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Found 10 results

  1. This thread will follow the development of Martin "Marty" Morrison, a Middle-Aged Union President and Motor Cycle Enthusiast.
  2. SAN ANDREAS PORT AUTHORITY The Port of Los Santos, also known as the Los Santos Harbor, is a seaport managed by the San Andreas Port Authority, a department under the San Andreas State Government. Directed by Hank Preston, the Port Authority's mission is to: ensure that San Andreas' water, air, rail, and surface transportation assets are developed and operated in a cohesive, coordinated, and safe manner in order to provide maximum efficiencies and benefits to shippers, receivers, and passengers; to assure optimum business growth, technology development, investment, job retention and improvement in quality of life. The Port of Los Santos occupies 7,500 acres of land and water along 42 miles of waterfront. The Port is located on the south side of Los Santos, east of the Los Santos International Airport. The Port has 25 cargo terminals, 82 container cranes, 8 container terminals, and 113 miles of on-dock rail. In total, The Port of Los Santos and Port Authority of San Andreas have thousands of current employees in various areas, such as office and support staff, security, customs, longshoremen, and other labor staff. In 2018, approximately $236 billion worth of cargo came through The Port of Los Santos, with many of the top imports being furniture, automobile parts, automobiles, apparel, and electronics. The Port also loads container ships for export to various trading partners such as China, Vietnam, Japan, and South Korea. The most imported type of goods into The Port of Los Santos for the 2018 calendar year were, furniture (408,673), automobile parts (361,984), and electronics (278,782) EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES The San Andreas Port Authority maintains a continuous open recruitment process in order to fulfill staffing requirements for laborers, support staff and maintenance workers. In order to file an application for employment, please visit the San Andreas Port Authority Headquarters at the Jetsam terminal or file online. Below are current employment opportunities available; LONGSHOREMAN / DOCK LABORER SALARY INFORMATION: $36,000+ weekly (not including bonuses) LONGSHOREMAN / DOCK LABORER JOB REQUIREMENTS: Performing labor work in a marine terminal, warehouse or yard environment, baggage handling, heavy weight package handling, manual loading and unloading from trailers, railcars or trucks. To include frequently pushing, pulling, carrying and lifting in excess of 50 lbs. and occasionally exerting in excess of 100 lbs. Must be able to adhere to a standby schedule which includes day and night scheduling, overtime, weekends and holidays. Must have the ability to read, write, and speak basic English. Must have the ability to function effectively in a fast paced, team-oriented work environment. Must have the ability to work independently with limited supervision and strong initiative. Must have the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with fellow employees. Must have the ability to think logically, follow procedures, instructions and make sound decisions. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Perform all manual labor functions in accordance within the GC/Vessel Stevedoring operation and safety guidelines. Work with forklift basket up to heights of around 14 feet to place or remove container hooks or strapping used for lifting containers, pipes and general cargo. Secure cargo with chains/binders when preparing for lifting. Strap cargo by utilizing lashings, container hooks, wire rope weighing in excess of 100 lbs to assure safe operation. Maintain a clean work area, free of debris or safety hazards and awareness of surroundings (i.e. vehicles, people, equipment, etc.) at all times. BUREAU OF SAFETY CLICK HERE TO APPLY The Bureau of Safety is an integral part of the San Andreas Port Authority, as it ensures that all apparatus, personnel, and civilians perform their duties in a safe and up-to-standard environment. Furthermore, the Bureau ensures safety throughout the port by employing licensed, armed safety officers who are put through additional in-house training and certification programs. SAFETY OFFICER SALARY INFORMATION: $30,000+ Weekly (Probationary.) 42,000+ Weekly (Full officer status.) SAFETY OFFICER REQUIREMENTS: You must be 21 years of age or older. You must have at least a valid PF license and are in the process of getting a Guard Card. You must have a valid Driving license. Able to work full time and should not be working for other employers. