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    Can’t load in

    Make sure your RAGEMP is in the same directory as your GTA. Say if you have steam / GTA on your HDD and you're running RAGEMP from an external SSD it won't always work. Run the updater.exe make sure everything is to-date If connection fails, you can f1 and direct connect again to see if it helps (was already mentioned) Make sure that your account has actually been unbanned (I know its silly but never weigh out an option) Some anti-virus software can sometimes interfere with RAGEMP - having any A-V software bypass RAGEMP whenever its loaded is also good. Same with your firewall.
  2. Property Management LEASING INFORMATION INTRODUCTION As an alternative to property requesting, the property leasing system is available to aid in further expansion of your character’s development; additionally creating new concepts and avenues of roleplay for the community and those who have the ambitions of running their own business. Leasing a property does not make you the owner, but simply the leaseholder - you are required to pay a monthly fee to Property Management to extend your “contract” so that you may operate out of your desired establishment. GUIDELINES The leaseholder is responsible for the property, even if a group/faction runs the business. You must have 40 hours of playtime on the character you are leasing with. You will automatically lose the lease if you change your character name - contact the Head(s) of Leasing before doing so. You will not be given the lease back if terminated under these circumstances. You must not have recent administrative punishments on record. You may not factionize a leased property without consulting PM first. Leases may not be sold or traded with other players. You may not rent out a leased office. Do not lease a business with the sole intention of hiring managers to run it for you - the lease will be terminated. Leased businesses are not meant to be a means of passive income. Any player not interacting or roleplaying around their business will have their lease terminated without notice. You may lease a property for as long as you want, as long as payments are kept up with and activity is stable. Leases are paid monthly. PM gives a grace-period of 7 days after the initial expiry date before terminating the lease. If a lease is canceled or terminated, you will not receive a refund. Furniture inside the business must be realistic and in good taste with the type of business. If a leased business has a custom interior, you may not make any changes to it without consulting Property Management first. Any items, money or furniture (unless asked to be left) found within the business will be deleted if you do not collect it once the lease ends. If you are planning on becoming inactive, please submit a Hold Request on the UCP Unexplained periods of inactivity lasting longer than 7 days will make your lease liable to termination. You may only lease a maximum of 1 business, 1 office space and 1 storage unit at a time. Factions may only lease 1 of each business type. You may not move or change a lease's purpose unless approved. The name can be changed to something more personal/suiting but the purpose of the property must stay the same. (Example: You can't change a restaurant into a club or a cafe into a store.) Failure to abide by these guidelines may result in termination of your lease and a possible ban from applying for future leases. POINT-OF-CONTACT HEAD OF LEASING @Wuhtah ASSISTANT HEAD OF LEASING - LEASING - HOW IT WORKS Each month, the leasing team will announce the cycle of properties you will be able to apply for. Applications are held open for 1-week before closing. You are able to apply if the following is met: The character you are applying on has 40+ hours Your activity has remained stable for the past 2 months (unless suitable reasoning is given) You have not received any recent administrative punishments; one-month clean record is to be expected If the above does not apply to you or the character, your request will be denied. You will be required to answer the following once you have selected which property you would like to have the chance at leasing: Why do you want to lease this property? What are your plans if you get accepted? What experience do you have? (This refers to IC experience as well as OOC experience if any) What’s your character backstory? Do you have a criminal record? If yes, explain. Upon reviewing your application, it will be set to one of three states during this process. Accepted Pending Denied ACCEPTED; you will be required to extend your lease’s first month payment straight away. You can do this via the UCP! Property Requests > My Requests > Active Leases PENDING; you will be required to answer some additional questions laid out by the PM admin handling your application. DENIED; you will receive reasoning as to why your lease was denied. If you wish to appeal this decision or simply don’t understand, you can contact the current Head(s) of Leasing in a Forum PM Your request must be written with relevant information pertaining to the property’s status, how it will be used and your own personal interest. Effort is key; there are more than one submission for the same property most cycles, so this is taken into account upon review. The applicant who is chosen is chosen at the discretion of Property Management after thorough review of their own and potentially competing applications. You are eligible to reapply next cycle for any lease which may be displayed unless you have received a ban from previous sent-in requests. (IN)ACTIVITY When accepting a lease, you are responsible for making payments on-time as well as maintaining a good level of activity with your character. If your leased business is terminated for: Expired; 7+ days grace-period given Lost to inactivity script You will not receive your lease back unless exceptional reason is given. We must consider the amount of leases we have to offer in comparison to the player count of GTA:W - to make this fair for the community, we cannot facilitate back and forth ownership. Said properties will be re-entered back into future cycles. Property Management offers property hold requests via the UCP. Your request will be redirected to the current Head(s) of Leasing if you are planning to go inactive. INTERIOR CHANGES // MAPPING When obtaining a new lease, you are eligible to re-map the interior ONLY when it has been cleared by the current Head(s) of Leasing - this can be done via UCP request once confirmation has been given (if swapping the current interior for something else - e.g. default interior > default interior default interior > custom interior) Additional mapping / re-modeling of the current interior must still be requested. You can contact @Soup & @Wuhtah on the forums for this. You may request a refund if you are: Mapping a newly established lease Re-doing the entirety of the mapping with permission This refund only pertains to the FP (Furniture Price) once the mapping has been completed. Choice of another person mapping this for you is your call - you will not be refunded any additional costs for their service. Any mapping which is done without the consent or to unrealistic proportions/appearance will result in your lease being removed and future potential bans from the process. TRANSFERS When entering into a lease-agreement, the one who signs the name is solely responsible for the business and property thereof. Any lease-transfer