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  1. This is pretty spot on to how I felt about the situation. Sure, roleplay and go do things but don't get in a hit car, four deep all armed and speeding twenty over the limit.
  2. This fifty times over again. I've been shot on a traffic stop with zero interaction because they were twenty over the speed limit, four deep with guns and the driver had a warrant on him. They knew if I started the traffic stop, I'd get his name, so they shot me. I was like fair enough but I'd like to know why someone with a warrant on their ass is out robbing people instead of laying low?
  3. Selling my Dinka Marquis. 360k or best offer. Contact 9632. https://imgur.com/nvE9Lxm https://imgur.com/naJi8Jp
  4. I see a lot of the changes in the background as a LEO role-player that can help us out. I would love to see a lot of these characters make it onto the server so I can meet them and become friends with them IC. A lot of the politics/lawyers are just forum based character that aren't regularly seen on the server. Mostly because It's a very lonely world when I'm roleplaying a legal character and everyone else around you is illegal, and they rightfully stay away from me. Although, I tend to ignore crime happening around my character because I don't want to be fighting crime on duty and off duty, I just want to chill and take a break from it all.
  5. *Wipes tear* I still have a lot of love for SD, even though I transferred to PD for IC reason and realized I disliked jail roleplay. Some of the corrupt deputies do it very well and are amazing role-players. But they stick to the same character template, which is divorced alcoholic burnt out deputy who is now rough around the edges. This is despite the fact that in this day and age, deputies and police are heavily monitored for corruption and foul behaviour. Even when their characters got CK'd or discharged with permission to namechange, they would come back with the same personality, just a different twisted backstory with a fancy new name. Swear they got inspiration for their characters from Den of Thieves film.
  6. weeny issi........... It's fucking adorable.
  7. "Law Enforcement characters should avoid returning to duty immediately after recovering from their injuries and must adhere to the one hour rule to prevent potential interaction with the situation that resulted in their shooting. Those within factions that have standardized "medical leaves" must RP the medical leave time that is presented by the faction. If you request 48 hours of medical leave for example, you shouldn't return three hours later." This is the part we're enforced to follow by the faction because it's a rule for us but everyone else can go to the hospital, get through the roleplay and then timeskip their injuries to return to the fun roleplay they like. A lot of the time there is no investigation needed into the LEO's death because the guy who did it got gunned down immediately by other officers on scene. Once all the roleplay is done and they respawn, we're told to sit tight for an hour because we're expected to wait that one hour. It provides no benefit to people other than forcing them to sit there and wait the hour before returning to their roleplay. I understand keeping the rule that the character doesn't return to the event, scene, area of where they got killed/hurt but at least allow us to go back on patrol and patrol in another area of the map or help other scenes going on.
  8. We see it all the time where an illegal character gets injured and then immediately after all the roleplay is finished, they're back out like nothing happened because they agreed to timeskip healing. Nothing forces them to roleplay their injuries yet we're told to sit tight for an hour, which doesn't really make a difference other than making people wait or just log off and try again another day. I can agree to keep the rule for when we get injured, but if we get pk'd from a situation, we should be allowed to go back on patrol and go to another area of the city until the scene is packed up. But some people only have a few hours to roleplay and they choose to do it by going on patrol. LEO roleplayers can develop their characters while patrolling if they participate in passive roleplay with characters during traffic stops or when a cafe opens they can go in and buy coffee, have a chat etc. Even randomly bumping into characters could turn into development for the LEO.
  9. Hi, So, I would like to put in the suggestion to remove the bit in the rules stating that LEO role-players have to remain off duty for an hour after they got injured/died because I'm in the opinion that one hour doesn't make any difference IC or OOC for the roleplay and server, other than OOCly punishing the roleplayer who just came on to do some patrol roleplay in their free time. Imagine coming on for a few hours because that's all the time you have and within the first couple to thirty minutes, you're injured or shot dead simply by being in the wrong spot at the wrong time. I believe the current ruling should be changed that we shouldn't have to come off duty altogether, that we're allowed to roleplay our injuries on the scene until we're sent to hospital or accept death. Allow us to wait for the scene to finish up before coming back on duty or go back on patrol and stay out of the area the scene happened in by patrolling the other side of the city. Illegal role-players are allowed to respawn/leave the scene and go to a different part of the city, return to rp like nothing happened, so why can't we do that? I know some people will say, oh but why don't they just roleplay off duty yada yada. But some LEO role-players aren't interested in bar or club roleplay, they want to come on and do a bit of patrol rp as a Deputy/Ranger/Officer and then off log. That's no different to gang role-players logging on to do some gang rp and logging out after they had a bit of fun. Or they just got on after doing some off duty roleplay to use the last couple hours to patrol and gets kicked off because a OOC rule that doesn't really benefit the server other than punishing the roleplayer. I'm all for people giving more suggestions on how to make it a little more fair for LEO role-players who only come on for a few hours each day or couple times a week, whatever their activity is and get PK'd off duty. Sometimes we get injured or shot dead simply for starting a traffic stop on the wrong character who can't go through a traffic stop because they're fucked if they allow it to happen.
  10. They need to bring in the rule that reports are done by order of when they were posted. They shouldn't be allowed to just bypass reports they deem too difficult. Only time they can bypass other forum reports is when they answered the report IG and asked the players to move it to forums or they're picking a easy report for training a new admin. I'm also getting sick of waiting 1 to 2 hours for search warrants to be accepted by admins, apparently it's the same wait time for breakin requests. Even just letting us know that no one is available and to come back later is better than having us sit there for hours waiting.
  11. I owned a air fryer and I never really understood the hype in them. I prefer to just use my oven and it's one less appliance in my house.
  12. They shouldn't be allowed to pick and choose which report they take, instead they should take whichever is the oldest in the reports and work their way up.
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