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Conduct security patrols. Conduct Health and Safety inspections. Maintain security checkpoints. Enforce the port rules and regulations. OPPORTUNITIES: CBRN Specialist. H&S Inspector. Medical Assistant. Customs Officer. RECRUITMENT, INFORMATION AND CONTACT LINES: The Port of Los Santos bolsters a number of dedicated Foremen and Sub-Foremen who are dedicated to bringing aboard only the best longshoremen. If you're interested in employment or information, refer to the list of names below who may be able to assist you. HANK PRESTON DIRECTOR OF PORT AUTHORITY Appointed Director of the San Andreas Port Authority February 9th, 2021. Hank Preston, a lifelong public servant, working for the State Government. Known for his reliable management abilities, working within the Department of Labor and the Port of Los Santos for nearly thirty years, Preston eventually saw his appointment in early February 2021 as Director by Secretary of Labor Diane Renwick. As Director of the San Andreas Port Authority, Hank oversees all day to day aspects of San Andreas' Ports in conjunction with the multitude of private and public entities that operate therein. Employment numbers and public safety has seen drastic improvement at the Los Santos Harbor since his appointment. This project is a part of the San Andreas State Government faction. This faction does fall under the semi-legal category as we allow individuals with illegal affiliations to join. Our goal is to breathe more life into blue collar roleplay at the harbor. We strive to bring interesting roleplay to all that are interested in roleplaying in the area, whether you are a company, criminal or an average civilian. Our plan is to promote and incentivize good roleplay and character development through meaningful roleplay. Should you have any questions, concerns or are interested in becoming involved with the faction please reach out to @NexusExodus USEFUL LINKS IC WEBSITE FACEBROWSER DISCORD
  3. This thread will follow Peter (辛) Sing, a convicted felon and former gang member in the early 2000s, turned Union Foreman and Representative.
  4. PALETO BAY SAWMILL The Paleto Bay Sawmill, nestled in the heart of Paleto Forest, was once a thriving hub of activity for the local community. However, in recent years, it fell into a state of disrepair and abandonment, leaving many jobless and without hope. That was until the Department of Labor, under the visionary leadership of the Wade administration, struck a deal with the private owners to lease the sawmill and breathe new life into it. Now, thanks to this agreement, the sawmill is set to once again become a beacon of hope and opportunity for Paleto Bay and the surrounding areas. The agreement between the government agencies and the sawmill's owners aims to not only bring jobs back to the county, but also to ensure that the sawmill operates in a safe and efficient manner. With the Department of Labor and the Office of Planning and Special Projects overseeing the project, the community can rest assured that the revitalization of the sawmill will be executed with the utmost care and attention to detail. EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES Like many other government-sponsored fields, the Paleto Bay Sawmill has an ongoing recruitment process to meet the need for workers. To apply for a job, you can either visit the Paleto Bay Sawmill Office or submit your application online. The following are the current job opening(s) available: MILL WORKER / LOGGER SALARY INFORMATION: $30,000+ weekly MILL WORKER / LOGGER JOB REQUIREMENTS: Perform labor work, including frequently pushing, pulling, carrying and lifting in excess of 50 lbs, and occasionally exerting in excess of 100 lbs. Must be able to adhere to a standby schedule which includes day and night scheduling, overtime, weekends and holidays. Must have the ability to read, write, and speak basic English. Must have the ability to function effectively in a fast paced, team-oriented work environment. Must have the ability to work independently with limited supervision and strong initiative. Must have the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with fellow employees. Must have the ability to think logically, follow procedures, comply with OSHA regulations and relevant state laws, instructions and make sound decisions. