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  1. Selling my 101 Meteor Apartment for $275k or best offer. Text 9632 for information or viewings. https://imgur.com/a/GZn6Kxs
  2. Selling my white Raiden Coil. 1045 miles, full performance package. Make an offer. IMGUR for the photos and stats. Not insured. https://imgur.com/a/ByNkUr8
  3. Hang on... did you watch me on scene continue to pick up a corpse trying to get the items and didn't say anything!!!!!!! 😛
  4. Allantrist is my username for nearly everything console gaming related and I like to keep it simple across all platforms mostly because I have the memory of a fucking goldfish and I will forget. I made it back during my roleplay days on habbo hotel and I needed a new username. I honestly made it up.
  5. 9632 is her number, I am just restarting my game.
  6. I can swap characters and meet you now?
  7. Offering buy out pending inspection.
  8. 15 year old gang members taking on fully grown 30+ SWAT characters.
  9. Hello, Just wondering how many other Australians or New Zealanders are having trouble with lag. I can get into the game and I can run around just fine but it takes 5 minutes for my text to load in and 5 minutes for doors to unlock when I press L. I've been given mixed messages where some have said it's my computer specs not handling the new mods but my specs should be fine. Others have said it sounds like my internet which I believe is no different to any other day? I'm kind of hoping it's because everyone is in the clothes store and the game is trying to process all the purchasing or something.
  10. Buy out if he doesn't buy or will offer more.
  11. $150 hold pending inspection. Mobile is 83144074, if I don't answer I am working and will call back.
  12. Nope, they're messy and not needed.
  13. Any chance I can come see it? 83144074 is my mobile.
  14. No. I don't see the point in being ashamed of the things I enjoy. That doesn't mean I go out of my way to tell them everything I've done or do in the game or when I first meet someone I go "By the way, I play GTAW!" If the person comes over and the game is in the background I don't close it. Then again most people I meet or get along with are gamers or D&D players, so they get it.
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