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  1. /ame too for a brief action above your head. No-one cares if you laugh briefly at something in a nightclub so please don't "/me laughs briefly." whereas "/ame laughs briefly." is better for everyone.
  2. Topping up would be better than auto-renew imo. Agree on being able to set the spawn location of vehicles too. Maybe have one option to 'spawn at garage' and another 'spawn at parking spot'.
  3. Isn't the whole point of an ajail to give the person time to look over the rules? Not just to punish them - it's meant to give them time to reflect. Rehabilitation more than punishment (kind of).
  4. This isn't an option with Rage.
  5. Lampadati Felon GT Extensive modifications including new brakes, tuned and mapped engine, transmission and gear replacements, turbo installed. Also has tinted windows, GPS included, and upgraded locks. 630 miles. Asking price $145,000. Offers below please. Not an auction. ((OOC stats))
  6. I'd prefer to just have offline texting and for the texts to be present when you log back into game.
  7. I feel many people, as Keane said above, turn to suicide too quickly. Especially in a city full of violence and illegal activity, much more so than IRL (in comparison to how much legal activity goes on) it's very easy to always focus on the negative. Characters should have more resilience and stop going down the route of depression and suicide as their way of 'making RP' for others - because whilst it brings attention to you, it's usually not fun RP.
  8. Short description: Allow duplication of vehicle keys without being in said vehicle. Detailed description: As it stands you have to be inside of a vehicle to /vdup <target> to duplicate your keys. This suggestions is to allow an extra parameter to the command (/vup <target> <vehicle ID>) so you can duplicate a key wherever. Commands to add: Extension to /vdup in the form of /vdup <target> <vehicle ID> Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server? QoL Additional information: N/A
  9. Tree

    Limit RNG RP

    In the environment we are in people do that. Going by Stefan's example if person A hits person B but person B says they dodge, is it person A or B who decides if they hit?
  10. Tree

    Limit RNG RP

    Sure, but what if there are two people who are both stating different outcomes in their emotes? How do you decide the outcome?
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