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Feed conveyors, hoppers, saws and drying machines. Sort, pile and transport wood products. Remove scrap lumber and wood chips for reprocessing. Clean machines and work areas. Operate cranes, saws, forklifts and dump trucks. Drive long haul flatbeds and trucks. Heavy lifting using timber carriers. Package finished timber products such as firewood and woodchips. RECRUITMENT, INFORMATION AND CONTACT LINES: Due to its recent reopening, the Paleto Bay Sawmill is currently looking to fill various and necessary roles in order to begin the pipeline. If you have past experience in similar fields, and you believe yourself to be a good fit for supervisory positions, refer to the list of names below: This project is a part of the San Andreas State Government faction. Much like Port Authority, this also falls under the semi-legal category as we allow individuals with illegal affiliations to join. Our goal is to promote more blue collar roleplay around the county, and to offer engaging roleplay opportunities to those who enjoy the area, regardless of your affiliations (business, criminal, or ordinary citizen). Our aim is to encourage and reward quality roleplay and character growth through impactful roleplay experiences. If you have any inquiries, issues, or are interested in joining our faction, please don't hesitate to contact us. USEFUL LINKS - Paleto Bay Sawmill - San Andreas Govt.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gp5JCrSXkJY&list=PLCGcelpRfnj6NvkwlP1SD15Dlu6N-MvIj&index=3 Name: Angel Marsini D.O.B: 12/09/1998 P.O.B: New York City, NY Angel Marsini, born in New York City, was a hired assailant in various crimes involving multiple organizations, including that of the Colombo Crime Family, as well as a small faction of Armenian-based terrorists. His current location is unknown, due to cut ties with said Colombo Family due to internal affairs. His criminal activity spanned from vandalism to first-degree murder, with several years of prison time under his belt. Angel was born in Brooklyn, New York to both a loving father and mother, although later on the skeletons in their closets would be revealed to their son. Angel was a roughneck child, who loved to work and be active. He was on various sports teams from his middle school years to his high school years, earning multiple awards and titles as of it. But with the good, came the bad, as Angel was more or less a “kingpin” in school, in which he involved himself in the contribution of Cannabis, or more vaguely known to people as Marijuana or “Weed”, as well as the contraband of it as well, within school walls. On multiple occasions did Angel get caught in the act, but he cared little, as he was also moving it outside of school as well. His supplier was a member of the Colombo Crime Family, although this business wasn’t of the Colombo Family’s, as this unknown member was using this as a side-business to stack cash for other situations. Angel would receive 35% of whatever he had gotten from selling, giving the 65% to this stranger. During the latter years of his High School career, both his mother and father would have overdosed on Methamphetamine, due to years of usage whilst caring for Angel. After eventually graduating from High-School, Angel was losing stock in this Marijuana business, in which his supplier was already planning for, as later on, he would be introduced to the art and trade of racketeering. Angel at the age of 20, took charge, alongside other members of the Colombo Family, of a small faction of the ILA Union. A few months later though, various members of the family were arrested and charged on various crimes, but the latter of them being charged in Labor-Racketeering. Angel however wasn’t caught, as the day this bust had happened, Angel was upstate on a “mission” from the Colombo Family, in which he was to apprehend files from a buyer of unknown origin, or atleast to Angel. It was revealed soon that this unknown group was a small group of Armenian terrorists, which acquired files from a larger organization that has ties with La Cosa Nostra. After Retrieving these said files, Angel would return to Brooklyn, hearing news beforehand of the bust, in which he would pack his things and leave New York City, heading towards Los Santos, in which he would stay to lie low for some time, hearing of other members of the Colombo family in Angelo Sisca Jr. and Paul Longo were already there, each with their own operations as well. As for Angel, this meant starting from scratch, but nothing he hasn’t done beforehand. As of now, no one knows of Angel’s whereabouts, although more than likely, he is heading directly to Los Santos to lay low, but for now, it is unknown.
