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  1. Facebrowser helps facilitate heavy-rp. 80% of the population being lesbian is totally realistic. The admins take their rules very seriously and don't lift bans 2 hours after they've issued them.
  2. No dude. Please understand that civilians are perfectly fine. If they're oppressed by illegal RPers it was mainly because of ooc roleplay rules and poor RP standards. In the case of PD vs Illegal RP, what is OP is the RPG elements and also PD using IC voice coms. Therefore when someone uses the term "balanced" it's because that's the correct term to use when mentioning RPG elements. Not because it's an MMORPG. Gun damage, fire rates, top speeds, turn rate of vehicles, and much more, are all RPG. That's the explanation. As for the rest. If civilians are scared to roleplay outdoors because a RULE gives the edge to illegal RPers, then the problem is with the rule, with the person that drafted the rule, and keeps allowing it to happen. The roleplay quality standards have exponentially dropped ever since the time that GTA was free for grab in EPIC Games store and that's what caused the oppression of civilian characters by the illegal side. With factions(illegal or legal) who are good at filtering bad roleplayers out, the civilian RP scene is met with an increase in numbers of shitty RPers, that outnumber heavily the good civilians. The same happens with people who want to RP criminals, but good illegal factions do not allow them in, resulting in these roleplayers poorly executing robberies and killing on their own. Now mash it all up together and the outdoors is left with an unmatched number of shitty civilian roleplayers, shitty criminals, and LEO. And I don't want to blame anyone who doesn't have a green, red or purple name, but this is all a product of constantly decreasing roleplay standards, and making a mockery of the rules that they made themselves.
  3. I honestly don't have an answer for you. Civilians are supposed to be vulnerable in face of life-threatening events. Their only way of protection is carrying licensed guns and law enforcement coming to the rescue. I'm not really fond of RPG elements myself. I've always felt oppressed by PD as illegal RPer tho', and made me turn to legal-civilian RP ever since. I try to stay away from any kind of scenario that might make me use the menu more than the RP lines. That's when shit always gets hairy.
  4. I realized I might've been unclear. What I mean is, our characters, be that created for a faction or not, should have a personality and set of skills to begin with. Or maybe a PROFILE might be the right word to use. I find it awkward to create a 18y/o but with the prepration of a baby. For example. I created a character who was a 35y/o film director, pacifist, empathic person. That's my character. However, I wan't to have options available without ruining my character. I decided to look up ICly suitable opportunities. Part of the flow was working with City Gov for short film competition. Part of the flow was teaching film at ULSA. Part of the flow was also brainstorming with Doppler Cinema. See what I mean? Keeping a profile.
  5. I mean. I agree with everything that you said. Literally. I just don't wan to shit on factions in this topic.
  6. Dude, who even mentioned factions? Are you trying to lash out to some faction on personal vengeance? I'm talking about normal human stuff. You wake up, go to work, go to school, try to get richer, happier, whatever you want. You name it. We're specifically talking about stricty CIVILIANS characters who merely exist to go clubbing at peak hours and roleplay indoors with their circlejerk.
  7. The thing is. general background is who your character truly is. The upbringing up to the point of the characters creation. Family, friends,work and set of skills are what shaped your character. IC events are cirumstances that determine whether your character succeeds or fails. Either result it's respectable. That's what IC events are. Not some way of changing what you do for a living every 2 weeks. In real life, we all try to have a purpose and reach our goals. Take that away and you're left with a cops and robbers + dating simulator server.
  8. I'm curious to read what people think about civilian characters who don't have an objective when created or a purpose. Personally I think the majority of civilian characters who get mocked are those who wander aimlessly without any real purpose, neglecting all the realities and hardships of life. This also leads to dumb shit like, suicide roleplay. After RPing completely sane, healthy, wealthy, super-social and hyperactive humans(as their descriptions suggest) they suddenly claim their character was met with depression, when in reality it was just IRL boredom. And honestly I totally agree with making fun of these type of characters. Just like a clown asking for people to laugh. Characters without a purpose or goal when created are the worst. "Going with the flow" works only for players who are new to the server and are testing the waters and that's the only time we can make a blind eye. I've had the opportunity to have a conversation with a certain player who told that the main goal of his character was to commit suicide. I was speechless. What you see as nefs, I see as balanced.
  9. Gambler

    Niche RP

    to put it simply and lay the truth harshly...You can't. The most niche idea at the time, that someonewhat made it through, is aviation roleplay. /atc makes it way better and interactive and immersive as well.
  10. Are we also talking only ground vehicles? Or the whole catalog or /vget? What I show is around 150-200k. What is never shown goes up to 2mil.
  11. Looking to buy an office anywhere in central or northern parts of Los Santos. Phone: 1437 Email: [email protected](ForumPM)
  12. Hats off to you man. You could set a good example if you take the initiative to lead a racing faction.
  13. I swear, put racing cars behind applications or racing factions. All the civilians wanting to be badass at the same time is cringe. At least if they're forced to be fast and furious faction they're gonna look more organized and proper.
  14. Big up brother. All I want is the staff to not make a mockery of their own rules.
  15. I'm curious to know who people think is at fault for these "mallrats". The players? Or rule enforcers? I think it's pretty normal and it happens in every game, that if a player is given the window to create an advantage over others, they will take that opportunity and use it. So it's up to managments to prevent that and take care of their game.
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