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  1. I meant for every area. The troublemakers, who are usually in the minority, make the most noise and the most problems for everyone involved. They keep recycling characters, be it legal or illegal or anything in between, and just continue with their BS on another character when they get bored. Their RP didn't get any better. They keep finding ways to ruin people's experience without breaking the rules and even though its blatantly obvious what they are doing, they are allowed to stay here. I don't care what area they are involved in ---- they need to go.
  2. Not all minor characters are bad. Just like not all illegal RP’ers are bad. Just like not all civilians are bad. The bad apples need to go. Like many other areas of this server, this wouldn’t be an issue if we stopped being a teaching server and started treating these people with the same courtesy they show us (next to none). The ones who abuse this shit repeatedly, don’t need to be here. They don’t need to be ignored, they need to be removed. Plain and simple. Why do the troublemakers RP minors thinking they can get away it all? Because they are are allowed to. We just keep repeating the same cycle, scared to lose a few people over doing the right thing. Yep, I said it. Again. Sue me.
  3. RedRover

    NC Abuse

    I hate this argument. What if being subjected to extortion RP isn’t fun for me? Subjected to Robbery RP? Hell any RP for that matter that I don’t consider fun? Why should I be forced to do it? Can I just choose to bypass it? We’re here to have fun right?
  4. RedRover

    NC Abuse

    - snip - nevermind.
  5. RedRover

    House Robbery

    -snip- didn’t see someone already responded
  6. RedRover

    NC Abuse

    Supposedly according to the rules it states that you can’t name change during an active court case, but at the end it also states you can’t name change until 14 days AFTER the conclusion of the court case. Do they go to jail right after the case? If so, the rule should cover at least some jail time. The rule states: “If you are charged and your case goes to court you may not namechange until two week (14 days) after the completion of your court case.”
  7. @Moonsong Just noticed in the server rules and I'm not sure if it's a typo or not but it seems they covered name changes after a court case at least: If that's read at face value, that says you can't name change until two weeks after the completion/conclusion of the court case, which in most cases would cover a majority of jail sentences wouldn't it? Unless they don't go to jail right away? I wonder if this was typed incorrectly or if this just hasn't been enforced when people go to jail after a court case lol.
  8. A PK is a full, 100% death. It's not an injury. It's never been an injury. You died, hence the name Player Kill. There's nothing else to that story.
  9. We don't have a realistic economy and it was never meant to be one, if you read through the economy feature showcase. We're also not meant to reflect IRL in everything we do. Heavy role play doesn't always mean 1:1 realism and I pray we never are.
  10. You should probably go play an economy simulator instead.
  11. No thanks. We don't need to reflect every IRL struggle. Simple as that.
  12. ** Cole signs onto his blog and uploads two more landscape creations today **
  13. I mean they already ban name changes for the duration of the court case for that very reason, so I don't see why it should be any different during the jail sentence. The victim at least gets a temporary reprieve. I suppose the issue then comes to the quality of life in jail for those who actually do enjoy jail RP. The first thing you will see these people complain about is being forced to role play in jail and that its an OOC punishment to be forced to play in jail. These are the first people, if forced, who will troll or AFK or type the same shit in jail because they just don't want to be there. This ruins the experience for people who actually enjoy jail. So, its a double-edged sword. Force people to go RP the jail time (online or offline) and end up with a bunch of trolls unless management is willing to take a hard line and punish them harshly for doing so? Leave it as is and you end up with people who have NO concept of fear of going to jail because they can just NC and start over. As you said, it's a mentality problem. A lot of criminals want all the benefits but none of the drawbacks. I wish I could pull that card when I'm getting robbed or my business is being set on fire. "I don't enjoy this RP or that RP, so I shouldn't have to deal with it because it's not fun". I'd get laughed out of the server with that attitude. Not sure why the mentality seems to be (often, not always) that they can just commit all these crimes and not expect to take part in any of the IC consequences for it. Everyone else has to, so why is this any different?
  14. Might be a thing to suggest that suppliers have a maximum amount of weapons they can give per faction per month via the script. That way they are almost forced to make more connections. Another complement might be to make guns way less durable. The more they break the more they will be used, the mess stockpile they will end up with. Just brainstorming here.
  15. Doesn't take long to define where you put it. In a closet, a drawer, something. I don't see an issue.
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