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  1. TLDR on the state of /attributes: (Admins should be more actively punishing that imo) It's Powergame if you don't ERP My character. Why? Im just sexy, im alluring, im just perfect, You cannot deny that your character doesnt find my Character sexy, beautiful and just fucking beautiful. Like im just so fucking hot and sexy and silky and Perfect. You cannot Resist my allure, Im Tantalizing, so ravenous just fierce and passioniate of the fires. So you don't want to Erotic Roleplay Me because I'm a Male in real life? Lol, Talk about Powergame? Talk about Self Insert? You are such a loser if you DOnt Erotic Roleplay My Character, Honestly, I'm a female character. You're a male character. Duh, you want to Have erp with my character? Who cares because Im a male OOC? What does that change? What is that fair? Why are you trying to Cross the briges of Love between eachother
  2. I want social businesses (like bars) that don't require /bad (pay to win) to actually sustain themselves and have consistent visitations. 🙂
  3. The comparison isn't a fair one given the two different platforms and that the two have hit their peaks (assuming GTAW did) in different "eras". GTAW obviously has the better platform and script, LSRP on its best day however had the better role players/quality overall. This isn't the fault of GTAW or its staff/ownership. It's merely a matter of the community. Most of old school role players that grew up with pen and paper and DND are now grown up and done. This you can say for the most part is a rather new generation. LSRP didn't have pay to win features, GTAW does (BUSINESS BLIP). GTAW however enjoys more active development and you can get cool stuff quicker.
  4. TTCF needs to be its own faction at this point. The SD lacks the manpower to properly maintain it.
  5. 1) It's not fine. 2) The rest of your thoughts/suggestions are fine and idealistic, but it's highly unlikely that they will become a reality any time soon. The server really isn't that big on enforcing all these "high standards" that it claims to uphold. 3) The only good thing about the whole situation is that players try and combat this themselves. As in, the big/good, official and illegal factions not putting up with such member base (e.g. no off-the-boat immigrants in a lcn concept).
  6. The point that you should get from this is that the administration team is royally inconsistent when it comes to handling player conflicts and/or situations like these. Normally, you' run into these three admin types: 1) No nonsense and very strict on quality, ajails flying left and right 2) You guys did this and this wrong, let's just void this, be friends and try and be better in the future 3) Person X (even tho Person X, for the sake of argument is an obvious, loop-hole exploiting horribad) didn't break this exact line in the server rules, therefore I can't do much And anything in-between... And yes, this is a problem.
  7. Nah it's bad. It's biased, oocly passive aggressive and showcasing thought as if ppl could mind read.
  8. I don't know if you're Bae, but this is a textbook example of a bad role player who thinks they are good. How/Why? 1) Long and pretentious emotes. 2) Emoting out thoughts and feelings as if people can mind read, just so they can better push their own narrative on the situation. Insulting other characters in emotes, etc. People are literally not mind readers, stop telling them how stupid they are in emotes, it makes you look stupid. Shit like this is you just being borderline (not really borderline) a passive aggressive fellow who brings OOC into IC.
  9. Depends. Want to portray your character smoking? Just /me lights up a cigarette. Want to showcase the Zippo that saved your character's life in Vietnam? /me dug into his pocket for a pack of Marlboro Reds and a Zippo lighter. He bit a cigarette and started the lighter up with a finger-snapping trick. Detailed emotes are a good storytelling tool, but when it's just some meaningless-in-the-bigger-picture action, you should keep it simple. IMO, and I'll fight anyone who disagrees IRL. EDIT: PSA: Stop emoting out thoughts and feelings. Please don't ask why not.
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