY Company terms Management Work with us Contact Us Legal notice Locations © 2020 Busch Transport Group, Inc. All rights reserved.
  17. Short description: Establish locations where truckers can drive crates either at a reduced price or with some handicap if there are no deliveries available. Detailed description: Right now it's quite a pain in the ass to have this screen pop up quite frequently. Making the non player owned businesses buy crates every one in a while doesn't really help truckers as it is rather a temporary fix for a problem that requires a permanent solution. I am open for discussion on whether it should be on a reduced price or maybe the fixed location would be only available during major shortage in deliveries like the one illustrated. Commands to add: None Items to add: Drop off points for truckers How would your suggestion improve the server? Would enable people to deliver at any time, even if none of the businesses require crates. Additional information: -
  18. Short description: Add Pickup Trucks such as Sadler, Bison, Picador and Yosemite. Detailed description: Pickup trucks are widely used for trucking in America. Most independent truckers prefer pickup trucks over vans, as they are usually bigger in size, cheaper, more powerful and easy to load and unload. This makes them a lot more common than vans. GTA V offers a wide variety of pickups from next heavy duty ones such as Sadler and Bison to older models based Picador and Yosemite. Still, it's disappointing to see not a single pickup truck usable in the current trucking system. It'd be great if you add some. Commands to add: N/A Items to add: Preferably, Yosemite, Bison, Sadler XL, Picador but other ones would also work. How would your suggestion improve the server? More RP opportunities, more carrying capacity, more realistic as compared to vans, among many other reasons. Additional information: In the US, about 270 pickup trucks are sold every hour, 6,500 per day.
  19. Short description: Crates get refunded after each server crash Detailed description: Hello. Since we are going through some server instability issues, is it perhaps possible that the crates recently bought and not sold would get refunded instead of given to you piece-by-piece each relog? It is an annoying little thing to deal with if you have a big truck. It's over 15 'relogs' with a surprise crate in your inventory. How would your suggestion improve the server? It would make it more convenient for those who roleplay as truckers. Having to relog constantly to get all your boxes back is quite annoying. A simple refund to the boxes would make it more convenient after a server crash or such.
  20. Phone number: 9594118 Wellington Transport is a company recently founded in July, 2019 by Joe Wellington, a reputable businessman. Joe was a passionate taxi driver before switcing sides, now his company offers both. What do we offer? > Reliable and quick cargo transportation > Pick-up and drop-off of selected goods > Moving service (for switching homes) > Wood & Resource transport > 24/7 customer support > Truck renting service The Wellington Fleet consists of modified rumpo vans. They are the fastest, most reliable cargo vans in Los Santos They are represented by their distinctive colors and speed With these vans we can get your cargo to your detination not only quickly but safely The cargo can consist of many goods, including Medicine, Car parts, Equipment, Ink, Electronic devices, Jewerly, Bleach, Beauty products, liquor, Home appliances, Materials (i.a. Wood, Stone, Ores), Packagings and more. The cargo cannot consist of any illegal substances, contraband items, stolen property, counterfeit money, stolen resources, toxic items or liquids, explosives. Interested in our service? Call 9594118 for details Wellington Transport now HIRING! We are hiring hard-working and ambitious drivers. Contact 9594118 for details.
  21. Short description: Right now, you must have money in your wallet to purchase crates, not your bank. It pulls from your wallet. Detailed description: It's very simple. This is going to create a HUGE problem. I understand illegal role play is a part of the server, but asking people to carry that kind of cash on them is all but guaranteed the crate pick up locations are going to become a huge robbery hub. You're advertising that truckers will have at least $300 on them and up to however many crates they can put in their truck. That's ridiculous. It's borderline metagaming because everyone will know truckers will be carrying cash to purchase crates. Change the crate purchase so that it is pulls from a player's bank if they don't have enough money in their wallet (same as when purchasing auto parts, it does this). Trucking will become such a hassle, it will be an illegal roleplayer's dream to see a trucker on the road. Commands to add: /pickupcrate should pull money from a player's bank if they don't have enough money in their wallet. How would your suggestion improve the server? Quality of life for someone trying to earn an honest living. Additional information: None.
  22. I bought the "Trucking License", but what do i use it for? I mean the courier job doesn't have any semi's... so what jobs require it?
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