  6. NEWS • Local News Written by Yunisa DELGADO-FLORES • June 4th, 2022 - 08:59AM Beluga business proprietor builds Union in effort to help Eurasian migrants Local business leader Fyodor Zharkov, owner of Beluga and Ushero, aims to help Eurasian migrants by launching a union to offer job-security. Ushero, a staple of the Rockford fashion district; a business beneath the EIWU network - Yunisa Delgado Flores, June 4th 2022. Each and every year, thousands of immigrants enter Los Santos County. Those who immigrate to the US, and those who move to San Andreas, find the process hard, confusing and stressful. Many migrants who immigrate initially struggle with English, and many are seen as easy targets for exploitation through underpaying and overworking employers. Migrants may also find themselves struggling to settle, where a lack of a community may make those who recently migrated feel isolated and alone. There are many organizations in Los Santos County to assist recent migrants both in fostering a sense of community as well as offering employment, housing, legal and translation services. The Suey Sing Association, for instance, offers a wide range of assistance to those hailing from Asia, including financial support, translation services, and offering affordable housing in a notoriously expensive market. Fyodor Zharkov, the proprietor of both the Vespucci restaurant Beluga and the Rockford-based fashion brand Ushero, decided to launch the Eurasian Independent Workers Union (EIWU) to assist those coming into the country from the Eurasia region. He agreed to an interview with the Daily News' Yunisa Delgado-Flores. “I've worked with Russians, Georgians, Armenians, Lithuanians, I know how comfortable they are when they're dealing with someone speaking their language, having a similar mindset and culture. That's why my Union is mostly targeting the Eurasian workers, because we've came to that belief that they're capable of working together in a fantastic harmony.” Fyodor Zharkov, like many of those who find themselves in Los Santos, found struggle. Initially a violinist from back in Saint Petersburg, Russia, he made little performing in the many bars and restaurants across Los Santos. However, due to the small pay earned in music, he shifted his career into working in Beluga. “It has a different owner back in times, I accepted to be a waiter there, taking care of the kitchen sometimes. Even tending the bar when it was needed. I started at the same restaurant I own now.”, Zharkov shared in an interview with the Daily’s Yunisa Delgado Flores. “As a usual worker, who has nothing to lose, except for an ill daughter back home, and a wife who's working three jobs to keep her safe. I worked for years, hard works. Some days I was just basically sleeping at my car, but It didn't take too long for me to get myself a place, and slowly building up my own life. I kept sending money back home, every week.” Beluga, 'the Russian heart of Vespucci'. The EUWI founder's start. - Yunisa Delgado Flores, June 4th 2022. Los Santos County is the home for a large amount of migrants hailing from the Eurasian region; the space around the debated border between Europe and Asian. These countries often include, but aren’t limited to, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Georgia and Afghanistan. As of right now, according to the EIWU website, acts as a middle-man between businesses and Eurasian employers. It provides American and Eurasian-migrants with a job-seeking service that allows them to find safe and steady employment. Immigrants, undocumented or otherwise, often face issues in employment such as suppressed and late wages, cruel and unsafe working conditions, and work-place discrimination. Many migrants who immigrate through temporary work visas often find themselves indebted by predatory recruitment fees, and then subject to cruel and exploitative policies once within the US, according to a report on the relationship between recruitment agencies and human trafficking by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime. In the report, it reported that “In the United States, there were reports of temporary migrant workers who had to accept whatever living and working conditions were offered to them for fear that loss of employment would result in undocumented status and possible deportation. In addition, millions of undocumented foreign workers are estimated to work in the United States, many of whom incur significant debt in order to pay smugglers or coverrecruitment fees” The EIWU and its founder. Fyodor Zharkov, claims to prevent this. The union works by consulting local businesses about the need for employees, and linking them with their network of jobseekers. He noted how some employers use their status to coerce migrants to commit criminal acts and get involved in organized crime. “If you don't have any plan or direction, you'll end probably somewhere wrong, somewhere you'd regret. I've had a lot of friends who later got involved in criminal activities and regretted it later. “If you wanna build a house, you wanna make sure you'll build it strong against any flood.” According to Mr. Zharkov, the union, over the past few months of its operations, it currently has garnered employment for around 100 people. The union also provides a basic medical insurance for its members, with plans to expand it further. Comments are enabled: Username: Comment:
