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Found 4 results

  1. Are you looking for a long-term, full-time and rewarding job? Well look no further because Paleto Bay Tactical Academy and Ammunation is for you! Available jobs: 1, Store Clerk 2, Instructor (Or you can apply for both, and we can discuss your decisions on the interview!) Check out our FaceBrowser page for more details: https://face.gta.world/pages/paletobayTacticalAcademy?ref=qs -OR - If you are 100% sure you are fitting for this job you can click the link to fill out the form! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc5knt63mb87nt8YeQ8RFRQw-1rfWyeB4g8CdLbwED5-MrMNA/viewform
  2. Short description: Let knives be available in player-owned gun stores. Detailed description: As a gun store owner, I've had my store for less than two days and had 5-10 people coming in asking if there's anything we can sell unlicensed, specifically a knife for self-defense. I have unfortunately had to tell them no, but I find it realistic for a gun/weapons shop to have a few knives to sell, if you go to any gun store in real life (at least where I live) they will have a small selection of knives for sale. Commands to add: N/A Items to add: Basic Knife / Does less than a gun shot but would be less money than a gun. How would your suggestion improve the server? Adds knives which a lot of people carry for self defense if they are not licensed. Additional information: N/A
  3. Guns Direct is the latest of stores to open underneath the Ammunation chain in Los Santos. Priding itself on the reliability, quality, and know-how regarding firearms and the proper training surrounding them. Guns Direct aims to provide the citizens of Los Santos with all they should need in terms of firearms and the related kit, be it for home or personal protection, hunting game, or sporting events. With an ever growing catalogue and regularly updated order list, it's unlikely we can't find the right weapon for you. We also stock hunting, fishing and camping gear for those keen on the outdoors. HANDGUNS (9mm) Beretta 92FS Glock .19 IWI Jericho 941 CZ75 (SA) H&K P2000 S&W M&P9 Series Beretta PX4 Storm MP-443 HANDGUNS (.ACP) Colt .1911 Colt Junior 25 Glock .42 Sig Sauer P238 Sig Sauer P238 (Nightmare Finish) Shotguns Mossberg 590 Benelli M4 Remmington 870 At Guns Direct, we guarantee a high standard of service for whatever our customers require. From the average citizen, to the law enforcement officers who do such a fine job in protecting our state, we aim to satisfy every armed American that walks through our doors. Other services we provide include: Free one to one gun-sulations for newly licensed shoppers. (Must provide proof of identification before purchase.) Weapon cleaning and maintenance service, attachment fittings and removals. Order service if your desired weapons isn't stocked in our store. Follow our Facebrowser page for updates to the store, catalogue and our promotional offers! (Coming soon!)
  4. Short description: Add more guns (specifically pistols) for legal license holders. Detailed description: Currently, there is a large, large list of pistols available in the "approved firearms" list on the LSPD forums. They are below. Yet, at Ammunations, you get a choice of one pistol. I'm not suggesting adding machine pistols here, but all other semi-automatic pistols excluding the .50 caliber and heavy revolvers should be added. Here's the list of authorized firearms. Commands to add: None. Items to add: Pistol, Pistol Mk II, SNS Pistol, SNS Pistol Mk II, Vintage Pistol, Heavy Pistol How would your suggestion improve the server? It will help improve immersion by letting legal license holders actually choose the gun they want. And it allows license holders to potentially pick a weapon they are more comfortable with. I simply don't see a reason not to add it. Additionnal information:
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