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Found 8 results

  1. This thread will follow the development of Jason Quinn, an ex-gun dealer who stepped off of the business to manage his Arcade only to find himself constantly between both sides of the law.
  2. This thread will follow the character development of Caucasian gangster Wayne "Dub" Marriott. Further background information will be provided on Wayne once our group story is solidified. For now, screenshots will be dumped here.
  3. The only thing between me and total happiness is reality.
  4. Like the titles says.. and why? RP-wise, money-wise, I wanna know all about it.
  5. This thread will follow the daily life and development of Raffiel West.
  6. I'll showcase Jason Masalis' day-to-day activity and development here. Thank you for watching!
  7. How would you guys feel about the idea of making a forum that's private for illegal rpers. It will obviously be monitored by IFM or even LFM, and it can be a place where illegal rpers get to voice their concerns, or even post suggestions to better the scene on the server. Obviously this forum section will be exclusive to illegal rpers handpicked by IFM and faction leaders on the server. The discussions and topics that will be discussed will obviously be monitored by IFM, and obviously since it's only people who are known in the scene or run factions, the dialogue should be good - and hopefully better the scene on the server.
  8. Been told by several people that you need approval from IFM to have alternative characters in factions, and a lot factions don't have approval and they make alts just to make them as it benefits a more realistic environment in the faction's atmosphere. This suggestion is purely only for Illegal Factions, and it's to change the Faction Alt rule to allow people to make characters within their factions freely without running it like some sort of North Korean dictatorship. I've spoken with several people and they all agree, this should be REMOVED and CHANGED. The report section exists for a reason, if people do some rowdy shit they should be reported. Let people have freedom instead of trying to dictate every single step, from here to Timbuktu. This is in no way me offending staff, or attacking staff but simply just saying the cold hard truth, that there's literally ZERO NEED for approval to have alts within factions you're RPing it, especially if it adds to the roleplay. This rule seriously needs to be reworked, and tweaked because right now 80% of the Illegal Factions on the server, if not more have ZERO KNOWLEDGE of this, and Illegal FM haven't even given me a confirmation as to whether this actually exists yet, but I've been told by a few reputable people that it is indeed true... and that needs to change, for the betterment of the server. It's understandable why it exists for legal factions, but zero understanding as to why it's there for illegal factions. This removal wouldn't hurt anyone, and in fact would make the Illegal RP community more happy.
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