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  1. Lone wolf right here. Keep it up buddy. #PaletoBayShallRaiseAgain
  2. @Cyrus Yeah, that's the case usually - people getting mad because of the sentence, but this is the only procedure to bring standards to the role-play community. Rules & policies is just 50 percent of the job to build a quality role-play experience, the other 50 is all about how the IC part is handled. Would you rather see cop killer walk out in 2-4 hours? Reason for the long-term jail sentences, its to teach the criminal a lesson - to quit doing his criminal acts because he is bad at it (if he was good at it, he wouldn't be busted) and to show people the consequence when
  3. Yea, price is heavy - but you need to look at it from the law enforcement's point of view. You've got people racing and evading cops 24/7, individuals who don't care about being caught, but they do care once cash-sting hits them. I mean, they could simply change the impound system, have the penal codes re-written regarding traffic enforcement and have /impound [amount] and you could be charged 50-250 bucks for illegal parking. That could work (or whatever price-range they'd find), I get the 5.000$ for criminal-involved / something that's out of the ordinary. You should just make a
  4. The thing is - you're kind of responsible for your vehicle, where and how you leave it. You might have an issue with crashing (but in a way, it's not PD/SD's fault for doing their job if you're having difficult times with connection or computer can't handle the game) - if your vehicle is stolen, well - it happens, and you're supposed to keep it parked safely. You can always attempt to seek legal-solution, by filing a report on the impounded vehicle without your where-about, and the officers will be questioned upon their impounding-process, how and why. (if it was un-lawful impounding), otherwi
  5. Been following GTA V role-play communities since 2014ish - bunch of them were up&down projects, and I stumbled on GTA W before it was becoming a thing. (Mainy after FiveRP)
  6. I’m putting cases on all you bitches, 24 hour lockdown. Shoe program n***a
  7. The 44 minutes that changed law enforcement US-wise. (Based off true event that went down in Los Angeles in 97)
  8. Bad ass, Sheriff movie - Major Crimes
  9. One of my favorite movies - inspired bunch of people to get into law enforcement (that TV Series, SWAT I posted - based off this movie)
  10. One of my favorite shows
  11. Who ever is into that classical cop stuff ?
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