requests must be submitted to the Head(s) of Leasing via Forum message using this format: Character Name: Lease Name: Business Model (mechanic/jewelry store store/N/A etc.): Name of Transfer Character: Why do you want to transfer this lease?: Commercial leases are less-likely to be accepted by the landlord in comparison to standard leases. In our case, Property Management will only transfer the lease if the request makes sense and the player whom it is being transferred to is suitable. Due to the process of acquisition, and how thoroughly the applications are assessed, transfer details should be no different. More relevant information means we can properly assess why this property should be transferred and not placed back into the cycle. You will be limited to one transfer unless exceptional reason is given for anything additional. If a transfer is denied, the leased property will be returned to PM if the leaseholder cannot keep up with their activity and no one suitable is found. LTB (LEASE-TO-BUY) PROGRAM The LTB (Lease-to-Buy) program facilitates lease-owners who want to separate themselves from the by-monthly payments and run their establishment with signed off ownership. This removes the property from the leasing panel and will remain as the person’s property unless sold or lost to inactivity. After 6 months of active leasing, the owner is eligible to request the full purchase of their leased property. This does not just mean keeping up with payments; activity and roleplay quality are key aspects taken into consideration upon review. The purchase price will be determined by the application handler following any acceptance of requests. Lease-to-Buy properties are all conditioned by default. If the owner of said property chooses to sell-up, they may only sell back to PM After successful purchase of the property, requests and concerns can be handled outside the communication of the current head(s) of leasing. CONCEPT CHANGE AND RE-SALE REQUESTS MUST STILL INCLUDE THE CURRENT HEAD(S) OF LEASING. Character Name: Lease Name: Business Model (mechanic/jewelry store store/N/A etc.): Leased since (Date): Why do you want to enter the lease-to-buy program? Transfer-of-ownership requests must still be communicated with the Head(s) of Leasing so that these events are propertly logged for future reference. Lease-to-Buy requests will only be accepted for properties/businesses, vehicles are not included in the program. VEHICLE LEASES Vehicle leases are not much different from property leases. The aim of this is to give players the opportunity to use vehicles which are not available through dealerships, but would benefit their roleplay. The application process remains the same with a few tweaks to make it more relevent for vehicles instead of properties. Vehicle leases will open at the discretion of the Head(s) of Leasing due to how quickly the world can be over-populated with flashy cars and it start to look like GTA:O. As with property leases, a list of vehicles selected by Property Management will be shown when the lease cycle opens. Your character's criminal record will heavily reflect on the outcome of the application for vehicles, especially for vehicular-related charges. Characters which obtain a criminal record by evading in their leased vehicles will have it terminated as a result. You are eligible to lease as many vehicles as you want so long as the premise of why you are doing so remains realistic - for personal usage, this wouldn't make a lot of sense (unless there is profound reason to make it seem otherwise) but for businesses, there may be more of a reason to request more than one; they will all be assessed accordingly. You are not eligible to trade or sell any vehicle you obtain through leasing. Vehicles can be requested for the purpose of "showcasing". It is the player's responsibility to ensure that this vehicle is never operated by them or by another player as a result, their application being accepted on-condition. Any vehicle that is being driven and/or miss-used will be terminated. If requested, showcasing vehicles may be offered at a discounted leasing rate due to their inability to be used. VEHICLE LEASE EXPANSION (WIP) Property Management established the Special One-Time lease program back in 2021. The team's shift in leadership brings to the table new, innovative ideas for the community to test and potentially benefit from moving forward. Our plans are in the works, but here's a list of what can be expected in the coming months! Vehicles which are purchasable in the dealership will be removed from the leasing process - the player subsequently pays more for the lease than they would if it was owned. This also lessens PM's workload resulting in faster application response times. Categories; upon choosing to lease a vehicle, you will be able to view each requestable model via a pictured filter/category making it easier to find what you are looking for (I.e. saloon, sports, utility etc.) All categories will be independantly lockable/unlockable so that the community does not have to wait for leases to open if all they wanted to request is a mower; utility vehicles would be open, where as sports/supers might not be at that time. Property Management will be reviewing all vehicles in the GTA5 universe to add new vehicles we deem common and purchasable enough. Some vehicles may replace others to support the revamping of vehicle leasing. Each vehicle will be reviewed and assorted into appropriate dealerships across the map. Vehicle Leasing will become an in-game function for vehicles purchasable at the dealerships. This new feature will still be monitored by @Soup & Property Management to test how efficient it would be if implemented long-term. The process of payment will remain the same; the UCP will be updated to automatically show new in-game leases inside the panel ready for them to be extended and used as normal. Restrictions will be discussed and added to certain elements of this feature to keep it as realistic as possible without direct administrative involvement. Vehicles deemed to be uncommon or too expensive to give without proper character assessment will be added to the UCP under our new "Special Vehicle" list. As we progress, this may include vehicles which are already included in some dealerships, however, we aim not to change so much to keep the community happy as we move forward with these progressional changes. Special leases will include names of vehicles commonly requested via the community as well as some more that may be discovered as we continue to search through. All in all, we want to make vehicle leasing a bit more accessible to the community without the server transitioning into a GTA:O replica, so requests will still remain for vehicles which are more towards the funky, expensive side. We hope that these new changes excite you and wel look forward to how they play out as they're brought forward!
  3. @Swag you have graphic mods/ENB installed?
  4. Hello @DoktorGregory! You can also extend your lease by following these steps from your own UCP: You should have no trouble accessing this page and allows you to extend/terminate any leases currently assigned to your character(s). I already believe cxn has forwarded this bug to development regardless as you should still be able to see your own property/business information when clicking the link - for the actual issue of extension, however, should be able to resolve from here.
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