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  1. ((2021-03-01, responding to an emergency call from a trucker))
  2. ((2021-02-16, on a ridealong with a promising recruit))
  3. ((2021-02-14, welcoming back an old friend))
  4. About Us Founded in April 2019 by the Busch family, IMEX Logistics is a privately-held organization with a proven track record in Los Santos. From our humble origins as a small but proud family business, our delivery coverage is one of the widest in the region, and we have grown to become one of the state's premier carriers. Conveniently headquartered in the beating-heart of Elysian Island, our facility was specifically constructed as the logistical epicenter of the logistical industry in Los Santos. With an advanced service fleet of over a dozen vehicles, a
  5. ((2020-09-05, pressure from the fleet manager to fire a fleet technician)) ((2020-09-05, about to fire the fleet technician but realizing it was wrong!)) ((2020-09-05, talking with a friend about letting go of the fleet manager instead!))
  6. ((2020-09-02, trying to scare a trainee driver with a ghost story on our ridealong))
  7. ((2020-09-12, taking a call from someone interested in an interview but vague about his record)) @LowcKey
  8. ((2020-08-15, finishing up with an internal issue just as my boss arrives on the scene))
  9. Bump. If managers can hire and fire employees in a trucking company, they should be able to renew the company's trucks too. that's what the company is, the employees and the trucks they drive.
  10. ((2020-08-29, waiting in vain for an interviewee that never showed up))
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