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Found 3 results

  1. "What is Blue Water Logistics?" Blue Water Logistics, or BWL for short, is a one of a kind Trucking Company. Our family offers its drivers the best possible compensation and benefits packages in the business. Our beautiful blue family does everything in its power to make sure that its drivers are handsomely rewarded, as we don't just want them to dip their toes in the business, we want them to make a life in it. But maybe they don't want to make a life in it? Well, we don't discriminate! We accept employees on a Part-Time basis, as well! "What can I expect from working for BWL?" We're glad that you've asked. We like when potential employees ask us questions, as it shows they have a keen eye for detail and they care about the future. You don't want to get ripped off, and we don't want to rip you off! Let's outline some of what we offer below. Pay: 93% Commission on Weekdays, 95% Commission on Weekends. Currently we are working on structuring added bonuses, such as when our drivers increase the ranking on their license, as well as bonuses for when our drivers regularly complete an average of 10 deliveries a day over a full week. You heard right, ONLY 10 deliveries a day to earn a bonus! Benefits: The benefits that we extend to our drivers beyond their normal pay is fairly straight forward. We have an Employee of the Month program in which we handsomely reward our best driver over the span of the month. And no, you don't need to be with the company at the start of any given month to achieve this, nor is it tied to the amount of deliveries completed. Our drivers will be issued a company vehicle in which they are able to make deliveries with, insurance and fuel provided. And should some gang member attempt to rob you, we'll make sure that the officers that arrest them make sure their kneecaps have a nice little accident on the way to jail! Not enough? We also intend to host monthly events, such as drift competitions, drag races, and cookouts! All of which has the goods supplied by the company. "What experience do I need?" Close to nothing! Drivers must be 18 with a valid Driver's License and when you come to the company, you will be required to test for your Trucking License ((20 Hours in Game Time, no actual test)), other than that our Supervisors have provided the best possible care for new employees by creating a Trucking Manual. It outlines everything that it takes to be a driver. Need a little extra TLC? We can provide a Ride Along to show you the ropes! "I'm interested. What's the next step?" The next step will be to contact any of the following Team Members in order to apply. If you have any further inquiries, you're also welcome to send questions, comments, and concerns to them. Director: @lukashein CEO: @LittleRainbowz Chief Financial Officer: @BassDropYou
  2. Are you looking for a long-term, full-time and rewarding job? Well look no further because Paleto Bay Tactical Academy and Ammunation is for you! Available jobs: 1, Store Clerk 2, Instructor (Or you can apply for both, and we can discuss your decisions on the interview!) Check out our FaceBrowser page for more details: https://face.gta.world/pages/paletobayTacticalAcademy?ref=qs -OR - If you are 100% sure you are fitting for this job you can click the link to fill out the form! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc5knt63mb87nt8YeQ8RFRQw-1rfWyeB4g8CdLbwED5-MrMNA/viewform
  3. Short description: Job applications Detailed description: We could have "Jobs" section and have people apply for different jobs which would be with "okay" pay. Commands to add: Depends on the job. Items to add: Security trucks How would your suggestion improve the server?: It'd present players with more legal jobs and those who would pass the application, having good admin record, all the requirement - he'd be able to get the job he applied for. Requirement to apply: PF licenses CCW licenses Guard card (guard exam) Good admin record Good reason why you wish to apply for the job. This would similar to trucking, expect it'd be as a special-type of job - it'd pay decent, higher than regular trucking - as this is more risk and tougher way to get in. Example: Security firm (script-wise/server wise) - players who are accepted would be invited into a job, which would give them access to the security truck. And this would work similar to TRUCKING system, expect they'd go to banks and union depository (we could let them to have command /garageopen /garageclose - and allow them to open / close the garage-doors for the depository, and have that as the trucking firms HQ. They'd do deliveries from point A - B's, and further they'd go - to bank to Paleto Bay for example, the larger their paycheck would be. They'd have access to a side-firearm, a pistol (not a combat one, but a regular pistol) and shotgun's. Shotgun's would work like the police gun-rack /take 1 for shotgun and /place 1 to place it back. NOTE: People who would wanna apply for this, would have to first get WEAPON LICENSES, CARRYING CONCEALED WEAPON and do a GUARD CARD exam. If individual has it all passed, he could apply for this JOB APPLICATION, and if his admin record is solid and he is straight up role-player, he'd be become a security truck driver. Each time he'd leave the union depository, he'd see how much money he'd be moving. "Your moving 20.000$ to Pillbox Bank" and etc..it'd be random. If the vehicle gets hit for example - by a crew, they'd have to have lock-pick/explosive even (illegal factions step in) to break into the back of the truck. And high-jack the items. The truck-driver would have a panic button that he could quickly activate and notify PD&SD. This could promote heist RP and additional legal job - and its a huge risk, since stopping a truck would be difficult and he'd active the panic button quickly. NOTE: There should be at least 7 cops on duty in order to do this. (Combined PD&SD) Additionnal information: Why not? Another possibility for a legal job and have heist-crew RP'ers have something to do, rather jack stores. IF security guard is caught abusing and making it easy for robbers, aka - easily giving them the stuff (which is easy to spot if its OOC related) - he'd be removed and even face a temp-ban. Player would be able to get himself the security outfits the skin - or we could have a game-made skin for his custom character, same way we did with sheriffs. He could wear some sort of a long-sleeve shirt and a GREY kevlar and holster, similar as PD & SD has in their /uniform. Security truck Union depository
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