  7. The Bamboo Union, Homeland Origins, 1950's-1960's. The Bamboo Union was formed in the 1950s by (mainland Chinese) children who wanted to protect themselves from threats by Hoklo children. The first members lived in the Bamboo Forest Road in Jung Ho City, Taipei County, of New Taipei City. Its first members were made up of mainland Chinese teens who joined together to secure a place in Taiwan after 1949. The mainland Chinese were regarded as an unwelcome minority that was rejected by Hoklo citizens following the end of the Chinese Civil War when the Nationalist Kuomintang (KMT) government led by Chiang Kai-shek fled to Taiwan. Although the NRC (National Republic of China) continued to hold claims on mainland China after 1949, the mainland was controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, and Taiwan was controlled by the KMT. The Bamboo Union criminal gang started with street-fighting to gain recognition in society. By the late 1960s, the aspirations of the Bamboo Union membership shifted from street-fighting to profiteering. The gang began making a name for itself through the extortion business taking from places such as shops, factories, and even certain government facilities, but the gang's treasury overflowed when thousands of well-paid American global leaders flocked to Taipei while on R&R from the Vietnam War. Chinese nightclub owners welcomed Bamboo Union members to their premises to banish rival gangs of ethnic Taiwanese trying to carve out a share of the lucrative trade in gambling, prostitution, and drugs. By this stage, the Bamboo Union was fast developing into a triad. Aiding the Kuomintang & Chen Chi-Li's Passing, Taiwan, 1980's-2007. By the time the 1980's struck, political chaos was starting to wreck through the streets of Taiwan, at the time members of the Bamboo Union were carrying out hits on certain political figures throughout the region, the most notable hits were done on Lin Yi-hsiung (a prominent opposition figure), Chen Wen-chen (a statistics professor at Carnegie Mellon University), Henry Liu (an opposition journalist) and Tung Kei-sen (an inmate at a prison), people were intimidated by the actions of the triad, even when their leader Chen Chi-Li ('King Duck') was convicted and tried for the murders of Henry Liu, he was still operating and running the triad from deep within the justice system. Eventually as time went by, things began to settle in Taiwan with the Kuomintang reaching political dominance because of Chen's aide, which had made him somewhat of a loved and hated figure amongst the eyes of the general public, around this time the Chung family had started to make more notoriety internally, even gaining them the respect of the current leader Chen, they were diehard nationalist thugs that pushed the families ideals to the best of their abilities, they were even directly involved in the pact with the "Iron Blood Patriots" which had resulted in the family gaining more overseas trade in things such as narcotics. They had remained loyal for many years to Chen Chi-Li, however by the time 2007 came, he had passed away of terminal cancer, amongst 10,000 attendee's (many being general members of the public, certain political figures, other shady crooks), which had left the Chung family somewhat disheartened, however not totally defeated, because for their loyalty to the triad, they were plenty of newly found opportunities as a reward for their hard work and skills. Expanding into the States, Taiwan & America, 2007-2021. The Chung's had further pushed the ideals of a functioning Triad, making sure that the trade from Taiwan functioned properly, Kai Chung (the head of the family) had at this stage proposed the idea of setting up their family in the United States with ambitions of staking out more power for their triad, wherein the family were given a reasonable amount of NTD (New Taiwan Dollar) to immigrate into the United States. Around this time, everything was prepared, but Kai had unfortunately passed away a week before actually gaining a valid visa to enter America, driven and determined, both of his sons have taken on his little legacy, preparing for what America has to offer. OOC Clause
  8. E/S Clover Gang was originally formed by a group of Sureno's that had formed a small reputation within the street of Brouge Avenue, after both Front Street Watts Crips and the 103 Hard Time Hustler Crips were totally wiped from the local region, upon their dissipation one of the remaining jumped in set members had decided to reform the set on Brouge Avenue with the help of the local community, the rifa formed together through their life experiences and ultimately ended out forming as a gang of Sureno youths. East Side Pueblo Bishop Bloods are a predominately African-American street gang based in the Roy Lowstein region, Davis in a community known as the Low Bottoms. They have been active in that area since the early 1970s before the Blood identity was even forged. Prior to Black gang resurgence during the very early 1970s, there was a gang in the area called Pueblo Players that was active since the 1950s. Upon reaching out to one another, and establishing a deep bond, both the E/S Clover Gang and the East Side Pueblo Bishop Bloods had decided to effectively merge both of their sets together, the Pueblo Bishop Bloods control Roy Lowstein Boulevard whilst Eastside Clover Gang hold control over Brouge Avenue, both sets are currently defunct and are ultimately working together side by side flying green and red rags with one another. -- OOC Information -- This faction will follow the development of both the E/S Clover Gang & the East Side Pueblo Bishop Bloods, both sets currently operate on both Roy Lowstein Boulevard & Brouge Avenue, for anyone interested in learning more about the faction, you can find out more on our official discord https://discord.gg/4Scz2xTgKZ
