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  1. Rest in peace, you'll be missed!

  2. @Lomadias for the hard wotk and dedication. And being able to deal with me 😁
  3. Can't come for me if I come at you first.
  4. Who gave @Lomadias Level 3. SHAKES MY HEAD. Nah congrats.
  5. For sale - A stunning 2 floor property in the heart of Paleto Bay, one of the larger home for sale in the area. It features a large drive way with a double garage perfect for a family. Home is for sale due to the current owners relocating closer to the City. It has been fully renovated and is ready to move into. Take a look into the gallery for the full overview. Pictures Starting bid: $700,000 Buyout: $1,500,000 Auction ends: 08/11/2021 at midnight.
  6. @Lomadias Always friendly and puts a lot of effort in handling your report to get them solved as good and fast possible.
  7. The thing is they happen often still and I'm fine to give them whatever they want as long as they RP it in a good way and actually search you without going /do Where is the gun. Like I said a nice day sitting in a park in the open can't be happening without atleast 1 person approaching you to rob you. Which then also stops people from sitting outside and RP outside.
  8. The new rules regarding the robberies indeed has changed a lot however lately it seems if you are just enjoying your roleplay during the day at Mirror park on the grass and people walk up point 2 guns at you and when you don't have anything to give because we got robbed fifteen minutes earlier they went all mad in /b saying we were stalling by just telling them to /arob... On the other hand we miss more business like Restaurants and all the other business like Airsoft and such which were a big part of the last year. They just disappeared.
  9. @Lomadias Told you so! That's gonna cost ya a McDonalds oh wait... I mean I am! Congrats 🙂
  10. Currently looking to purchase a Vapid Caracara 2020, if you have one and would like to get rid of it leave your details along with the vehicle details below.
  11. Contact me for discussion on my mail. (( Forum PM ))
  12. Selling my Declasse Alamo perfect condition including genuine aftermarket parts and securtity extra's. Around 840 Miles on the vehicle. Price: 60.000 Picture:
  13. Sold, Can be locked and archived.
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