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  1. I'm interested in viewing this. Please contact me on 2802.
  2. Is this still available? If so, I match the previous offer.
  3. Job Title: Driver Reporting To: Supervisors Job Brief: We are looking for responsible Drivers to distribute products promptly to our customers. You will represent our company in a professional and prompt manner to increase our profitability and customer satisfaction. Responsibilities: • Deliver a wide variety of items to different addresses and through different routes • Follow delivery routes in a prompt fashion • Load, unload, prepare, inspect and operate a delivery vehicle • Complete logs and reports • Follow DOT regulations and safety standards Requirements: • Valid San Andreas driver’s license • Ability to operate vehicles ranging in size in a variety of weather and traffic conditions • Excellent organizational and time management skills • Good driving record with no severe traffic violations in the last two years • High school degree To apply: Please use the following link and someone will contact you soon: http://gtaw.link/AppBWL Job Title: Supervisor Reporting To: Operations Manager Job Brief: We are looking for a Driver Supervisor to oversee the Driver team, and assist the Operational Management staff with their daily duties. You will be responsible for keeping our intranet systems up to date and dealing with any customer service and operational issues. Requirements: • Extensive working experience as a Driver • Ability to educate and guide others with regards to the operation of our fleet of vehicles • Extensive knowledge of the trucking business • Excellent organizational and time management skills • High levels of motivation • High school degree • Valid San Andreas driver’s license Responsibilities: • Effectively supervising the site in accordance with business and legislative requirements • Ensure that the fleet is brought out from the garage every day and displayed in the appropriate layout • Adhering with transport compliance, including vehicle maintenance, driver’s hours and tachograph regulations in addition to working time directive regulations • Supervision of Drivers and ensuring all delivery logs are kept up to date • Professional and positive approach to drive effective team working • Act as emergency controller for holiday and sickness cover • Supporting and supervising vehicle loading when required • Experience of working in a high paced environment • Ensure that all warehouse tasks are completed efficiently • Ensure that all relevant procedures and processes are followed and adhered to in line with the company’s procedures and requirements Benefits:• An incredibly competitive salary of up to $390,000 per annum, paid monthly. To apply: Please contact Operations Manager, Jason Johnson: [email protected] ((Forum PM: @Moo_Moo_Panda_14))
  4. Price: $140,000 or near offer. Open to trades/part-exchange. ((/vstats)): Vehicle photos:
  5. Selling my CaraCara 2020. Various body modifications and upgraded engine and transmission. Starting: $85,000 Buyout: $110,000 Photos: OOC Info:
  6. This thread is WILD. I've personally not seen anyone bowling about giving it "o'right lads let's have a pint" or anywhere close. I dunno if I've just been lucky but the only real British-ism I see a lot of is "mate". Sure, there's a large amount of Brits in LS, but there's a large amount of Brits in LA too. We everywhere boi.
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