  9. SAN ANDREAS TRUCKERS UNION ABOUT THE UNION San Andreas Truckers Union, also known as the SATWU, is a labor union that represents the interests of truck drivers and couriers across San Andreas. Established in June, 2021 by current leader, Craig Lowry, SATWU is the first and largest union on the West Coast for truck drivers. The purpose of SATWU is to unify all truck drivers and protect the members' interests, negotiate for fair commissions, a safe work environment, social regulations, consistent work hours, and beneficial pension plans for all. The Union believes in solidarity and democracy, therefore, weekly meetings are held with it's members to discuss union affairs. MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS As a member of SATWU and a truck driver, you work hard to help improve the lives in your community to create a future of opportunity. Shouldn’t your insurance help you cope with the uncertainties of your future? The Union Labor Life Insurance Company (Union Labor Life) offers supplemental Life, Accident and Health insurance to help provide the added financial security and valuable protection for union members and their families Customized health care plan and free life insurance: Includes dental, vision and hearing Dismemberment and injury Retirement-plan & benefits Right to a safe work environment and standard safety equipment Able to attend our weekly meetings The right to call for a union representative if you feel discriminated against or marginalized, or experience unfair treatment CONTACT US Site under progress.
  10. Short description: Job applications Detailed description: We could have "Jobs" section and have people apply for different jobs which would be with "okay" pay. Commands to add: Depends on the job. Items to add: Security trucks How would your suggestion improve the server?: It'd present players with more legal jobs and those who would pass the application, having good admin record, all the requirement - he'd be able to get the job he applied for. Requirement to apply: PF licenses CCW licenses Guard card (guard exam) Good admin record Good reason why you wish to apply for the job. This would similar to trucking, expect it'd be as a special-type of job - it'd pay decent, higher than regular trucking - as this is more risk and tougher way to get in. Example: Security firm (script-wise/server wise) - players who are accepted would be invited into a job, which would give them access to the security truck. And this would work similar to TRUCKING system, expect they'd go to banks and union depository (we could let them to have command /garageopen /garageclose - and allow them to open / close the garage-doors for the depository, and have that as the trucking firms HQ. They'd do deliveries from point A - B's, and further they'd go - to bank to Paleto Bay for example, the larger their paycheck would be. They'd have access to a side-firearm, a pistol (not a combat one, but a regular pistol) and shotgun's. Shotgun's would work like the police gun-rack /take 1 for shotgun and /place 1 to place it back. NOTE: People who would wanna apply for this, would have to first get WEAPON LICENSES, CARRYING CONCEALED WEAPON and do a GUARD CARD exam. If individual has it all passed, he could apply for this JOB APPLICATION, and if his admin record is solid and he is straight up role-player, he'd be become a security truck driver. Each time he'd leave the union depository, he'd see how much money he'd be moving. "Your moving 20.000$ to Pillbox Bank" and etc..it'd be random. If the vehicle gets hit for example - by a crew, they'd have to have lock-pick/explosive even (illegal factions step in) to break into the back of the truck. And high-jack the items. The truck-driver would have a panic button that he could quickly activate and notify PD&SD. This could promote heist RP and additional legal job - and its a huge risk, since stopping a truck would be difficult and he'd active the panic button quickly. NOTE: There should be at least 7 cops on duty in order to do this. (Combined PD&SD) Additionnal information: Why not? Another possibility for a legal job and have heist-crew RP'ers have something to do, rather jack stores. IF security guard is caught abusing and making it easy for robbers, aka - easily giving them the stuff (which is easy to spot if its OOC related) - he'd be removed and even face a temp-ban. Player would be able to get himself the security outfits the skin - or we could have a game-made skin for his custom character, same way we did with sheriffs. He could wear some sort of a long-sleeve shirt and a GREY kevlar and holster, similar as PD & SD has in their /uniform. Security truck Union depository
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